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From Syria to Ukraine, Western Media Is Practicing the Same Lies. Eva Bartlett

Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett affirmed that the crimes of terrorist organizations in Syria and cover-up of the Western media have been repeated again since the beginning of the special military operation in Ukraine, noting that the hands of the West and its media machine are stained with the blood of innocent civilians in the two countries.

In an exclusive interview with SANA, Bartlett, who worked as a war correspondent in Syria and is present today in Donbas to cover the special military operation, pointed out the similarity between the political and media disinformation practices carried out by US and its allies during the crisis in Syria and what is currently happening in Ukraine.

She stressed that the Western media are participating in the crimes committed against civilians in Ukraine, as they were doing in Syria, through their lies and covering up of the facts.


Previously I made conjectures that there are probably small scale civil warring going on in western Ukraine on 2 possible fronts. 1 was with the handing out of 10,000 rifles to civilians which could feed fascist citizens against Russian supporters. The other, fascist elements against Ukraine military. Well, this video suggest the later is in play.

UK Media Hides Ukraine Nazis in Plain Sight

The Sun has featured a video – part of the West’s wider war propaganda effort – where something horrendous has been hidden in plain sight – just as it has been across the Western media for the past 8 years regarding Ukraine – and something that Russia has cited as one of several justifications for its current military operations in Ukraine. This also gives credence to the claims of Ukrainian soldiers laying down arms in the Donbas regions once Azov soldiers are eliminated or being threatened for not wanting to fire on civilians, some being executed. Westerners who have gone there being forced to march in front to assure their participation as cannon fodder.

He goes into the Viking symbol on one's back. I'll let you catch that yourselves. But the other day on facehack someone attempted to confront me of the swastika symbol claiming it didn't mean anything due to its use during WWl by western troops. Well, the swastika has various references across many ancient societies in which it was manipulated into fascist as this Viking symbol. What he is explaining here are the same conditions the US MSCM have been caught doing also. Photos or video footage, what little they do show, avoiding the explanation of the symbols being seen within. Which is also why people are buying such merchandise on social medias with these symbols and sayings on them out of ignorance to what they're supporting. If you're wearing such items you're ignorantly showing support for what our families fought against it WWl and WWll.


William_Mary 8 Apr 21
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