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Total war? ----- Another great discussion on Cross Talk

Host Peter Lavelle with John Varoli, Daniel McAdams, and Marko Gasic.

The US and its NATO allies claim they are continuing to send massive military aid to Ukraine. At the same time, Washington appears to have no interest in a negotiated end to the conflict. This begs the question: What is Washington’s policy goal? Could it be direct conflict with Russia?


It's already a direct conflict with Russia IMO. Ukraine is simply being used as cannon fodder by western governments working for the ruling class. I can imagine, due to this, that the goal of NATO could actually backfire. Rather than split Russia up, due to previous attacks on countries bordering Russia in the 80s and 90s, this scenario might kick off a rebuilding with them wanting to rejoining the Russian Federation for protection as we seen with Crimea and the Donbas regions.

Points to consider NATO empire goals compared to Russia and Putin's

Ideology which has been under attack and perversely misrepresented within historic points by the west.

Article 5 isn't clear because article 1 isn't being applied. Is a misrepresentation of not participating in a conflict. While continuing to deflect a sense of diplomatic solutions.

150 Public relation firms feeding the west mis/disinformation while suppressing dissenting views.

Ukraine's democracy was overthrown in 2014. Their citizens are merely cannon fodder and we're all paying the price for it while it's falsely put on Putin and the Russian society. The US is left with no alternative party to divert from warring. []

What happened to the public!!!

Leaders in positions of power that shouldn't be in these positions, with a power structure behind them. Goal? WWlll? Even nuclear war? Obviously climate disasters are of no concern. Step it up? Psychotic mass murders poking Russia for 8 years then blame Putin.

Who's left that can be seriously dealt with? No intellectual curiosity from the west. Bubble?

Ukraine = Afghanistan 2.0 Everything is going well until it isn't going so well.

Mass media = social control.

Russophobia displays how one sided hate has been successfully indoctrinated into western societies. Which you usually find lacking in any other country the west turns it sights towards.

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William_Mary 8 Apr 23
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