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Texas has openly called for it on multiple occasions. Most southern states, if not all, have it in mind continuously. And they're currently working on it, seemingly successfully. And most of us are enabling it with our silence and or ignorance of it's existence in regards to the measures being used to achieve it. Not just the secession they seek, but the splitting of our nation for an ideology made for the few. And the citizens who highly support this do so without recognizing it only benefits the very few people who are manipulating them.

It's time to get rid of wokism, cancel culture, and all these things killing America?

It's essentially the same as ---- don't tread on me. While attempting to tread on other ideologies. Common sense of advancement in a diverse world is put on check towards nonexistence to keep centuries of failed white European fascism alive. Should we just go back to the social structure of Kings and Queens also? Hell, at least it would get rid of all the corporations running and ruining the world today?

I brought this voting law in Georgia to the forefront a number of years ago. Before Georgia even became a thing in 2018, as I've been following Palast investigations on it for years. Approximately 22 republican controlled states use this method of voter suppression. Which ties to the Trump conspiracy of 2020. Trump was/is partially right. Only he isn't right either. Election tampering is indeed a problem. Not only is it a problem, but it shows how our elections are a total scam on various fronts.

Trump wasn't really pissed about a fraudulent election, he was pissed because Kemp and the guy that came after Kemp, Kemp who used this method to beat Stacy Abrams for governorship in 2018, didn't manage to illegally erase enough voters from the voting list to insure his winning of the state in 2020.

{Between 2012 and 2018, Kemp's office canceled over 1.4 million voter registrations, with nearly 700,000 cancellations in 2017 alone.[55] On a single night in July 2017, half a million voters had their registrations canceled.} Interstate Cross Checking method. More on that in her profile here>>> []

So why do I claim the entire election process is a total scam? Well Trump merely used the context to fit his conspiracy. Along with Georgia law makers and representatives. The media doesn't expose the existence of the underlining context. The democratic party doesn't mention it either!?! Palast covered the 2018 cycle supporting Abrams with investigating the numbers illegally erased from the voting list. As you can see in the link above or on his site and this video. Today Abrams is virtually silent on the issue after Biden and the media propelled her to a sense of short fame afterwards. In other words. She was forced into silence on the matter. The corporate media and MSM are collaborate with voter suppression. The voting system, democracy, is entirely compromised and controlled within various aspects to assure it benefits only the ruling class. They own our politicians, the media, and us in this regard.

In 2016 the democratic party, DNC, and Clinton proved they use various types of voter suppression also, to control who remains in power also. Caucuses were all in a state of chaos. Sanders people were kept from closed doors meetings. Voters were sent away with ballots that wouldn't be counted. Independent California voters were intentionally mislead on how to obtain the correct ballot to vote from by the 100's of thousands. California had millions of votes uncounted. Multiple states filed law suits of that nature. Voter suppression in regards to voter party affiliation of people being changed or erased from the list. Both parties share the same agenda. Anything works as long as the representation has the makeup of serving the ruling class.

They don't care who is in office as long as this agenda survives. So any talk you hear in the media is nothing but pure hyperbole gas lighting manipulation, which ever side you're on, to deceive us into believing the system works or can work. That they're taking steps to insure your voting rights are of concern is a facade. They will manage to keep the country moving to the right for the benefit of the fascist nature it has always been, as it has began to staunchly do so since 2016, and especially since they gas lit the war in Ukraine.

Follow the money and groups behind some of the republican tactics to suppress voters. The question is, what type of person are you? Don't be fooled by our democratic representatives, they're every bit of the type of people you'll witness in this video with their silences. Within the same nature they've committed similar crimes on humanity around the globe serving the same agendas. This is currently spreading across our nation. With Florida and Texas in the news this year consistently. Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Have to do something is correct! Their something is moving us backwards though.


Investigative reporter Greg Palast busts the most brazen, racist attack on voting rights yet — engineered by Georgia’s Brian Kemp to ensure victory in his rematch with Stacey Abrams. You’ll meet Kemp’s army of vigilante vote challengers.

One dresses up like Old-West vigilante Doc Holliday with a loaded six-gun six shooter, one of a posse of right-wing operatives who have challenged over a quarter million voters.

Featuring LaTosha Brown, co-founder of Black Voters Matter… and a host of Confederate 're-enactors' waiting for the next insurrection.

The film exposes the secret source of Brian Kemp’s ancestral wealth and power. A hidden history of privilege and political fixes — including his family's dark past of exploitation.

It’s not a story of Democrat versus Republican, but history versus smothered truth.

A film produced by Academy Award winner Maria Florio with Executive Producers Martin Sheen, George DiCaprio and Stephen Nemeth.


William_Mary 8 Nov 5
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Excellent post.

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