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Remembrance----Rewriting history: Red Army’s role in liberating Europe censored in the West

When the Red Army approached Auschwitz on January 27, 1945, the survivors met their liberators with shouts of “the Russians have come.” The first words of Major Anatoly Shapiro, who was in command of the unit that entered the death camp, were: “The Red Army came to set you free.”

Surprisingly, nowadays, on a tour of the notorious extermination camp, you would never hear Polish guides mention that Russians liberated Auschwitz. Instead, you would be told that World War II was started by Stalin, jointly with Hitler.

Today, the whole story of how the Red Army saved Europe from the Nazis is being wiped from Western history books, with Russian soldiers increasingly being portrayed as oppressors and occupiers rather than saviours. Poland’s lower house of parliament even approved a bill to demolish Soviet-era statues, including monuments to Red Army soldiers. The law was proposed by Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance, whose professor has said: “I can say with confidence that here the Red Army is seen as invaders that occupied our lands.”

However, the people in the middle of the conflict were perfectly aware of the sacrifices the Red Army made to beat the Nazis. During August 1942, President Roosevelt wrote to Stalin “The United States understands that the Soviet Union is bearing the brunt of the war.”

Today’s generation is widely under the impression it was the US that won World War II, as that’s what their textbooks generally tell them. Very few Westerners know that, while United States military deaths in the European theatre amounted to some 300,000, the Soviet Union suffered well over 25 times that number.

Moreover, the Red Army fighting in the east killed more than four times as many German soldiers as the US and its allies did on the Western Front. In fact, the famous D-Day invasion, which opened the second front in Europe, was only launched in June of 1944, after it was already clear the Red Army could achieve complete victory over the Nazis on its own.

However, not everyone has forgotten the heroism of the Red Army soldiers that stopped Hitler’s war machine in Stalingrad and then pushed it back to Berlin. Some Europeans and members of memorial societies still actively document and maintain the graves of Soviet soldiers and preserve monuments to them.

Often, they are elderly survivors of the war or descendants of those who were shown kindness by the liberating Soviet soldiers. One such activist is Polish Army Reserve Colonel Tadeusz Kowalczyk, who said “in fifty years Polish kids will think that it wasn’t the Red Army that liberated Poland... but the American one. But we won’t allow it!”

Pay close attention to the information that comes at 44:52 Still? We defeated fascism? Ask Ukraine how that works. The very same false propaganda campaign is being played out today using the Ukraine society as cannon fodder. And even after more than 3 months, many remain indoctrinated towards accepting this false propaganda supporting another manufactured war to support the fascism that was embedded into the US. History of WWll has been rewritten, while today they attempt to rewrite fascism, what will be the new terminology of the mother, colonialism, to come out of this period of time.


Tomorrow RTD will release a new documentary ---- Mariupol: A Homecoming---Looking back at the origins of the battle

'Some are miners, some – guards. Here is a journalist. Press. Drivers, electricians. I worked in Moscow for 11 years. Came home on the 24th [February 2022]. And then straight down here. I was supposed to work at DonTech,' recalls a Donbass militiaman sitting in the Mariupol suburbs. He and his comrades in arms are getting ready to enter the city. Most of the Donbass militiamen are ordinary people. They never had combat training or military experience. However, they are prepared to risk their lives to stop Ukrainian nationalists from taking their land. During the Battle for Mariupol, the Donbass militia fought with the Russian army, liberating the city. These people had to go through fierce city combats to save civilians locked in the houses by Ukrainian nationalists. See the Mariupol battlefield from their perspective in our new film.

That I'll post after it's up for viewing. Here's the trailer ---- []

William_Mary 8 June 12
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If you have not seen this documentary, I think you would like it:

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