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American Commissars

Social media platforms are aggressively censoring all who challenge the dominant narrative on Ukraine, the ruling Democratic Party, the wars in the Middle East and the corporate state.

The ruling class, made up of the traditional elites that run the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, is employing draconian forms of censorship on its right-wing and left-wing critics in a desperate effort to cling to power.


Well Hedges finally came out and call it what it is. American Communism. America owned by the ruling class. Only it's not just America, it's currently the entire apparatus of western governments. Only time will tell which of them will continue to remain in servitude to the ruling class as economies continue degrade. Many citizens abroad are already speaking out against this world imperialism.

{The traditional elites were discredited for pushing through a series of corporate assaults on workers, from deindustrialization to trade deals. They were unable to stem rising inflation, the looming economic crisis and the ecological emergency. They were incapable of carrying out significant social and political reform to ameliorate widespread suffering and refused to accept responsibility for two decades of military fiascos in the Middle East. And now they have launched a new and sophisticated McCarthyism. Character assassination. Algorithms. Shadow banning. De-platforming.

Censorship is the last resort of desperate and unpopular regimes. It magically appears to make a crisis go away. It comforts the powerful with the narrative they want to hear, one fed back to them by courtiers in the media, government agencies, think tanks and academia. The problem of Donald Trump is solved by censoring Donald Trump. The problem of left-wing critics, such as myself, is solved by censoring us. The result is a world of make-believe.}

In other words. They were forced to exacerbate the delusional reality they had created. Those with any sense of attentively intellectual concern over especially the past 20, genuinely 50, years should have recognized this quick descent into the obviously existing ruling class ownership history has been warning us of, to avoid the current Ukraine managed perception.

A MSCM news headline on my homepage today asked why Trump hasn't been convicted yet. The second eye candy offering statement offered 5 reasons of possibilities, when only one is actually needed. Because he is a primary player of the illusion. He's one of them. Along with the social hedgeman in his court they play a vital part in the distractive purposeful chaos on society.

The 2020 election offered us 2 known criminals to pick from as our next president. Biden a long time career criminal with multiple crimes spanning decades with the blood of millions on his hands. As these actions of his were exposed through 2019, 2014's Ukraine crimes highly brought to the public awareness, his supporters thumbed their noses at this information and washed his hands free of the blood for him to bloody again today. The only difference between then and today is that during a 3 year break he became a millionaire for his support of the ruling class for that servitude to them over pass decades.

Trump's fleecing of tax dollars within help from bought politicians over decades, tax evasions, degenerate morality within various deals in NY and NJ, social chaotic primary and general election provocations, also leading to his own share of lives ruined and blood on his hands, was also afforded a free pass and cleansing from his supporters. There's no middle ground here to weigh which is worse. Trump actually having been impeached on a Ukraine narrative within a fake kangaroo style proceedings, remained virtually silent of the crimes of the Biden's and never once exposed the then 6 years of war crimes going on under his administration in the Donbass regions or Maidan in 2014 to use against Biden. How could he when his own fascist supporters were at the time traveling to Ukraine to train under the Azov battalion and other fascist groups there? It would kill his support base and the profit base for the ruling class who own the entire western system structure.

Who ever ends up needing to use this fascist structure for a support base next now has a deeper and stronger foundation to manipulate. You can thank Biden for this and all those manipulated into supporting the Ukraine fascist structure. If you were even slightly wondering how the people of certain backgrounds and ideology could contradictory place their support towards Trump as a sense of hypocrisy or purely beneficial understanding, 2.0 can now possibly be the making of our own Maidan.

The images of Maidan have now made the way across more minds, for all the wrong reasons. When many were attempting to make that crime public knowledge for the right reasons no one cared because they were suppressed from caring. I assure you those images will be the fangs of the next fascist cause. They're already being unleashed in parts of Europe. Sweden, for example, is currently seeing a major uprising of fascist lashing out on Muslims. The civil unrest is on the Maidan characteristics. Currently reported as wanting to join NATO, it will become worse. As Russians are the new Jewish 2.0 They will be used here at home eventually.

