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Don't believe everything you're hearing from western MSCMs!

"An incomplete list of debunked propaganda so far:

-Ukrainian father crying as he hugs his daughter goodbye was actually a pro-Russian rebel in Donbas preparing to fight Nazi Azov Battalion (funded by US).
-13 Ukrainian soldiers "killed" on Snake Island actually surrendered and are alive and well
-Russian tank that ran over civilian car in Kyiv was a Strela-10 Ukrainian defense system
-photos of Zelinsky in military garb with a helmet on are from 2021 border inspection
-video of Ukrainian MiG029 shooting down a Russian Su-35 was a Digital Combat Simulator animation
-Russian cruise missile that blew up the side of a residential building was actually a Ukrainian air-defense missile fired by the Ukrainian military.
-viral video of Ukrainian pilot shooting down Russian jet was a screen recording from Arma 3 video game
-Russian supply convoy that Ukrainian military blew up was a Ukrainian convoy
-Ukrainian military lied about blowing up 56 tanks that included General Tushatyev
-Russian jet bombing near residential homes appears to be a Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter targeting Russian troops
of course these fake stories get millions of views on social media before any corrections are made."

Why isn't there a separation in the regards to citizens fleeing war zones between "Ukraine" citizens compared to those in the east who fled for Russia for safety. Without this detail it's disinformation.

Shortly after 2014 a picture was used of a Russian missile launcher within misinformation claiming Russia invaded the east. Robert Parry exposed the lie as it was actually a picture taken by an Associate Press journalist at a Russian military show years before. I've posted the article it was in and how the story went. Which journalist went looking for the convoy that supposely was bring them in. After spending significant time searching the only possible routes this convoy was never found. Oddly the west' superior satellite technology couldn't provide a picture of the convoy either.

Yesterday NPR totally rewrote the Syrian war history. Blaming Russia for leveling their major cities. Erasing the fact that the initial leveling of those cities were done by Germany, France, British, and the US as their terrorists groups moved in to take over local governments. The Russian airforce was forced to use their air power to rescue the citizens from the atrocities being committed on them.

BTW----If you have a desire for more factual coverage on the Ukraine issue and had your RT channel suppressed from you, as we did, we added their free app to our TV last night which also provides all the shows the site on the Internet provides.

William_Mary 8 Mar 3
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adding that channel would be too depressing.
i've already pretty well lost all hope for humanity.


“The first casualty of war is truth”. Propaganda meet counter propaganda. Each side in a conflict spins and invents in order to curry favour, sympathy and support. Be that as it may, your post reads suspiciously like a Russian disinformation screed. You yourself may not even exist as described in your bio. A VP fanboy would seem to be an equally plausible hypothesis. Prove me wrong.

VP fanboy? No clue what that useless accusation means. Which is why coherency matters. In regards to propaganda also. Is the propaganda being delivered a means to deceive, or is it to educate with positive notions. Yours here is seemingly to lead the group towards a negative view of me within unsubstantial accusations without a measured time of observing my work or researching it. Therefore your comments are based on the very biased nature your accusing me of having.

Having now done a search on it, I sort of get it. I still don't understand what the VP is to indicate though. As I stated above, your lack of time here prevents you from understanding I'm not in a "fan boy" for Putin. I have my own issues with Putin and have stated them in this group, along with my own theory of his part in the global oligarchy structure.

I am however able to emphasis on the different aspects of the Ukraine issues with knowledge of the years I have put into covering it here. Quite frankly, which has been part of this group since I opened it. It was an issue I began posting about here long before you came into the picture in which would have provided you insight you can't possibly apply to your attack on me. That speaks volumes in regards towards you and your propaganda towards me. You come with no respect in your intent which is just a wheel of the managed social media useless rhetoric.

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