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US Supreme Court abolishes constitutional right to abortion

The decision is not legally legitimate. It is part of a far-right political conspiracy. It is the latest in a long train of reactionary decisions legitimizing state surveillance, police violence, mass deportations and corporate domination of the electoral system. It was issued by a court that does not constitute a democratic branch of government but a battering ram for medieval clericalism and bigotry.

The court is now dominated by fascistic ideologues. Three of the justices voting with the majority in Dobbs (Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Coney Barrett) were appointed by Donald Trump, the would-be dictator who conspired with two of the justices (Alito and Thomas) to orchestrate a coup attempt on January 6, 2021, overturn the results of the 2020 election and establish a dictatorship.

Dobbs is the judicial continuation of Trump’s coup attempt. It is being wildly celebrated by the far-right across the country, which views it as a testament of their power and prospects for the future.


The warning signs were written within the realms of imaginary minds as the Obama administration went through it's first 4 years neglecting to place judges in districts throughout the nation. After 8 years he left over 260 seats empty for Trump and McConnel to begin filling. I warned and wrote about this for years indicating what was about to come as Trump was then also afforded 3 Supreme court seats to fill. These placements in district seats will exacerbate the taking of rights away as time goes on. Those already in heavily red states will virtually pay with their lives. Which began yesterday. Any state, such as mine, Ohio, which is currently dominated by republicans will also face a horrid battle for rights now. Learn what it was like when England ruled the colony's. Because we began back tracking to that era.

Currently the primary narrative of yesterdays ruling is deceptively placed on abortion. It diminishes virtually every other aspect to that constitutional right that comes with women's rights that organizations provided for women. Those of us who relate our issues with both establishment parties can only hope that the citizenship will take notice to the lack of coverage that is going to come from this as it all can be blamed on both parties over decades of purposeful neglect. And both parties will continue to collaborate deceptively. Don't allow yourselves to be fooled by the democratic politicians facade about womens rights. This decision is going to having lasting effects to many more areas of all our rights. The quote (and then they came after me) has never been so more concerning than now, again.

The truth of this matter can also be found in our gun laws. Where our representation have purposely neglected any means of intellectuality towards common sense creation of legislation towards addressing either of these laws.

{Dred Scott shocked the Northern population and contributed to a growing realization that democracy was incompatible with the “peculiar institution” of slavery, which allowed a tiny slaveholding elite to dominate the laws of the entire country. The conflict over slavery came to be seen as “irrepressible,” and the question was resolved through the revolutionary war for emancipation.

Today, millions are coming to similar conclusions about capitalism, in which a handful of reactionary oligarchs dominate the political system, attempt to establish dictatorships, wage war with potentially catastrophic consequences, allow the deaths of millions through the preventable spread of diseases like SARS-CoV-2, destroy the environment for profit and oversee the expansion of massive levels of social inequality and poverty.}

William_Mary 8 June 25
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The tightening grip of authoritarianism continues. It's only going to get worse because "both parties" are fully responsible for it. There's only one way it can go when that's the case. It seems most people are still under the delusion that both parties are fighting against each other and that the Democrats won't let the Republicans go too far. From the Democrat voter side it's good (Democrats) against bad or evil (Republicans), and just flip it for the other side. They're all dumb boiling frogs.

Critical thinking should be prevailing today towards these warnings we provide as Biden and the entire democrat party have done virtually nothing to even turn back any of Trumps policies. Every issue and problem Trump created or exacerbated has gone unchallenged. And that heavily goes for any sense of the progressives and fake democratic socialist. Border issue, taxation, trade, warring, defense spending, employment, covid.

Instead a vast amount of the population has allowed itself to be conned into the acceptance of funding and supporting Ukrainian fascism which is coming home to roost.

While the democrats ask us to basically remain silent as not to upset the hoards of those who support the tragedy of the reversal of Roe vs Wade.

As with Biden's incoming message has been of --- we need to work with the republicans. The ruling class aren't that bad. Nothing will fundamentally change.

Our country has been purposely misinformed towards blaming a manufactured enemy for a fascist genocide campaign that has been raging for 8 years while glorifying the actual criminals.

If these aren't fundamental changes, then I don't know what fundamental means anymore. The meaning of fundamental along with history and facts have been rewritten. And they aren't fundamentally beneficial for the country. Or the rest of the world and planet at that.

We've pissed on the entire 20th century and those who died during it to recycle it so a mere few thousand people can benefit from further exploitation on steroids. We just seem to love accepting our own demise while the world crumbles around us and sacrificing our families in the process.

@William_Mary Just like under Obama when he didn't bother rolling back any of the fascist/authoritarian policies and actions that GWB put forward. It still amazes me how both party voters don't see through the facade.

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