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Follow the Money at Sludge---What They Say Compared to What They Do

Major US Companies Slam Voter Suppression Laws Then Donate to Their Sponsors

The companies' donations appear to contradict their public statements in support of voting rights.


What Climate Issue----Reps Bought Pipeline Stocks Before Passing the Infrastructure Bill

While Congress considered infrastructure and climate legislation last year, reps kept up a stream of trades in oil and gas pipeline company stocks.


Biden’s Million-Dollar Inaugural Donors Lobbied Against His Agenda

The Business Roundtable increased its lobbying spending last year by 70% over the previous year as its members pushed to pass the infrastructure bill first and kill the Build Back Better Act.

Last year, Biden continued his predecessors’ tradition of accepting large donations from corporations to his nonprofit inaugural committee, even though the proceedings were mostly virtual because of the coronavirus pandemic. Many of the corporate giants that donated, like Lockheed Martin and Pfizer, spend tens of millions of dollars annually on lobbying for contracts and influence on legislation and policy throughout the federal government.


Still wonder why spoken policies never reach achievement? You're getting your information from the wrong sources. He was bought long ago. He didn't become a millionaire after serving in the Obama administration without reason. He'd be a few million richer from books and speeches if Hillieary Clinton and the DNC didn't get caught rigging the 2016 election. They had to pull the mentally challenged Biden out of retirement to pull off another scam.

{After the first year of a Biden White House, many inaugural donors are set to benefit from the hefty spending of the bipartisan infrastructure bill signed into law in November, while many of their trade associations lobbied against the Democrats’ signature Build Back Better Act that ran aground in the Senate and will now be broken into legislative pieces.}

When I told you so gives no pleasure.

{House progressives had received an assurance from Biden that his lengthy negotiations with Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema would deliver their crucial votes, and House Democrats passed the BBB on Nov. 19 by 220-213. It bounced back to the Senate, only to have Manchin blanch and then spike the bill in a Fox News Sunday appearance on Dec. 19.}

Don't think for one second none of them knew what the ending result would be. They're all fully aware each of them play the market and comply to corporate lobbying along with the money they'll get to keep their power from them.

{Looking at the largest donors to Biden’s inauguration and how they fared in the infrastructure bill offers a view on how big business ensures it benefits from the bipartisan measures that become law, and hinders more progressive legislation. The first year of this Democratic-controlled federal government continued the pattern where funding bills for fossil fuel infrastructure projects sailed through and become law, but corporate tax hikes or limits on greenhouse gas emissions stalled in the Senate.}

Follow all the money that was tossed to, a LOT of it, so corporations could get a LOT of corporate welfare from. That's a lot of income that could go to employees in regards of gifts to our representation, and decades of lost social benefits for our society that could provide help towards homelessness, veteran suicides from illegal wars, free education, and healthcare out of our pockets. But this seems to be rocket science to a vast majority of our citizenship who continue to support it.

If you actually make it to the site, your lost if you don't, check out the article of one of Biden's potential Judge picks. It speaks volumes of his true nature.

William_Mary 8 Jan 30
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Let face it the wealthy and their corporations rule over us!!!

Too too many are waking up too the fact the wealthy and their corporations need us, most of us do not need them the way they are now!!!

People want change, the wealthy and their corporations keep us divided on purpose!!!

It is at the point the wealthy and their corporations can no longer control the narrative with over 95% of the media owned by just 6 corporations who are force feeding us their BS which has become unbelievable unbearable and just plain entertainment for the masses!!!

Change will only result from revolution not evolution!!!


Eat the rich!

Do that & you'll just have a load of wannabes take their places .

@FrayedBear not if we manage to revolt within a party outside of the establishment and overwhelm it with their candidates. My goal here is to encourage this and for everyone who is and becomes awake to be brave enough to spread this knowledge from here and the sources I use. Support the Socialist Equality Party----[]

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