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I've deleted this to repost to add the suggestion for you all to tune your TV to the RT America station to follow the factual information coming out of eastern Ukraine.

Have you been notified of the new aggressions taking place in eastern Ukraine that began yesterday? The citizens in these regions are running for their lives towards their enemy. In which that enemy is now forced to provide safety and money for them to manage a sense of survival. Yes, the vast majority of them are fleeing to Russia with the help of separatist and men of those societies willing to stay behind and fight for their homeland in the regions.

Our government and their MSCM wasn't spending the last few weeks warning of a Russian invasion, they were deceptively admitting our tax dollars were going to achieved the import of enough weapons to their president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, to import the expansion of murderous genocide our government obviously supports, forcing innocent civilians from their homelands that their families have ties to for decades, if not centuries.

William_Mary 8 Feb 19
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Have any further opinions on the situation now that Russia has invaded? It appears as if my comment "Russia is in fact the aggressor" was more than true. Your comment saying I'd be the first in the world to provide proof that Russia is the aggressor, looks like the whole world is providing said proof.

Tejas Level 7 Feb 25, 2022

We obviously have a different definition and or perception of what invasion means. You have material evidence of Russian troops and military vehicles in the separatist regions?

@William_Mary there is material evidence that Russia is all regions of Ukraine. They're not just attacking military targets either

@Tejas then provide it.

@William_Mary there are hundreds of videos of soldiers in Ukraine bombing buildings. It's not a secret. If you are denying this is happening, you are being willfully ignorant. Even putin has acknowledged his role here. The entire world can see what's happening over there and you are telling me to provide proof. I don't believe you argue in good faith whatsoever.

@Tejas I haven't seen any videos of Russian soldiers even in the separatist regions, let alone Ukraine, bombing buildings. Provide the fucking links to the videos then! It's not that god dam hard to do. The only videos indicating Russian action/bombings are on military aspects of Ukraine from Russian territory. That's not a god dam invasion. It's precision targeting.

Are you ridiculously viewing Ukrainian soldiers in the separatist region as Russian? Is MSCM falsely using footage to create a false narrative?

Your problem is you're making this a personnel vendetta with me. You love the game of perception management they created for you to be a part of the divisional divide. You hate a player for their opposing views rather than recognizing how the game controls you and your ability to apply critical thought.

I could possibly help you if I wished to. But to do so would enable you to twist the information that's unsubstantiated which I recently discovered. Because that's seemingly what you're geared for.

Quite frankly, I wouldn't really care that much if Russian troops have finally moved into the separatist regions. It's well past time to end the atrocities that have been carried out since 2014.

I'm more curious to why you support fascism and their genocide program which has had more than enough evidence to be proven it's happening. Again, if this is what you support just be brave enough to show your true colors to all of us and say what you'd actually like to see from those you support. Don't be like all the fascist loving Nazi lovers and nationalist who use deceptive speak to avoid the obvious. Grow some fucking balls and just say it.

@William_Mary you continue to argue disingenuously ive told you I don't have a horse in the race and dint really care either way yet you accuse me of hating one side which you would know is false if you could read. I've come to the conclusion you don't have an honest bone in your body. I'm leaving this group because it's run by an asshat that would lie to his own mother, and rather than admit that fact you would double down and lie to the rest of your family. How bout you grow some balls and admit your dishonesty.


A least a quarter of the population of Ukraine identified themselves as Russian. It's no surprise people are going to flee a potential war. Russia is in fact the aggressor in this situation, saying we should watch a program made by Russia and calling it fact is silly. Maybe the people who have the least bias are the people we should listen to, not Russia not Ukraine apparently no NATO nations. But definitely not Russia today.

Tejas Level 7 Feb 19, 2022

Your comments lead directly to the potential of having been indoctrinated to avoid seeking information from another view. Such as the interviews being conducted with the citizens there which the RT Headline News is broadcasting after each programed show, as they do on weekends. How much of this aspect is the US MSCM or our government providing of this aspect of news coverage?

Relating all of Ukraine with the eastern regions where the majority of Russian ancestry live is essentially a deceptive illusion. Which highly questions whether it was made on purpose or ignorance. The Ukraine government recently outlawed speaking Russian making their language law. Along with the eastern regions sect of religion a while back.

The direction they are fleeing is what also provides the potential to understand the truth of the issue.

Least biasness? Each side is bases on a sense of biasness. Your statement lacks the sense to weigh and determine whos sense of biasness is a misleading narrative. You've already admitted to limit your ability to fully discover and develop a realistic opinion needed. Your comments are essentially useless due to this regard. You basically came to a gun fight without any ammunition to produce a substantial debate. That also leads to a sense of potential indoctrination.

