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With the membership now over a 1000 I occasionally see new to newish people viewing the post and visiting the group. Of course the majority don't come back, occasionally at best. That's a norm for the Internet though. I guess I managed to place a catchy name for it to become somewhat of an instant joiner 🙂 If only more people would be inclined to learn the reality of our world political atmosphere.

To those who have wondered in and do have, or are developing a desire from coming here, for the content delivered, I ask that you please give us the respect of reading the opening to the group and the 3 pinned pages at the top of the message board to get a feel and understanding of the group narrative and agenda. This, I hope, would help to reduce any unnecessary confrontations in regards to post, comments on post, or replies from members, from those indoctrinated into the norms of the social media arena that tend to rely on useless unfounded rhetoric.

That within the above in bold is fairly explained within those pages and under the group name, the opening. Along with debate confinement and treatment of members. I'm always open to subjective replies on post, quite frankly encourage it from your experiences. It provides a stronger foundation for my post and the ideology within as others observe us. I'm usually right, but not always 🙂 I don't mind being corrected either. I don't like it, but I take it. It has happened here, once I think 🙂 What a can of worms that was. And the sudden lack of respect that came with it 😟 But unsubstantiated accusations and making up your own facts, or using those commonly on repetitive mode by the MSCM and representation don't go far here. Please think for yourselves.

Just listening to the going Ukraine narrative going today, I'm fake newsed out to the max. NPR especially has totally gone off the rails, again. Like I did a leap back to 2016. And the Jan 6th shit along with the voting issue isn't any better. Our MSCM and representation are seemingly geared towards manufacturing a war across the world over there while at the same time a civil war here.

While ignoring the real voting issue no one wants exposed. Including the democrats. I'd say it's odd how silent Stacey Abrams has become on interstate cross checking since being Bidened, but I predicted that when she hit the news as a potential of becoming a part of Biden's team. Our MSCM should have her and Greg Palast out in front on this issue exposing how it was used against her by Kemp, used across the nation, helping to turn the nation to the far right. All they are interested in though is inciting the nationalist and fascist towards a civil war with a fictional means rather than exposing the truth of how voters are primarily erased from voter list in more than 20 states. She probably has a gag order on her from ever mentioning Greg Palast now though.

That isn't a civil war with the government as you might think. It's a war with the civilian population against those who are going to wake up and speak out in protest when they finally realize what the Mint Press News exposed going into this last election. That will entitle the martial law they were exposing as being prepared for.

If Trump runs again, buckle up tight! It will make 2016 look like a children's carnival ride. And on top of that. I've seen hints Clinton might run again in 2024. What does a Clinton rally look like with a shit load of nationalist there?

William_Mary 8 Jan 15
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Human psychology is a weird yet predictable thing. Most people just need to be led and who would have thought that people would jump off the cliff?

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