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Russia, Ukraine, and the Race Problem

A particularly comforting explanation for the conflict has been a singular and decontextualized “Russian aggression.” At the heart of the confusion and outrage is a tidal wave of chauvinism that has come crashing from all sides of the Western political spectrum.

That the West is saturated with anti-Russian racism should come as no surprise. Western imperialism, led by the United States, is a racist project that requires a systematic dehumanization campaign on a scale unseen in human history to justify its violent history of colonial conquest, slavery, and genocide. The Cold War elevated the importance of racism significantly. Russia, China, and the one-third of the world that was engaging in the development of socialism had committed one of the gravest crimes in the eyes of imperialism. Not only were the people of these nations standing up to their imperialist masters as humans, but they were also participating in the complete overthrow of the dominant system of exploitation.


{Fake photos have also been disseminated to spread a narrative that Russia is committing crimes against humanity in Ukraine. A photo of Israel’s bombing of Gaza has been attributed to Russia. Palestinian resistance activist Ahed Tamimi’s viral photo of her punching an IDF soldier has also been attributed to Ukraine’s “civilized” fightback against Russia. The imperialists have thus resorted to projecting their own crimes against humanity onto Russia. One must question why it is so difficult for Western media to find legitimate examples of Russian atrocities in Ukraine, especially given that Kyiv is essentially a puppet state of the Western imperialist order that provides full access to Western media.}

Links provided for truth on those false accusations above. As I have stated here, the amount of unverified accusations from MSCM along with my observations of there only being one Ukraine united against Russia is a total fabrication that has manufactured a complete absence of reality. Virtually every photo I've seen being propped up on social media has been debunked as being falsely representing to reality. I have listened to NPR for 2 weeks now and assure you that most of what they are reporting is blatant misinformation supporting a perception management campaign. Reporting, seemingly, from the Donbas region for 2 weeks now, the story of the people of those regions have been criminally left out and in many cases purposely twisted to glorify the Ukraine government.

Let's talk about biochemical labs next. Coming to news reports soon as another hysterical element. Pick your poison carefully though. Because again we have Victoria Nuland letting the cat out of the bag. Just as we have her talking about the Ukrainian government they were going to install before the quagmire they started in 2014, that no one wants to legitimately view as proof of todays events which initially created Ukraine 2.0. When you overlook past crimes you leave a potential for more crimes. Syria 2.0.

{Perhaps the worst purveyor of Western chauvinism has emanated from the so-called “progressive” section of the Democratic Party in the United States. Popular political figures such as Bernie Sanders and Marianne Williamson have embraced the White Man’s Burden foreign policy orientation of the U.S. military industrial complex. Bernie Sanders’s statement unironically declared that Russia’s intervention “may well kill thousands” while openly calling for sanctions , a form of economic warfare which has proven to kill thousands around the world. Marianne Williamson took the desire for the United States to “DO SOMETHING” even further. Williamson endorsed the decision of the United States to send additional weapons to Ukraine on the basis that “doing nothing” doesn’t make one “anti-war.”

The bystander narrative promoted by Williamson is reminiscent of neocon hawk Samantha Power and her work on genocide. Power, who serves as Biden’s point person for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), is an important architect of humanitarian interventionism. In her famous book, A Problem from Hell: America and the age of Genocide, Power argues that the United States immorally stood by as Rwandans were massacred in the 1994 genocide. She would take her political philosophy to the Obama administration’s National Security Council where she served as a key figure in convincing Obama to overthrow the Libyan government in 2011.}

It makes me sick to think I once advocated for Sanders to be our president! Right on cue though, he betrays every sense of being a democratic socialist once again. And Williamson got her wish. Our tax dollars to the sum of 13 billion, up from the spoken initial 3 billion last week, is on the way to Ukraine to be misused and burned in warfare. That other paragraph simply represents how someone can gain a sense of positive notoriety while also playing within the very system that exposes the negative. Only open minds of critical thought can recognize it's correlation within biased MSCMs many reporters and journalist, and politicians, social media, and right here on this site. Genuine free thinkers have to actually look outside that box to be properly informed to recognize this. That self description on so many profiles here is a oxymoron for so many.

{Whether in the form of humanitarian interventionism or blatant anti-Russian propaganda, Western chauvinism has been remarkably effective in manufacturing consent for war. Majorities in the West hold a negative view of Russia and China . Americans in the majority support starving Russia into political submission through sanctions. While most Americans reject direct military intervention due to the heavy personal cost, they have shown a willingness to support any other act of war taken by their government to cause discord and destruction abroad. Western outrage over Russia’s intervention in Ukraine is therefore driven by a deep-seeded “America First” attitude that makes real diplomacy involving the United States impossible.}

If you think we've managed to scale up in the US recently since covid hit, you're simply someone that hasn't been directly effected yet. Sure, you might be struggling with higher prices as we our, still relatively living from pay check to pay check. But there's a much larger percentage of people not making the news. Which I'll argue is part of the reason Ukraine is taking the majority of social attention today. Why should raise eyebrows. And it isn't over yet. Don't throw those mask away just yet!


William_Mary 8 Mar 12
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