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Oliver Stone & Abby Martin: Down the JFK Rabbit Hole----We didn't make sense of it. Our leaders were cut down. Nobody put the dots between the lines. Between John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, or Robert Kennedy, we didn't make the connections. Now I think we can make those connections.

Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone joins Abby to discuss his new film JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass, his journey into the case, the evidence of a CIA-orchestrated assassination and American foreign policy.

I'm not quite sold on Stone's projections of Kennedy, entirely, especially on Roosevelt, but he makes a great argument for Kennedy's sake. With that said. Lets go.

According to Stone, Kennedy was changing foreign policies in the shadows on many fronts globally. Kennedy was another version of Roosevelt who got along with Stalin? Which after Roosevelt's death everything changed. After Kennedy's death, those who seen the potential of change on a global scale knew it would never come. The perpetual capitalist structure was cemented into western societies. Change will not be tolerated.

We build up our enemies. Why?

Worldwide propaganda network built by the CIA. Who owns this network? Who benefits from its misuse?

The only free media we have are people like you, who work outside of MSM. Virtually the same statement Peter Phillips made in her discussion with him----Giants---Who Really Rules the World---adding how important you are------democracy and freedom, its a lie. !!!Imperative speak!!! That discussion virtually lays out the entire process of where and why we're at the point we're at today.

It only took 18 years for the national security state to take over the US? Welcome to the state of perpetual warring.

The speech by Kennedy that Abby injects during this discussion is part of what got Kennedy assassinated. Refusing to invade Cuba was the last straw for the security state. It went against everything in the statement directly above this one. It would provide the closest resemblance of democratic socialism by a republic state that's suppose to operate as a democracy.

Kennedy essentially staved off in 1962 what we could be facing today due to the Ukraine issue. In which Ukraine has recently insinuated they wish to be supplied with nuclear weapons, and are considering powering up 2 nuclear plants to obtain them on their own.

Kennedy cut off Israel!?! When they began their atomic venture? Well, there's another major blow against him.

The suppression of this conspiracy has been essential towards bringing the global security state to its current level of power over the world. In comes the illegal suppression from the Trump and Biden administration.

Abby----what lessons can we learn from JFK for today come full circle? Stone makes a comment much related to what I mention here quite often. And then comes Ukraine. The Cuba that worked.

You can't win an open trial in covert state? Facts will not be tolerated. Pompeo: 'I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole'----and like the idiots around Bush's WMD tour, the idiots around Pompeo fall lock in step with laughter and applause.

What if, history took another route!?!

Bush----war is good for the economy 😟 Not for the common citizen it isn't. I made a comment the other day about how the Ukraine issue will most likely effect the German's. I bet you didn't think about us though? It has already been effecting us. And it's likely to become a lot worse. More on that in another post.

Stone makes another statement that's correlated with my theory of the power structure?

The younger generations don't know the history of JFK in regards of a genuine teaching like that being exposed here because it would further enlighten them. Most have fallen into the trappings of fake progressive and democratic socialist entities. A truly educated youthful generation will not be tolerated.

There is no law. Fuck the law.

William_Mary 8 Feb 24
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It's the same old song and most U.S. citizens can't ever seem to learn the words. It's astonishing to me that after so many years I still see people on social media that believe the same old lies about our politicians and government and our "enemies". There has been so much evidence about what our government does and people either just ignore it or they claim it's propaganda from the other side or they tie it into one of the two sides of our government spreading lies to smear Republicans or Democrats. It really leads me to believe that our system will never change because citizens are too easily led with propaganda. It gets embedded in them and they can't change. I think our political system is the most interesting topic for a psychologist to study. Our political leaders have no doubt employed studies on the human mind to better manipulate humans. It's just like a marketing campaign that includes advertising etc.

Well just look at how the liberals and so called progressives today are supporting Biden's actions of sanctions on Russia. I just got done reading a post by our Ohio representative Sherrod Brown on facehack on how horrible the actions of Russia are. It's a welcoming statement to Ukrainians coming into the US also. By ratio the comments are highly leaning towards the indoctrination of demonizing Russia with him. They're totally ignorant to what part Biden played in Ukraine in regards to an illegal overthrow hand picking and placing a fascist puppet government into place with Nazi elements embedded into the military.

After 4 years of fascism growing under the Trump administration in the US with them bitching about concerns, they're now blissfully supporting fascism there which is now seeking nuclear weapons to add onto the insanity. It's WWII all over again with the US, this time all of Europe, version of the rebuilding of the Germany army, now fascism in Ukraine. Yea, lets give them nuclear weapons this time!?! Lets exacerbate the making of human toast a century later 😟

@William_Mary Maybe we can move to Sweden? Lol

@Piece2YourPuzzle If I had the means to, I'd find a nice quiet country home about a hundred miles outside a medium China city to move to.

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