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Serbia: Signs of War----The stark future of the Kosovo conflict

This is the trailer I'm posting so you can observe that tensions are heating up in the region again. This documentary isn't available on line but can be viewed on RT's live stream. You can add their free app to your TV or any device. I highly suggest doing so to get an amazing view of world events that can't be found within our controlled medias. Much of what our medias aren't allowed to show or tell you, people who they wouldn't dare put on their shows, can be found on RT International news reports and their documentaries.

I assure you that if you're someone that genuinely wants to know and observe the world and information you're missing out on, you're first experience of watching RT International will be hard to stop watching. The best experience is for smart TV's that you can put the free app on. I dare you to compare the news programs to our medias that come at the top of most hours. It's virtually a different reality. Especially if you're one that leans left, a progressive, or democratic socialist, this is the place for you. If you're a republican, you get to observe a better side of why we are the above. A wider range of information to challenge your views.


The Kosovo conflict has fueled up again. The recent turmoil in the contested region began after plans were announced to ban Serbian license plates and introduce permits for Serbs entering the Kosovo region. Recently, both Kosovo and Serbia came to an agreement to postpone this law on the mutual non-recognition of Serbian and Kosovo ID cards and license plates until September 1. It did help to smooth over the acute phase of the conflict, but it didn’t solve the core problems between Serbia and the contested region.

“Kosovo is a southern Serbian province currently occupied by NATO forces that are turning it into an artificial, criminalized state,” says Feɗa Dimović, lead singer of Beogradski Sindikat

A growing number of people in Belgrade believe that the Serbian leadership has been slow to act. That it is time to solve the Kosovo issue in the same way that Russia returned Crimea; that the region must be brought back home.

What is life like for Serbians in Kosovo? What is the job of the People’s Patrol Movement? Is there a way to end the conflict peacefully? Find the answers in our new film.

The Kosovo Exodus---Kosovo migrants look for a better life in Europe

This is the write in for the one that will be airing on RT International.

Following NATO intervention in the bloody Serbian conflict of 1999, the Republic of Kosovo achieved independence. The new country failed to restore its economy and build the proud and prosperous nation that Kosovars had dreamed of. 15 years after, when Serbia reduced border controls, an unprecedented illegal migration from Kosovo began, they call it the “Exodus”.

Using Serbia as a corridor into the EU through Hungary, thousands of migrants hoped for a new start but found themselves thwarted at every turn. The dream of a new life has become impossible for most; their hopes dashed, they are eventually deported and forced back to economic uncertainty.

This is the reoccurring scenario of the republics that fell victim to being forced into NATO and or occupied by NATO. Beginning with coulor revolutions to over throw governments friendly to Russia leading to terrorizing bombing campaigns killing thousands to 10's of thousands. Puppet governments installed betray the citizenship and open up the country to vulture capitalism and the World Banks and IMF. Austerity measures are place on the citizenship diminishing any resemblance of a socialized structure there might have been. When the country can't pay back the debts to those banks austerity measures increase.

This creates the migrations of people out of the country to go with the initial migration that came with the bombings to drive people out. A large factor harming these countries is the youth that leave during these migrations. Most don't return. Few find better lives abroad while most end up taking jobs of low wages in other countries and often treated like shit, living in shit conditions. Many from Ukraine are finding this out in th EU and especially Poland today. Unless they're in a circle of VIP from their country, they're most likely looking at a hard struggle ahead of them.

The EU and US, or any collaborate puppet government around the world, don't give a rats ass about the people in these countries. They didn't during WWll and they don't today. It's all about resources and geopolitical strategy to engulf Russia within a annihilation of. In regards to Poland, some of the people there aren't so forgiving to Ukraine for the crimes the various dog hoards of Stepan Bandera committed on their people during WWll as their government has been forced to over look for NATO agendas. The citizens of Ukraine were and are being betrayed by their own government and the entire world abroad due to indoctrination and narrative changing of history. This war provided an easy means for the fascist running the country and those who support it to get rid of any western citizens who opposed their authoritarian rule. It highly diminishes any attempts for future protest of opposition to the government for the world to witness another killing spree that went on in 2014. While they attempt to continue with their genocide campaign in the east and south Donbass regions. Which they're getting their asses kicked badly.

William_Mary 8 Sep 3
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