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Billionaires Do Not Give Anything to Society—They Take From It

The rich do not compete; they destroy the competition. The rich do not create wealth; they accumulate it. The rich do not create knowledge; they kidnap it. The rich do not create ideas; they demonize them.

Speeches around the world about the fortunes that billionaires contribute to taxes and how much the poor and the middle class receive from this forced generosity, are a literary genre in itself. Even more, this genre is cultivated by the poor below, as the genius of propaganda, Edward Bernays discovered: you should never say that what you want to sell is good, but make others say it instead.


In regards to the first paragraph under the headline, you can find virtually all aspects of it within the Ukraine issue beginning in 2013 onwards to what is being thrown at us today. The rich have successfully managed to buy and produce a delusional reality projected onto the world society using the tools of the political arena and their medias which are in turn creating a vast wealth for them. Attempting to destroy Russia as a competitor on the world market and ideology, suppress knowledge of their own past and present actions, suppress ideology of dissenting views and factual information by means of demonization and cancel culture of Russian's.

You can find a discussion on the birth of modern propaganda developed by Edward Bernays {Propaganda & Engineering Consent for Empire with Mark Crispin Miller from Abby Martin} on the second post of the group near the bottom. Mark Crispin Miller starts off explaining how WWl was the beginning of using a new form of modern propaganda to sway public opinion in efforts to suppress a sense of real democracy. Commercialized to warring, how we are driven towards agendas unconsciously.

{But social myths are functional to power and, as such, they are a semantic mask, an ideological mirror that reflects reality, but reversed it left to right. Since in reality, it is the billionaires who steal from the workers every day and in a massive way (they steal not only wealth but also political representation), the ideological narrative insists that those who want to take from the billionaires to give it to the poor are perverse with "taxes that punish success." This is another myth deeply rooted in society. It is the product of the same propaganda process of those who have disproportionate social power, that is. Those who dominate the economy and finances. Those who own the big media or are their subsidiaries through advertising. Those who are overrepresented in politics, as much as the Pro-Slave states and ruling class were in the 19th century. The same logic makes it not a few workers (especially in the United States and its colonies), as it were not a few slaves in the past, to repeat another myth: but the rich who create jobs. It is the rich who create prosperity.}

It has been studied that a vast majority of legislature produced benefits the wealthy and their corporations compared to benefits for citizenship. Our representation has been drastically diminished. While they use their wealth in the billions each year to pay 1000s of their lobbyist to seduce our whore representatives to help write that legislation and toss donations at the feet of these representatives in efforts to keep their positions. Along with the various types of think tank groups they pour their money into, and even a minimal increase in taxes paid, they could actually help benefit our societies. But this isn't a concern for them. We aren't of any concern to them.

We have absolutely no reason to continue to support this system. That's what their medias are there for. They are the end game of a coordinated program designed by those think tanks they also own and pay to develop that delusional reality. Many of these fake news desk jockeys making 10s of millions a year to knowingly deceive us.

{Another myth indicates that the rich are successful because they know how to compete. Many of them can be creative, but their creativity is not invested in creating something new but rather in taking possession of what has been created. Praise for private projects such as Elon Musk's Space X is presented as the paradigm of private innovation. The paradox is that his entire space project is based on almost a century of successes and failures of government space agencies such as NASA, the Space Program of the Soviet Union, and, long before, the discoveries and progress of the Nazi government of Germany. Space X not only uses all this accumulated knowledge for which he did not invest a coin but even the same NASA facilities and its money, that is, tax money.}

{Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs compete every day to offer a service and, in this way, obtain profits that allow them to survive and, as far as possible, prosper. But mega-companies like Amazon or Walmart base their success not on competition but on the progressive destruction of that competition, which begins with the annihilation of small businesses through practices such as covert dumping. Then it continues with the annihilation of other monsters, as in the United States it happened with all kinds of chains like Sears or Radio Shack.}

{They are now fawned over as the ones who "created the world we live in." What did Jeff Bezos invent? What did Bill Gates invent? What did Steve Jobs invent? What did Mark Zuckerberg invent? Historically speaking, nothing, apart from some makeup to centuries of accumulated progress. Everything was invented sooner or later by others who did not become billionaires or suffer from that terrible psychosocial pathology.}

He goes on to make some more great points. Basically everything they have was primarily built off our minds, backs, and taxes.

I'll stress the need for a higher sense of caution using this site {Common Dreams} as a regular source of information. It has writers, journalist, and political commentators that widely vary on view points that can provide a contradictory state of confusion. In which some may tend to attempt to revert us back into MSCM talking points with false subtle suggestive wording, ideology, unproven accusations, context and history twisting.

"Out Of The Illusion " Group

'A Real Threat to Democracy': Musk Buys Twitter for $44 Billion

"With control of such a massive platform comes great responsibility—and Musk hasn't shown he has the capacity to be accountable to this diverse online community," she added, noting Musk's own history of using Twitter to "intimidate and disparage others, including journalists, elected officials, owners of competing businesses and anyone else who might challenge his views."

"It's less than great when billionaires own sports teams—which bind communities together—as their playthings," said Robert Weissman, president of consumer advocacy group Public Citizen. "Having a billionaire own Twitter—a vital platform for communication and community—as his plaything is far more serious. It's a real threat to democracy."


William_Mary 8 Apr 26
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