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White House lies about child hospitalizations amid Omicron surge

Over 1 million children are set to resume in-person education on January 3 in New York City—the epicenter of the spread of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 in the United States—as part of a nationwide reopening after the holiday break.

The warehousing of children in overcrowded classrooms in antiquated and poorly ventilated buildings is a recipe for mass infection. But the continuation of in-person education is a central aim of the Biden administration, and the White House has made clear that it will not close schools, no matter what the danger posed to children.

To support this action—driven not by public health but by the need for corporations to have children in schools so their parents can return to work—the Biden administration and its top official scientists are openly and flagrantly lying to the public.

“Children are as safe in school as they are anyplace,” Biden falsely stated on December 21 in a claim that is completely without scientific backing or merit.

On Wednesday, the top two official scientists in the United States—Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Director Dr. Anthony Fauci—directly lied on national television about the recent surge in child hospitalizations due to the spread of the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2.


{This lie from Drs. Fauci and Walensky, which they reiterated in other interviews throughout the day, originated in the political swamp of the far right. The claim that most people are hospitalized with COVID-19 and not because of COVID-19 has been promoted by far-right commentators and politicians since the beginning of the pandemic and has been used to justify the reckless reopening of schools. In August 2021, as COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations surged among all age groups, Florida’s far-right Governor Ron DeSantis denied the reality that children were being hospitalized for COVID-19.}

{Dr. Julia Raifman, who has been a leading advocate promoting the use of mask mandates, tweeted an oblique reference to the statements by Fauci and Walensky, writing, “I wish I didn’t need to say this, but [because] fed leaders are now repeating Great Barrington extremist talking points — The death trends follow hospitalization trends. Hundreds of kids died of Delta & I expect the same now.”}

So, riddle me this Batman. After approximately 20 years of standing silence of our families being sent off to foreign wars to die and suffer various physical and mental harms built on lies, how long do they allow the continued sacrifice of their children also in silence? Again built on lies and a compliant MSCM?

{Also responding to Fauci and Walensky, data scientist Dr. Jorge Caballero, who has closely tracked COVID-19 data on children throughout the pandemic, tweeted that “these claims are categorically false.” Presenting multiple data sources proving that the vast majority of hospitalized children with COVID-19 were admitted because they were infected with COVID-19, he added, “A decade’s worth of data shows that pediatric trauma is lowest during winter months.”}

{According to data from the CDC itself, 1,040 children under 18 years old have now died from COVID-19 in the US. The majority of these deaths, 540, have occurred in the past four months since September 1, 2021, coinciding with the Biden administration’s homicidal school reopening campaign this fall. In the past two weeks, the CDC has logged another 25 pediatric deaths, which threatens to quickly rise in the coming weeks.}

{Throughout the pandemic, the most pernicious lies have been told about the impacts of COVID-19 on children and the role that schools play in viral transmission. Classrooms across the US have become crime scenes, where millions of children have been infected, in turn bringing the virus into their homes and communities.}

Lets not forget about the teachers and staff that have been highly effected also. Nursing and teaching are in stages of career death. Let alone nurses who are being fired for practicing their rights to avoid vaccines.

The going claim on MSCM in interviews with various types of "specialist" is the repetitive claim that with Omicron the virus will now die out to a less effective rate that has been thrown at us for 2 years now. News flash! We got really lucky it wasn't a total society killer. The next mutation coming within all the effected now most likely isn't going to be as timid on society. As it's DNA is working around the DNA of the vaccine and ours. Eventually something drastically deadly is going to come that isn't going to be easy at all to stop. And they aren't prepared for it. If you think January 2020 was bad.....

Workers respond to Socialist Equality Party open letter calling for movement to end the pandemic

Workers from across the United States are responding with interest and enthusiasm to Thursday’s statement from the Socialist Equality Party, An open letter to the working class: The pandemic must be ended and lives saved in 2022!


