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Nearly 4,000 COVID-19 deaths reported in the US on Friday

A total of 3,896 men, women and children were reported dead on Friday from the coronavirus pandemic, as reported by the BNO News COVID-19 monitor. Those same figures show that COVID-19 deaths in the US have increased by 14.7 percent in the past seven days, the vast majority caused by the Omicron variant.


According to some reports the WHO and CDC are encouraging/forcing the end of hospitals of announcing daily cases and death counts caused from the virus. An uninformed public won't need to be concerned about the mass social murder of it citizens, only if it personally effects them. While....

Hospitals across the US overflowing with COVID-19 patients

I would be, I mean, I am, but if I were you, I'd be highly concerned that this is a preparation for the next extremely deadly mutant variation that's going to come eventually, efforts to reduce a potential social uprising. If you start to recognize an up tick in the number of relatives and co-workers disappearing from your lives, know your already deep in shit. Most likely to late now.

Speaking about to late. Reports are also now relating the virus to the deer population. Accordingly the virus has passed into the deer population so deep they now provide the means for mutations we'll never be able to control. This would indicate only 2 directions that I can vision. Mass slaughter of the deer to extinction and or life consisting of a never dying mutation of the virus. In other words. We've done surpassed the ability to end the virus. If I was a rich man I'd move to China!

😟Nearly 1 million US children were infected with COVID-19 last week 😟

Not only is there a chronic underreporting of cases and deaths across the US, but these deaths are often acknowledged only weeks or months later. Among those reported last week was the October death of a Houston child, listed as “under 10” and the city’s youngest virus victim. She is one of 4,000 Houstonians who have died from COVID-19.

It is both callous and criminal that the Biden administration, the unions and the media offer the public endless lies about “safe schools,” “mild disease,” and the claim “there is no money” to financially support the population during a lockdown to stop the spread of the virus.

“It seems like people have tried to downplay the significance of the disease in children. We’ve spent two years rebutting myths pertaining to COVID and children, that it’s ‘harmless’ for children. It’s not.”


William_Mary 8 Jan 23
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Look up figures of death from covid rather than death with covid.
An active case during a pandemic does not have to include symptoms. They are not medical cases.
If a million children infected in a day and they were at risk eg getting sick and dying, it would be all over the news world wide.
PS virus effecting children badly is the worse nightmare scenario imo, luckily not happening.
PSS I can confirm your CDC no longer requires hospitals to report covid deaths starting today? I saw that also.
And yes, excess deaths are sad, but it is a pandemic and as pandemics go historically, not as civilization threatening as we are made to believe.
Americans need to ask, as Australians do, wtf are treatments not given to people as soon as they test positive as India and Japan have done with success?

puff Level 7 Jan 23, 2022

In other words. You're basically fine with the mass deaths that have occurred and will continue to occur in western societies compared to just approximately 5000 in China? Who has about 4 times the population as the US (1.4 billion people compared to 328 million). China's method of addressing the virus proving (IMO) that the western societies was based on capitalist's profits and unnecessary mass deaths.

We have had indications, actually general knowledge, that have exposed officials by some means having been deceptive about numbers and conditions. WSWS has clearly exposed those in the past. And you're still willing to put your faith in main stream corporate media to be genuinely transparent with information? Which is owned by the type of people who have been the primary benefactors monetarily from the virus and the way governments have addressed it.

@William_Mary I'm far more pragmatic. It's a virus ffs so no point blaming anyone........that can come later.
I seem to have a far better memory than most. From day one of the pandemic being declared the only way to end it was "vaccine", straight off the bat. For 2 years "vaccine, vaccine, vaccine".
Well, the vaccine doesn't work as promised but it's stay the course is it not? "vaccine, vaccine, vaccine" We have a new strain which bypasses the "vaccine" so the solution? More of the same and expect a different result, the definition of idiocy. No tweeking the vax for new strains like they do with the flu, just more of the same.
In Australia the responses to Covid are so political nothing makes sense anymore. Western societies, the way the are going ie fascism, are not worth saving. And the mass deaths do not concern, far more have died violently in the defence of corporate capitalism and "American Exceptionalism" ie freedom wars and by percent of population plus age of who died, historians will think "WTF were they doing?"
The definition of pandemic is World Wide Spread for a novel virus. As covid is now endemic in most countries, pandemic over. Instead, countries will have epidemics. But the controls will remain in freedom loving Western societies I am positive.
FFS next pandemic, we must take the medical experts away from decision making on social controls because they treat people like lab rats and that is what has caused excess deaths more than anything, because they don't know wtf they are doing (or perhaps they know exactly what they are doing....). It's clearly a public safety issue so let those experts handle it.

@puff no, the way to have stopped it, here in the US anyways, was to isolate the 5 cases, again, only 5 cases, we had in the north west, and shut down and trace, like china did. Everything we're facing today is virtually self explanatory when you genuinely observe the reality.


It's just so fucking sad. Every single life lost leaves people that mourn them. When I see the maskless I want to scream at them, "What about the spouse, family and friends who will have to grieve prematurely?". Selfish isn't a strong enough word. I know a family that killed their grandmother because they insisted on a large holiday gathering at the end of 2020. There is no way we will come together as the human race to save this planet if we can't stay the fuck home for a holiday.

MizJ Level 8 Jan 23, 2022

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