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UN Says Ukraine Forces were Complicit in Nursing Home Attack They Blamed on Russians

As good as it is that the UN is finally speaking some truth, it still comes with slight of narrative.


{The aftermath of the attack on the Stara Krasnyanka home also provides a window into how both Russia and Ukraine move quickly to set the narrative for how events are unfolding on the ground — even when those events may still be shrouded by the fog of war. For Ukraine, maintaining the upper hand in the fight for hearts and minds helps to ensure the continued flow of billions of dollars in Western military and humanitarian aid.}

There's one of those words you'll find explained in the narrative of the group description and pinned pages, in regards to its purposes and agenda use. None other than Narrative itself. Also known as information warfare. Who ever can manage to control the narrative has the potential to control another sense found on those pages. Perception Management. Also know to manage what you believe. Information becomes propaganda in which it's your responsibility to properly educate yourself on.

The constructs of "shrouded by the fog of war" within a negative or positive reality, sometimes as within this article half truths.

In other words for the latter. Ukraine has been able to fund a large false narrative propaganda campaign using events like this, and there has been very many like this, some blatantly, entirely, false, to win hearts and minds with that money. Not just our tax dollars either, but various groups with billionaire backing have helped various entities build a network of propaganda machines in Ukraine to capture our hearts and minds built on false information.

If you're just getting up to parr on this war, it was actually manufactured on the same basis beginning in sometime around 2013, which kicked off an illegal overthrow of a democratically elected government in 2014. Which you might, like the rest of the war due to this type of propaganda, not know because independent news which dissents from the western narrative have been highly suppressed. That's why especially RT has been banned across western governments. Because they have the ability to produce the major abundance of facts from their on ground coverage. Western medias have virtually no on ground people in Ukraine. They are handed prepared false propaganda from the Ukraine network of fake news to manage the perception the western governments want you to believe to continue what is simply an agenda to destroy Russia. Facts and reality be dammed to accomplish this agenda for her resources. They were hoping their sanctions would create another genocidal program on the Russian people, but that failed also.

{Russia’s frequently indiscriminate shelling of apartment buildings, hospitals, schools and theaters has been the primary cause of the war’s thousands of civilian casualties. Ukraine and its allies, including the United States, have rebuked Moscow for the deaths and injuries and called for those responsible to be brought to justice.

But Ukraine also must abide by the international rules of the battlefield. David Crane, a former Defense Department official and a veteran of numerous international war crime investigations, said the Ukrainian forces may have violated the laws of armed conflict by not evacuating the nursing home’s residents and staff.}

Here's a prime example of half truths, and a contradiction of a previous statement that proves the half truth. Those of you who have been visiting this group know I highly advocate for Consortium News, founded by Robert Parry in 1995. This is the very reason Robert Parry left this news organization {Associated Press} as the founder of the first Internet news site. They control the content of writers going out to win favor of those who don't want the boat rocked. It became to hard, even possible, for him to print the truth due to editors fears of repercussions from the government or ruling class. At the time he was still working on the Iran-Contra affair, digging up dirt on Reagan and Bush but they wouldn't allow him to publish it.

Stated above: thousands of civilian casualties----while there has been thousands of casualties in Ukraine, as is, you would believe that they have occurred throughout Ukraine. Reality will tell you that thousands have occurred only in the Donbass regions of the Donetsk People's Republic and the Luhansk People's Republic. Reality will also tell you thousands only occurred in a period between 2014 and Feb when Putin began his special operations. AP won't say it, but I will. The genocide campaign started by the Ukraine government in April of 2014 had killed approximately 15,000 people in only those 2 regions by the time Putin said enough. I highly doubt that even a thousand casualties occurred in western Ukraine when Putin used a deceptive move towards Kiev while engaging his initial move into the Donbass regions. He could have easily laid waste to many cities while goating the government into thinking he was coming to the capital. It was simply a ploy to keep Ukrainian troops from the Dombass region while he cleared out major points of concern freeing citizens from 8 years of oppression and murder.

Virtually every claim of the types of shelling blamed on Russia has been debunked. But most won't know this because that information is suppressed. These claims have even slowly been debunked by some western medias over time with no where near the highlight as when they were made though to reach critical thought. They're mentioned lightly with more massive fake news to blur it out. This article is an example of both. Reality will tell you how Ukraine actually does this shelling as they withdraw from areas in retreat. Every accusation the writers placed on Russia above, including using citizens as human shields, has been a primary tactic of the Ukraine army, especially with their fascist elements.

Don't believe me? Watch the proof in the video. See how the fascist went into Mariupol in 2014 firing on civilians. They attacked the police station. Once they took control of the city they forced the citizens into their homes and basements of the homes they took over. Basements of infrastructure and then turned them into combat positions waiting for the war. The citizens spent 8 years under starving conditions and risked being shot if they went out for food or water. This scene played out throughout both regions for 8 years with mass graves being uncovered that the western governments keep suppressed from the world citizenship to know about. Then when they were confronted they turned their weapons on the homes and infrastructure they had people trapped in.

Mariupol: A Homecoming---Looking back at the origins of the battle []

Donbass: Battle of Debaltsevo----Defending the strategic point []

The operations conducted by Russia is going to great lengths to avoid as much civilian casualties as possible. Another misconception our medias use. It isn't just Russian troops freeing these populations. It's a united front from local militia who wouldn't kill their own citizens on purpose, troops from the Chechen Republic, and foreign volunteers. They're taking a fair degree of casualties of their own doing it this way. But turning it into another Iraq or Syria isn't how Putin works.

While you're on, or when you have time, I highly suggest you find the documentaries based on the Chechen and foreign volunteers involvement in this operation. The Chechen Republic know all to well about fascism as NATO bombed their region killing 300,000 people in the 90s. They have no intentions of allowing this "scum" near their Republic again for their children to deal with down the road.

You can go on to read the rest of this obvious biased bullshit, or learn more of a reality in the videos. Feel free to compare though like someone genuinely concerned should do to be properly informed and recognize the difference between negative and positive propaganda.

William_Mary 8 July 10
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The tide is slowly turning - Obama gone, Trump gone, Biden going, Johnstone going, Morrison & Abbott gone in Australia, Shinzo Abe's assassination has not stopped his political party yet. Putin decrying his assassination was disturbing. Murdoch dying would be very useful though his heir & lackeys still exist.

FrayedBear Level 9 July 11, 2022

a tiny % of ppl have some understanding of what actually led up to this situation.
the rest or either completely brainwashed or just too mentally lazy to check other news sources & make an informed decision.

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