William_Mary 8 Jan 1
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From what I see here in this bigoted ignorant area where I'm currently living the parents would just tell biden and the Democratic governor to shove it and send their wee ones off to school. It's really not biden fueling the return to keep corporate happy it's ALL our elected officials. WA State had a mask mandate for kids returning to school, Ellensburg schools enforced it. The school in the town of Kittitas did not, cause those parents know JUST what's best for their kids. Some worn the masks some did not, then there was a large out break of Covid among the kids and families and they had to shut the school for the 14 days to quarantine. Since some were masked some were not it was near impossible to contact trace. There is also some active KKK folks out there and a couple of years ago some of them came to Ellensburg in the early morning hours and put flyers on cars about one of their meetings. It was pretty weird.


There may be something more at play here, COVID weary John Q. Public and the deteriorating state of the mental health of people of all ages. I would love to see a nearly complete shutdown (worldwide) and an end to this pandemic hell but I suspect tthe worst riots ever in this country would happen if that occurred, possibly worse.

MizJ Level 8 Jan 1, 2022

Still at this stage the US isn't any more prepared to conduct a total shut down properly as we were in Jan of 2020. When it would have been drastically more beneficial and successful. At this stage as it is totally out of control it most likely would create the very scenario you created above leading to martial law. In early 2020 our main street businesses and smaller companies picked up some of the slack our corporations weren't prepared for in regards to certain items needed.

Even private citizens. Mary's sister in law, which her and Mary's brother have a daughter, is a nurse at one of the Akron hospitals made mask. For every one she sold she donated a mask to the hospital. We bought several to help. We have so many fucking mask they pop up everywhere as we look for something. I bet I have 3 in my pickup, my semi at work, a few in the saddle bags of my bike, you get the picture 🙂

The truth to how China has successfully confronted the virus needs to be highly educated to the citizens of the US and abroad in all westernized nations. Our corporations need to implement a joint program towards the ability to change manufacturing standards where they can switch to products of concern in regards to the virus in the fields of safety PPE for healthcare and citizens until there are substantially adequate levels. Testing kits, organized vaccines with enough to go around, around the globe. The fact that this hasn't been achieved yet is criminal as unused have been hoarded while those around the globe have none. Procedures for those who are still scared to get vaccinated need to adhere to specific protocols to reduce spread. Tracking needs to be orchestrated. Essential workers need to be organized to help with food and medicine deliveries. Military enhanced.

China did all this on a whim and now has a developed strategy that can be implemented worldwide. There's absolutely no excuse for further failures on any part of our governments other than ruling class agendas and social genocide. PERIOD. We as citizens need to recognize the power of the Asian socialist nature to preserve society that drastically saved their societies and get on board!

From 2016 to today we've had every reason to view our governments as the facade they are and demand change. This virus has been the underlining factor to finally say enough and for us to unite. We're either going to unite or continue to die separated. This should be the speak in every home and work place today. Enough.

@William_Mary China and the US are apples and oranges. Much to the chagrin of out former leader wannabe China is much closer to authoritarianism. And what if we had actually had a leader that hadn't stuck his head in the sand while screaming it was a hoax? So many "what ifs" in re to 45.

To me that film Don't Look Up was a statement as much about COVID as a potential asteroid.

I made masks too. When I contacted local hospitals about donating some the reception was less than lukewarm even when I explained that 100% cotton could withstand the heat/steam required to kill microbes. I gave them to local doctors offices and high risk people I know.

@MizJ I'll argue that the US is more authoritarian than China, especially when it comes towards foreign nations. While we're going around the globe destroying societies China is going around the globe improving societies. Within China and the US, who's populations are benefiting from their governments actions the most? While China has been eradicating poverty for decades the US has been adding to poverty and homelessness. Which population between the 2 have a more favorable onlook towards their government? I assure you it isn't the US population. There were no riots or dissension in the streets of China when they conducted lock downs to confront the virus. As a society they knew it was the best action to preserve it.

In what regards do you find it accurate to label China as an authoritarian government. Surely it isn't how they hold their corporations accountable for crimes compared to the US. The US corporations over there do as much, if not more, harm to their society within slave labor and living conditions to produce their products for cheap labor. So what would you use as a substantial means to evaluate China as such but not the US for allowing this while creating false narratives against them?

@William_Mary You brought up an important point in re to the Chinese viewpoint of acting in ways to benefit the society, not just the individual. If that were more prevalent here our vaccination rates and other behaviors would give us herd immunity.

There are more differences than I feel like typing right now. May we just agree that the two states are vastly different for now?

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