As you read through the article you'll find my conjecture doesn't quite fit Hedges in regards to Trump. While I'll entertain that Clinton might have been the ruling classes preferred bread basket, as over Sanders, which I have suggested was an obvious mistake for them also, I'm not quite there on his Trump conjecture. And probably won't be without a lot more information released from someone in the know. Take to mind this is supposedly 3 failures in a row for Clinton. Obama, Sanders, and now Trump? Well Sanders didn't win? Clinton also didn't challenge Obama, whom she had a very ugly primary race against. She won none the less despite that ugliness by being called on to be SOS. Not fit to run a family, but fit enough to be SOS? She remained SOS from 2009 to 2013 to avoid that challenge. And did a lot of damage worldwide while SOS. Ukraine included. The primary of 2016 was ugly in a whole other aspect. Riddled with highly questionable caucuses, interferences from Bill, voter suppression, ballot counts, and Sanders obvious lacking performance in debates, his betrayal to his supporters. Virtually any fairly intelligent high schooler could have developed a better debate against Clinton with the history she has behind her. Trump not only worked out quite well for the ruling class, he exasperated the growth of fascism in the US, a tool they love. After all, for those that don't get it yet, their colonialism is just a nice word for fascism. There were many Hitlers and Mussolinis before Hitler and and Mussolini, and many more since. We have another one as our president again today.

{These sites make billions of dollars by selling our personal information to corporations, advertising agencies and political public relations firms. They know everything about us. We know nothing about them. They cater to our proclivities, fears, habits and prejudices. And they will silence our voices if we do not conform.}

You can take notice to when you're searching for something now in regards to whether they want to suppress certain information from you. If the target box quits giving you the usual determining algorithm suggestions, it's programed to suppress that information from you. As hard as it has come to find alternative information on these search sites, it has become drastically harder. You'll have to save anything you might want to get back to in the future or remember the exact label of the desired content. If it becomes something they decide to suppress later, it will become very difficult to find again.

This is a highly disadvantaged aspect for those who primarily use cell phones or tablets which society has become so indoctrinated to for a primary source of information. I know the tablet issue well as that is my source for keeping communications with Mary during my work day or attempting to do a post. It has become drastically harder for me to do post, to a point I'm deterred from doing so unless I just want to post a few thoughts or article without commentary. Once having the address of an article handy I now have to go through a series of clicks to get to it. It's a purposeful means to deter people from putting the expanded work into searching and sharing content. Highly more acceptable to only prepared corporate results towards further developed indoctrination. To where at home I work with multiple windows opened. Quite frankly, I refer to it as indoctrination on the front of lazy compliance. Those stuck in ruling class structured poverty who can't or won't spend money on a lap top or computer are more acceptable to this purposeful agenda of cell phone only use. You take what they give you which suppresses choice. Quite frankly it also suppresses critical thought.

{But like those serving sentences for the assault on the Capitol on January 6, or like Trump, the persecution of Nazi leaders only enhanced their stature the longer the German ruling class failed to address the economic and social misery.

There are many similarities to the 1930s, including the power of predatory international banks to consolidate wealth into the hands of a few oligarchs and impose punishing austerity measures on the global working class.

“More than anything else, the Nazis were a nationalist protest movement against globalization,” notes Benjamin Carter Hett in “The Death of Democracy: Hitler’s Rise to Power and The Downfall of the Weimar Republic.”

Shutting down critics in a decayed and corrupt society is equivalent to turning off the oxygen on a seriously ill patient. It hastens mortality rather than delaying or preventing it. The convergence of a looming economic crisis, fear by a bankrupt ruling class that they will soon be banished from power, the growing ecological catastrophe and the inability to thwart self-destructive military adventurism against Russia and China, have set the stage for an American implosion.

Those of us who see it coming, and who desperately seek to prevent it, have become the enemy.

Should have been clarified with the thought of accept within their own ideology of a world ruled by the white race. Which their intended goal is to eradicate any others, or use those with extraordinary abilities as slaves as the German Nazi's did. Anyone else is expendable until no longer needed. Even within their own support system as their terrorist eventually find out in time. As the whole of the Ukraine society is finding out today. You're only as white as your worth is to the system. One misstep or a thought perceived to be a betrayal can lead to inhumane repercussions as many in Ukraine are finding out today. You're either white or against us.

Hitler unleashed again. Wait! He's dead! Who has the target on their backs and who's targeting them?

Russians Cancelled-----European crusade against Russians

“Everything Russian is rejected and assaulted”, “Speak as little Russian in public as possible”. These are quotes from Russian people living abroad who have recently been confronted with constant verbal assaults, rudeness and even physical threats during the recent wave of russophobia. Even children get hurt.

