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Well, seemingly the international ruling class won the information warfare battle. Social media is abuzz with delusional reality with American's supporting fascist and genocide. If our ascendants who fought, especially died, fighting WWll would be spinning out of their graves today if turning over was a reality.

As I imagined, my provider canceled my RT station sometime between last night and now. Pure fascism. Information will not be tolerated.

All the MSCM and some of the questionable sources I've warned about are now towing the disinformation line also. We're all to feel sorry for the Ukrainian people. The poor Ukrainian people are facing racism. The very same people who took to genocide on the people in the east for their heritage, language, and religion. They get pushed out of the narrative once again for the poor ole Ukrainian atrocities that won't be emphasized.

And apparently, Putin commits the final plunge into their backs by falling into the agenda of perpetual war. When his emphasis should have remained steady in their regards. Just as his lame actions in Syria, he becomes lame again. As I've stated before, it seems like Putin is often just another puppet playing a role in the global illusion of the global elite. He pretty much provides the cement for the foundation of my theory on him from previous comments of late.

I wonder if those coming into the country faced the strict vetting Muslims did before being allow here. If you think the fascist movement in the US is over, I have some immigrants to sell you. They have the potential to unite with Trump supporters now. Let that sink in. Our don't need to go to Ukraine anymore. They're bring them here for you.

William_Mary 8 Mar 1
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There are a lot of adjectives I could use to describe this issue, but it's pretty alarming how many citizens are A-OK with censorship now. They actively support it now. Society has come a long way, and it's not for the better.


most ppl are brainwashed & beyond hope. i told one of them that in the locker room of our GC today after he said he believed everything that the govt says & the MSM regurgitates.

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@NostraDumbass, you do live up to your handle.
i don't need to see any more of your mindless drivel.
bye, bye.

@callmedubious exactly.

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