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On the Fundamental Differences Between Capitalist “Democracy” and Socialist Democracy

The United States recent democracy summit would have been laughable if its implications were not so serious. True democracy is found far away and often in those countries which were stricken from Joe Biden's list.


{Scrutiny, of course, runs the risk of exposing the class character of capitalist “democracy,” the most glaring contradiction of the system. Capitalist democracy is a democracy of, by, and for the rich and the powerful owners and managers of capital. Democracy in such a context serves a minority of the population at the expense of the vast majority. As Vladimir Lenin put it in State and Revolution, “Democracy for an insignificant minority, democracy for the rich — that is the democracy of capitalist society.”}

{While voting is held in the highest regard under capitalist democracy, none of the aforementioned material conditions were voted in by the people. Matters of policy are decided well before the exercise of voting is complete. Representatives elected to govern over capitalist democracy are almost entirely bound to the dictates of capital. In the United States, influential politicians such as President Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senator Kyrsten Sinema receive enormous donations from Wall Street financial institutions, weapons manufacturers, and for-profit health insurance and pharmaceutical corporations. As Lenin again surmised, the people essentially vote for whichever representative of the ruling class will oppress them every two to four years.}

{The historic crisis precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic has placed a spotlight on how the fundamental differences between capitalist and socialist democracies are a matter of life and death. Socialist democracies all over the world have fared far better in addressing the pandemic than so-called capitalist democracies. China’s efficient and government-led effort to curb transmission has saved more than a million lives from premature death from COVID-19. Sweden’s privatized elder care system and the government’s decision to keep the economy fully operable from the outset has led to a death rate per million in the population of nearly 1,500. For comparison, China has just three deaths per million in the population.}

{Despite their near singular success in protecting human life from a deadly pandemic, it is fashionable for the U.S. and its Western allies to depict China and other socialist democracies as devoid of popular participation in the governance of society. The term “authoritarian” is repeated ad nauseam to confuse the Western psyche into thinking that their narrow capitalist democracies represent the apex of popular power. Yet China’s successful pandemic response would have been impossible without robust and democratic popular participation. In Wuhan alone, party organs and mass organizations mobilized more than a million volunteers to assist residents with their basic needs during a months-long city-wide lockdown. The central government indeed directed rapid attention to the employment of pandemic control measures but it was ultimately the people, under the leadership of the communist party, that had to carry them out.}

In other words. While we were, and still are, engulfed in tribal divisions of rights over wearing mask, getting a vaccination, avoiding the obvious need of a necessary extended shut down, (which I would argue would have cost drastically less than what has and is being poured into the wrong hands) the people of China were uniting as a systemic means to preserve their society, at a much lower economic cost on all aspects of their society. Every aspect of our society went to shit around us! If you don't recognize this, it's call compliant indoctrination.

{From 1945-2011, an estimated 20-30 million people have been killed around the world as the result of U.S. military interventions. Capitalist democracies from the U.S. to the U.K. continue to violate international law on a regular basis in order to satisfy their own economic and political ends. Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and dozens of other countries find themselves mired in poverty and instability as a result of direct interference from so-called capitalist democracies.}

!!! In other words, the United States and its so-called democratic allies engage in a wholly undemocratic framework of unipolarity in world affairs. Capitalist democracies routinely place their own interests above those of humanity and use force to resolve disputes or satisfy their political and economic agendas. On the other hand, socialist democracies adhere to international law and champion a multipolar orientation to global governance. None of the existing socialist democracies have waged a war of aggression in the modern era. In fact, all of them have been at the forefront of demonstrating the true benefits of international cooperation and solidarity. !!!

{Capitalist democracies routinely place their own interests above those of humanity and use force to resolve disputes or satisfy their political and economic agendas.}

Disputes? Like environmental disputes? Protest over these disputes often result in governments or their private military contractors using brutal force. This isn't just abroad, it's right here at home also. Have no doubt that you're a victim also. Some critical thought to that entire paragraph should seriously expose how we're all effected by the system that has been built around us. And your vote isn't going to be allowed to change that under current representation on any front. Local, state or national. They all serve capitalism.

{In sum, Biden’s Summit for Democracy was nothing more than a projection of the narrow form of democracy championed by the world’s foremost imperial hegemon. The Summit for Socialist Democracy, however, emphasizes the promises and prospects of the democratic governance models offered in the struggle for socialism. A greater understanding of the development trajectories of all peoples and nations around the world is of critical importance toward collectively resolving the pressing problems facing the human race in the 21st century and beyond. From this vantage point, socialist democracies set an example worthy of attention and defense from the incessant propaganda leveled against them by the declining Western world order led by the United States.}

Last night I seen a statement by Tony Blinken about the US being allowed to confront world chaos. Paraphrasing that. In other words. World policing. News flash! The chaos going on around the world is a direct result of the US being used by the world ruling class, along with other westernized nations in collaboration, creating it. Virtually every incident the MSCM is highlighting as a potential conflict, hunger crisis, need for socialist government regime changes, immigrant issue, the US, EU, Israel, or elite Middle East countries manufactured it for the benefit of capitalism and capitalist.

William_Mary 8 Dec 24
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