{From the Ukraine society-----Now worldwide}

European and especially Eastern European highways now resemble 'roads of fury' for Russian truckers. Cars with Russian number plates have become targets. Very often drivers find them with broken windows and punctured tyres. They say they feel lucky if only their cars were targeted.

Students become victims of russophobia, too, as a number of European universities make it clear Russians are no longer welcome. Students say they feel a change of attitude towards them which even reflects on their grades.

Russian embassies didn’t manage to avoid Russophobic sentiment, either. Legations are surrounded by picket lines and bombarded with verbal threats. In early April, a vehicle rammed into the gates of the Russian Embassy in Bucharest.

However there are people in the European community who don’t share in the common sentiment, but their voices are simply not heard. For now, many Russians living in Europe, Israel, and the USA see leaving as the only way out.


William_Mary 8 Apr 18
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Try brevity instead of thought volumes ....CONCLUSIONs not micro topics are you siding with Nato & NAZiS in Ukraine against Russia ? Sounds like you think Walter Cronkite still controls Putin

I'm sorry it hurt so much that your comprehension was effected. An unfortunate condition for so many lazy minded people who are today so use to having their perceptions managed for them within false short story telling of fact less information. You can now return to your scheduled delusional reality programing.

@William_Mary our Veterans For Peace are very well informed....sorry if my brief summary about fake news history and Putin provokes false assumptions about me....I know you to be an honest pacifist observer of USA trillion dollar genocidal corporations....I prefer to brand them illegal war profiteering gangsters in 160 countries

@William_Mary I do not watch tv and rarely listen to National Petroleum Radio fake news when I only desire Teri Gross interviews.... my war started by IKE 1959 ended by Ford 1975 when I was 23.... Bill Moyers spent the rest of his life undoing many LBJ lies....maybe you caught some of his " programming " ?

@GreenAtheist I'm interested in what leads you towards false provoking assumptions you believe Putin has made towards you. I don't recall Putin ever making any statements directed towards any individuals or groups, but primarily governments and their actions. Outside of groups who fund and support western government wars if he has, but would hold that right. Considering there's no ties made to such types of groups controlling Russia's actions. Seriously, sanctions on their oligarchs aren't it, or they'd provide how they fund them, Russian laws, and or his presidency. Compared to the extensive list of how it's done throughout western governments. Believe me, if our western governments and their MSCM had such knowledge it would be a constant non-stop repetitive reporting. What assumptions can you list for us? Since assumptions aren't acceptable as you declared, please don't use any without providing some substance. I don't want you to seem hypocritical if I'm forced to call you out on it.

First you make a false leading statement suggesting I could be "siding with Nato & NAZiS in Ukraine against Russia" then later describe me as "I know you to be an honest pacifist observer of USA trillion dollar genocidal corporations". I don't support war at all. Unfortunately, citizens don't hold any power to the modern means of how virtually all of these wars are manufactured within deceptive means. Which in turn forcibly creates conditions for another country to defend themselves, if that's possible. Hawaii for example didn't have that option. It was a virtual take over by all means. While my primary dissent has been against fascism, it's ludicrous to have the assumption publicized that I'd support it. Or NATO as I've personally labeled NATO and western governments as a worldwide fascist element. The agendas of and results that occur from this worldwide apparatus management are text book fascist ideology that other countries are forced to defend themselves from. Most of whom lose and or lay in rubble. Being you're a veteran for peace I shouldn't need to list them. I will however go directly to Ukraine now.

What category from above would you put them in? I argue timeline and history is of grave importance towards fully understanding the entire scope. When does one acknowledge the timeline warring began in Ukraine. Is it 2014 or 2022? Those who missed the previous 8 years, and haven't properly educated themselves to those 8 years, are very likely to misunderstand the initial beginning of the war and causes. Likely falling in line with 2022 false narratives of Russia having for no reason invaded Ukraine. This is essentially a purposeful erasure of history and facts that lead to a lack of concern for over 15,000 deaths and over 60,000 injured Ukrainians in the Donbas region who only Russia during that 8 years provide humanitarian aid to and accepted over 2.5 million people an escape from by evacuating them into Russia. Time and history erased in regards to western interference overthrowing a democratically elected government in 2014 to manufacture the war.

