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I'm currently on schedule to return to work next week, so my post are obviously going to slow down again substantially. Putting me back to mostly weekend posting. If anyone has any particular subject they'd like me to explore, feel free to add it to a reply after this article and I'll research it. Or an opinion on any current MSCM report. I love deciphering them and exposing their false narratives and or half truths to build support for their side of the illusion.

As I have attempted to explain one aspect of recognizing fake news within the deceptions these medias use to falsely support a particular side, I can spend time on Fox or other right medias and get some factual information they use against the left, while also going to MSNBC and other left medias to get factual information going against the right. I used those 2 because I find them to be the worse of all in regards to viewer ratings.

What their followers don't get is the lack of these medias calling out their own side, that they basically emphasis support for, who commit the same unethical practices and crimes they place on the other side. This is a measure that essentially erases history. And also essentially supports the capitalist system, which both medias primary agenda is about, when they don't relate those unethical practices and crimes to world issues such as what is going on with Ukraine today. Have no doubt, it has been a collaboration between both parties.

The fake Trump impeachment hearings can be used as a prime example in that regard. To apply the same standards of the narrative for that impeachment Biden should have been disqualified for running for president. If the republicans truly wanted to defend Trump, or even Trump himself, they would have provided the public with the vast amount of the very same information from sources I use here. Which could have potentially bought an end of the atrocities still going on under the Trump administration. But no one really wants that.

Especially in regards to weapons sells for money funneled into their future campaign coffers. Along with other corporate beneficiaries who are making billions off this 8 year war. It's simply a small scale version of the Iraq war where they all bought stock into these corporations and military complex as they beat the drums to war ahead of time. Partly to help cover up the DNC election tampering of 2016, and the crimes of the Biden family. The Obama administration as a whole. Ukraine is essentially another Libya disaster, also still going.

I was even recently ridiculed by a new member for using an RT article for using it towards a correlating source to the current Ukraine issue. As some of you know, I occasionally post MSCM articles to expose these deceptions. I have also made points on articles other have posted here to attempt to expose how they are misleading. I've even warned that some of the larger news sites I occasionally can be deceptive from writer to writer. Because I stress emphasis on the independent sources I rely on most, they aren't the only tools for me to use to get the narrative message of the group out. I have a list on one of the top pinned pages that I emphasis as being most reliable. While RT is on that list, I clearly state it has its limits, along with those I like or trust most. He also left some of the usual false rhetoric statements towards RT also.

And a heartfelt welcome to all the new/ish people who have come into the group. Especially those who are semi--regularity returning and or participating to some degree. If you haven't, I ask that you please read the opening to the group and 3 top pinned pages on the message board to hopefully avoid the above. Civilly, I'm willing to answer any questions. I understand the structure I'm implicating here can be confusing if you haven't been a member to witness how it has progressed. But coming at me
in ignorance with negative remarks that seem like attacks on me or group members that those statements provide and time feeling out the agenda can provide only provide deterrence for those genuinely seeking different views and opinion from remaining. Some people are simply tired of the same ole social media antic. One of the group objectives is to also eliminate that as much as possible.

!Thank you!

The Truth About Recent Violence in Bosawas

To that end, Western human rights organizations and international institutions like those of the United Nations have been intensely coopted by sinister corporate and related power brokers like, for example, the influential Clinton network, among others. That is the underlying explanation for the relentless assault on Nicaragua's Sandinista government by the Western human rights industry in general and its subsidiary Indigenous peoples' rights branch in particular. These international organizations and the local NGOs they depend on are financed by Western elites who for centuries have plundered, enslaved and massacred Indigenous peoples around the world. For its part, Nicaragua's revolutionary government has defended the rights of the country's Indigenous peoples by promoting the most advanced model of autonomy in Latin America and the Caribbean


William_Mary 8 Feb 23
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Identifying hypocrisy is like shooting fish in a barrel nowadays. The cherry picking of what offends.

  1. Trudeau has now made peaceful protesters enemies of the state and started seizing assets. If any other country did this, what would happen? Boycotts and sanctions is what would happen.
  2. Compare what's happening in Ukraine and what has happened/ is happening in Yemen and the response of the world.
puff Level 7 Feb 23, 2022

Hypocrisy is another element I have confronted on a scope of all its layers and self. If one truly understands hypocrisy they must first be able to recognize all the layers and their own. In regards to the political atmosphere and capitalism we're all guilty of it. Within the structure of the western society it's virtually impossible to avoid unless you live entirely off the grid.

Most of us are slaves to the structure manufactured around us and dependent on it, which support the wars and atrocities that are built to further support it. No matter how hard we attempt to limit our participation, it's a perfect unavoidable cycle for them. We are therefore supporters, whether we're ignorant of this fact, or dissenting against it. Our societies are built to support it and the ruling class in control of it.

This should be the leading imperative recognition towards collaboration to change the social structure found in dissenting information towards acknowledgement. This is also highly correlated to those who still support either of the established political parties as I was commenting on above. That support for their own side while failing to see the correlation of identical unethical practices and crimes is a purposeful embedded managed perception littered with hypocrisy they overlook. Whether they continue to support out of ignorance or incoherent reasoning it's a useless harmony of recycled history that disconnects them from a genuine means to confront our issues.

In regards to Canada, I made the same type of statement in a post recently. On Trudeau's behalf though, it is reported he has begun to reverse the seizing of assets. RT was showing a part of a parliament meeting of theirs the other day as he became under fire on that issue. I say that with virtually no genuine support for him though. Canada may be slightly better than the US within social structure, for the mean time, for that is obviously diminishing, but they are no better on the world stage than any other western government.

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