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From peacemaker to warmonger: Tragic downfall of Ukraine's Volodymyr Zelensky

The president of Ukraine came to power calling for peace, but continued his predecessor's militaristic policies

Something truly amazing happened in Ukraine in 2019. A country traditionally split into two practically equal parts almost uniformly chose the same president, casting 73.22% of the votes for famed comedian Volodymyr Zelensky of the Kvartal 95 Studio. By electing the entertainers, the Ukrainian people showed that they were tired of career politicians and, most importantly, wanted peace for the Donbass region.


Shortly after Zelensky's win I made the conjecture that he would be forced to show his true spoken color or potentially become another puppet of western governments. That he did by going against his own upbringing and becoming that puppet.

Just like another showman we all know, he sold out his supporters. Only the difference between his and Trump's is that Trump's supporters merely overlook his constant lies and the betrayal due to indoctrination of ideology in a belief he actually supports them, while Zelensky's supporters from where his background originates from are paying a heavy price now today. I assure you they don't view Zelensky in the same light today. It's the same ideology they're under attack from. They've just been used in different ways. On one hand Trump's supporters are used to create divisional chaos through indoctrination tactics, Zelensky's remained as continued victims of its beginning from 2014. Seemingly, Zelensky became a Zionist somewhere along the lines.

{As soon as he assumed office, Zelensky began to sound much more like his predecessor Poroshenko while exploiting the immense nationwide trust and support he’d already won. His Servant of the People party won an early parliamentary election by a simple majority of votes. Under Ukraine’s law, it meant that the president and his allies were free to enjoy power without the need to enter into any political coalition, so the faction could define Ukraine’s policies as they saw fit. On the other hand, this made them ultimately responsible for the situation in the country.}

As you read on you might get the same sense seen in Venezuela in regards to elections and laws. Knowing the westernized societies won't get the results they want, they resort to false narratives and non participation. Zelensky tows that same line following Poroshenko's lead.

{Thus, the Ukrainian forces keep shelling the facilities of the self-proclaimed republics producing the majority of casualties, the UN data says. And let’s not forget that all of this happened before the recent military hysteria and public lamentations about the pending ‘Russian invasion’.}

As I stated the other day, the government is clearly the aggressor. Has been since 2014. There is no war without their actions. What do YOU call a government that outlaws a people's native language and religion, attempting to take their rights away, while virtually attempting to turn their civilians into a mass militant society, while also willing to give citizenship to anyone willing to come there and be assimilated into the program?

I have a dream. How about all those fucktard fascist of ours who use that empty rhetoric suggesting that those of us who dissent against our criminal government to leave the country follow their own advice. Ukraine has a wonderland scenario of their ideology for them to live in. Those who went over to train can go back and take the rest of their ilk with them to live permanently.

{The suffering of the civilian population in Donbass didn’t escape the watchful eye of the OSCE either. During her visit to the Zolotoye-5 settlement in the LPR, coordinator of the Humanitarian Working Group, Charlotta Relander, was shocked by the regular shelling. “It’s very scary to see what I’ve seen here. I didn’t know this was even happening, and this is a large school as I understand. Many, many students here depend on the school to come here to study. And of course, in general, there should not be anything targeting a structure like a school. It’s a civilian structure,” she said.

While the supposed ‘Russian invasion’ and the news of Moscow's troops apparently amassing on the border with Ukraine keep making headlines, no one seems to care to mention Ukraine gathering a force on the border with the rogue regions that is several times bigger than that of the rebels, as has been reported recently by head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin. }

No, if you heard of it it might send you towards actually doing what you should do. Which is go find what the fucking god dam facts about it actually are. But all we hear about is Kiev which is a world away to those victimized people who really don't have a care in the world for that region. But they sure do want that region.

And the NPR coverage from there I was listening to recently was laughable. Half the people they talked to didn't trust the government and or information they were getting. I'm rather surprised they even aired some of the comments. But they just filtered it in with the false rhetoric anyways. They're depending on listeners to be to ignorant to put the pieces together hoping the indoctrination campaign has taken a deep enough hold. Repeat the rhetoric enough times and you'll forget what they said.

{Even though the bill went only halfway, dispensing with the full amnesty stipulated by the Minsk Agreements yet giving the Donbass the right to determine their own language policy, it triggered a backlash. Both neo-Nazis and Zelensky’s own faction accused the president of “high treason” and “capitulation,” while Sivokho was assaulted by fighters of the Azov Battalion, which is recognized as a neo-Nazi organization even in the US.

Having no enforcement resources of his own, Zelensky chose to go with the easiest option, since any attempts to negotiate with the self-proclaimed republics incurred the wrath of the extremist groups who have proven they could carry out attacks on the president’s office with impunity.}

Azov Battalion was the main group of Nazi militants that some of our fascist members went to Ukraine to train with. Some actually went into the war zone with them. The Grayzone has articles with pictures related to these facts.

Which is referring to the 2014 ousting/overthrow of the president and attacks on his office and government buildings. During the riots in which snipers kept officials trapped in a burning building and also shooting protesters and law enforcement. This is what our tax dollars supported in 2014.

As you read on, only if you know all the facts, you should notice that the same agenda that lead to the 2014 chaos is again being recycled. Currently with winter at full swing in the region a conventional type of war isn't likely. It will continue to remain with the Ukrainian forces lobbing bombs into civilian territory with separatist forces doing the best to intercept, protect, and care for the wounded population. While Zelensky's few leftist officials face unwarranted accusations and criminal charges. He'll either be forced out or have to make a deal with the proverbial devils minions. He manages to make it into another term I would be looking for a rigged election. He surely lost most of his citizen support.

William_Mary 8 Jan 29
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Another WMD from the fascist warmongerers.

As mercenaries are unilaterally prohibited throughout the world isn't it time that agent provocateur were also universally outlawed?

FrayedBear Level 9 Jan 29, 2022

However, I fail to see where you think mercenaries are unilaterally prohibited. The numbers of private military contractors is widespread with large numbers. Enough numbers to occupy and control a country in some instances. As Academi, once known as Blackwater, then Xe Services, wanted to take over the US occupation of Afghanistan for Trump. These are everything but prohibited. G4S is the second largest employer of the world operating in approximately 95 countries around the world. What ever a ruling class structure needs help in securing they provide. It's big business that's allowed to operate and often supported with civilian tax dollars.

"The 1989 International Convention made the recruitment, use, training, and financing of mercenaries illegal. It also forbids the recruitment of people to fight in an armed conflict or for private gain.

According to the convention, any individual who is not a member of any armed force that is a party to the conflict is considered a mercenary. It further stipulates that all states should consider mercenary activity an offense for which the individual in question ought to be prosecuted or, at the very least, extradited."

No doubt @alienbeing will say that America is exempt from such convention because it is a if not the prime user of mercenaries.


@William_Mary excellent video.

@FrayedBear in the fine print no one sees is---do as I say, not as I do. The westernized governments are as hypocritical as they come on all aspects. Those that compliantly keep supporting them are also.

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