We're all more than anxious for you to provide proof to your claim "Russia is in fact the aggressor in this situation." You would be the first within the entire world to do so. Those who are monitoring the situation and living within the genocide must be deceiving us. Please do enlighten us to their deception.

@William_Mary most of my thoughts on this issue are that of common sense. You said I would be the first to say Russia is the aggressor? That is absurd, literally only Russia would say that. For me, even without watching any news whatsoever, it wouldn't make sense for Ukraine to push for a war with Russia. Russia has much stronger military economy and many Ukrainians identity as Russians, not to mention their nuclear power. It would be suicide to go to war with Russia especially not being apart of nato. Russia says it doesn't want nato countries on its border but that's kind of silly considering most of the countries along their European border are in nato. Wouldn't a country want their language be the main language of their land? As far as i can tell most Ukrainians speak or understand Russian. You make many claims about me in your comment about me being indoctrinated, but you are spewing out information from Russia Today "news organization". I have zero reasons to be on either side of this fight. Maybe you should look in the mirror before calling others indoctrinated.


{most of my thoughts on this issue are that of common sense. You said I would be the first to say Russia is the aggressor?}

But coherent common sense would rely on the ability to coherently read. I didn't say you would be the first to say it, I said you'd be the first to provide proof of it. I can say a lot of shit all I want, it doesn't necessarily make what I say true without substantial proof. Which I'll suggest you're relying on a sense of unsubstantiated accusations. I'm closely falling into a trap towards making some accusations towards you now. Even though you've already resorted to uncalled for attacks and insinuations towards me. You're actually providing potential proof I'd be seen as right from the evidence of your entire attempt to debate this issue.

{For me, even without watching any news whatsoever, it wouldn't make sense for Ukraine to push for a war with Russia.}

Who has insinuated Ukraine is bucking for a war with Russia? You're actually the first one I know of to make that insinuation. The going narrative is Russia invading Ukraine. Which has been seen by many as a falsely developed narrative towards Russia for its opposition of genocidal aggression against eastern Ukrainian's. Ukraine's intent for war is actually with its own people.

{You make many claims about me in your comment about me being indoctrinated}

I claimed you show potential of being indoctrinated. Meaning you're unwilling to view all side of an issue which you've already admitted to. That leaves you widely open to the lack of ability to fully be self productive in a political debate lacking information that can be pertinent to the debate. Quite frankly, I'm sorry, you've already proven this.

{It would be suicide to go to war with Russia especially not being apart of nato.}

It doesn't seem to matter that not being part of NATO seem to be an issue for the US and EU, being they're fully behind the Ukraine government and funded and supplied their crimes of various natures.

Speaking of suicidal. I'm wondering why you haven't made the connection of people under attack who are seemingly fleeing towards the narrative enemy, which I would suggest might be an indication for you on how ridiculous this managed fallacy is. By theirs and your standards, wouldn't they be fleeing towards the west where you think their native language speaking people and government support system is?

{Wouldn't a country want their language be the main language of their land? As far as i can tell most Ukrainians speak or understand Russian.}

Ok, your comfortable with genocide on the basis of aggression towards the loss of rights to practice native languages, religion, and culture. Just say that so we know exactly what you support. I love it. It makes it easier for me to decide whether I want a certain type of people in my circle or whether to spend my time conversing with them.

At the end you speak as though you, again haven't made your won insinuations towards me. There's a series of words and phrases I could place here for that. I've been as civil about this if not more so as I can. Quite frankly you haven't made it easy.

Since you just joined the group, although I believe you've made some comments here before, I'll kindly ask that you to please spend some time reading the opening to the group and 3 top pinned pages on the message board to attempt to avoid any future negativity. I personally think a genuine attempt by you to fully understand my agenda for this group would benefit us both. And possibly add a new perspective to your developed political opinions. If you have the courage and open mind to do so. To know a substantial degree of all political ideologies and points they come from are a means to successfully decipher between good and bad propaganda.

I can find good propaganda from all those aspects I just mentioned. However, there's a degree to most of them that we have to learn to draw a line at. Recognizing when we're being deceived. I think there's a large amount of information within the videos on those pages that give the group a strong foundation to the perspectives I write about on them. And in the post I do. Arm yourself with it!

@William_Mary I've reread the first few lines as you mentioned. It appears you disregard your own group description as you see fit. In reference to it saying "independent journalism" then proceed to use Russia Today as your source of information. From there on I can pretty much dismiss your argument and intent as genuine, if you won't follow your own rules and then gaslight me. I don't see the point in continuing. ps. I've given my thoughts on why people may be fleeing to Russia, twice. And your claims of genocide are only coming from Russia, so take a page from your own book and listen to other sources

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