Within those standards I take it you would rather have allowed the people of the Donbas region to continue to be slaughtered and forced from their homeland of decades, centuries in some case. Many who have families and genetic ties to both Ukrainians and Russians. Please do inform us all on how you would consider that as a sense of moral justice to allow it to continue rather than defend them after 8 years of silence from the western societies? I would hope as a veteran you know what the definition of genocide is. As I essentially describe what it is above. You support genocide? You're unable to differentiate the scenarios between western agendas compared to the current Russian agenda? Which Putin patiently attempted to bring these matters to world awareness for 8 years, people of Donbas asked for help for 8 years, the western governments and their medias buried and ignored for 8 years. No one cared about them being force to fight for survival until Putin finally chose to defend them. Which this current situation also screams Russia's concerns of security by moving NATO nations closer to Russia as Ukraine has recently bombed at least one Russian city. Or possibly genocide of Russian people and or Russian speaking people for what ever reason is acceptable to you?

Teri Gross of NPR? So you're admitting you only get one side of the story then? Essentially an arm of MSCM 😟 As a local truck driver I listen to NPR basically 5 days a week for most of the day I'm driving. I use it to keep my bullshit meter calibrated so I know all the false manufactured talking points passed down to them from the same public relation firms, NGOs, and think tanks that MSCM get. In case you don't know this, they are funded by various large corporations and even MSCM's. Bill Gates has donated 10's of billions to NPR over the years. You don't think this would lead to the same type of controlled fake news we get from the rest of MSCM and MSM? Apply this Mark Twain quote accordingly. "If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed." He was wise beyond even our time to fake news. He died in 1910. A vast majority of our citizenship fall in that hole of deception. Even a large number of those who show signs of being awake tend to return to that hole due to following only these types of medias. They have the right notions at times but are easily swayed back to the hole when they glorify the right con artist spewing prepared negative propaganda. These con artist don't care if they're purposely deceiving us, they get paid well to do so.

My search of VFP don't have any real sense of political commentary unless they have something other than their website for such. I took a pretty thorough look at it. All it provides is talking points correlated to their agenda. I would imagine if they did have such commentary they would provide a link to it on their homepage. While their agenda is !admirable! their comments on the Ukraine war highly lacks any sense of history or factual information. Quite frankly, from what I see, they actually seem to support only the Ukraine governments side on talking points. They don't even attempt to draw a line of differential aspects or history with no mention of 2014, as though the war has just started in 2022. They actually speak support for a fascist army and government. The lack of substantial discourse within direction is quite frightening! It shows the same examples of people on social medias who are willing to buy the various items being sold to support Ukraine with fascist symbols and writings on them, conned into glorifying fascism and genocide within ignorance. I can only wonder who is making off with this money being hauled in.

Walter Cronkite has absolutely no relevance to the issue. Hell he was out of the picture in 1981. Putin was barely in the news then, if at all. Putin was a product of Bill Clinton and Yeltsin in the 90s. Clinton got what they prepped and Putin simply didn't adhere to the program they had planned for him. My opinion on that is still being developed though. Putin may be playing the other side of the corporate game for Russia as a new capitalist country. His game against empire building has been seemingly lame until now. He didn't really do Syria any big favors as the country lays in rubble now and the capital is the only safe zone for it's government. Same as in Iraq. Standing up for the people of Donbas has me again wondering if he might be a legitimate figure to support. There's a ton of mis/disinformation over the past 50 years on Russia and actions in the region everyone should now reexamine.

You came up in a another period of time of premodern dis/misinformation campaign. You had a society of youth speaking out for you who had more access to information and used it. Despite the negatives that came with it. I think as a society we've ironed that out for the better. Unfortunately, the aspect of that society has also been ironed out by Reagan's perception management campaign that has expanded to the MSCM monopolies and the internet so widely that our citizenship has been quelled into compliance and acceptance of a fascist imperialistic globalism. They seemingly can't escape the delusional reality that has been created. To lazy to seek the information available to them to break free of it. And when we attempt to provide it they're so far down the rabbit hole they refuse to place any sense of critical thought to it to compare it objectively.

@GreenAtheist and speaking on Vietnam, I live in NE Ohio. As a kid I lived in down town Kent. I watched on multiple occasions as police and national guardsmen march pass my home as they filtered out of multiple buses to get to the protest downtown. I hope you have the memory of 4 students being murdered May 4th 1970 at Kent state for you with others injured. People died and defended our veterans for being sent to manufactured wars then. Today, we stand silent as they're sent off to be essentially murdered for corporate greed. Nearly 9000 men and women during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. I'll just leave that there for people to trip over or take critical thought to.

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