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For the new/ish people coming into the group and those who have just started following my post, please read the group opening and the 3 pinned pages at the top of the message board to get a feel for the propaganda narrative towards the agenda of the group. Yes, I said it and mean it.

This is the nature of all information that we learn from, or are deceived by. Explained more in those pages. Once you learn this you're on your way to discovering if that information is meant to genuinely inform you or manage your perception within deceitful means. How to recognize the difference.

Please come with an open mind thinking for yourselves. The usual social media rhetoric of no fact accusations doesn't go far here. Those pages underscore this. If you're comfortable with the fake news the MSCM is feeding you then your wasting the time of all of us being here. If you're looking for a change in regards of better information and a means to hopefully change our country, you're on the right path.

Today there is a major campaign to deceive you in regards to the Ukraine invasion, as our government and their main stream media is attempting to falsely draw us into believing. Claiming Russia is on the verge of invading Ukraine starting a war. The truth is that there has been a war there which started in 2014 in which over 14000 people have been killed for the language they speak and religion they follow. When the fascist puppet government the US illegally placed into power, I say they lightly, being they are being controlled by western powers, began a genocide in this region, Eastern Ukraine.

Russia doesn't need to move into Ukraine, they could begin an artillery campaign and missile attacks accordingly from their own border if they chose to. They've been quite patient. Just as the fascist have done on the innocent civilians from their placement with virtually daily bombings. The troops in Eastern Ukraine attempting to defend those citizens are Russian paramilitary volunteers and locals. To even suggest that Ukraine or Kiev needs to be defended is ludicrous. They, the Ukraine fascist, are the aggressors.

Crimea didn't want any part of it and voted overwhelmingly to rejoin the Russian Federation. Which is where the president who was overthrown escaped to as the Russians help get him out and defend the citizens from the fascist as riots broke out.

I've been covering this story here for years. If you desire more information you can do a search on the sites-----Consortium News----The Mint Press News-----and----The Grayzone. Links to those sites can be found on one of those pages or simply ask me to find them for you. I'll do the search myself and send you a page of the history related to Ukraine covering approximately the entire time.

William_Mary 8 Jan 27
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