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Researchers Find Massive Anti-Russian ‘Bot Army’

An Australian university has unearthed millions of Tweets by fake accounts pushing disinformation on the Ukraine war, Peter Cronau reports. The sample size dwarfs other studies of covert propaganda about the war on social media.

A team of researchers at the University of Adelaide have found that as many as 80 percent of tweets about the 2022 Russia-Ukraine invasion in its early weeks were part of a covert propaganda campaign originating from automated fake “bot” accounts.

An anti-Russia propaganda campaign originating from a “bot army” of phony automated Twitter accounts flooded the internet at the start of the war.

The research shows that of the more than 5 million tweets studied, 90.2 percent (both bot and non-bot) came from accounts that were pro-Ukraine, with fewer than 7 percent of the accounts being classed as pro-Russian.


In other words. An entirely new level of David Brock has been born. Paying people to get on social media, per post, to spread fake news and attack citizens with opposing ideology and comments against chosen political criminals was so successful that NGOs and think tanks now hire and fill entire rooms and or buildings with people who are willing to deceive their own for a small share of the billionaires put into controlling the world.

Right now you should be questioning why you haven't heard of this before. Since this "war began" independent sources have exposed the numerous means of how false propaganda has been at play in regards to the Ukraine issue. Who has been funding this propaganda in support for Ukraine which actually "began" in 2014. A lot of people often admit that one only needs to follow the money. But if your not properly following the money you're sure to be duped. And our MSCM and MSMs aren't going to properly lead you to the money if it goes against the establishment agenda. Universities are also often left out of the social media structure in regards to important discovery for the citizenship.

For example, the socialist economic Professor Richard Wolff who I've often used in post will never see the set of a MSCM TV program despite the number of US universities he's taught at. Peter Phillips who has exposed the workings of these types of groups that work for international ruling class. His debates at conferences and collages will never see air time either. You can only find his work at Democracy at Work and on Youtube. And people like them. They, like many other scholars, that provide information that questions the establishment going against western governments agendas and false narratives can also be found at another worthy source, RT International. Another example of how those who provide a critical view of needed intellectual knowledge are pushed to the margins of society to keep us indoctrinated and engulfed in a delusional reality.

While RT is on my mind. They have recently began opening up some new shows, some coming from Americans.

Christy Ai, use to co-host Boom Bust. {The Cost of Everything} has started another economic show. The Cost of Everything with Christy Ai breaks down the trends, products, technologies, and more to help you, the viewer, navigate in a financial world that’s growing ever more complicated.

Scottie Nell Hughes who use to have a show previously before RT was banned {The 360 View} From education to politics, trade, and more, Scottie breaks down global trends and helps you, the viewer, see how local issues affect the entire globe.

The Modus Operandi---Manila Chan dives deep into global foreign policy to examine the methods and history which reverberate in our lives today. MO examines the world at a historical turning point, as nations rise and challenge the unipolar world that has been dominant since the end of the cold war. Who will rise, who will fall, and how will an emerging global order operate? Find out on Modus Operandi with Manila Chan.

Last night I caught a show called Whistle Blowers hosted by John Kiriakou a former CIA agent. Not on the following page yet. One other which escapes my memory in regards to the name and context. These as before RT was banned are not shows based on supporting Russia by any means. They're purely informative content. If you find them negative as they challenge what you think you know, you just might be deep in a rabbit hole constructed mostly of false indoctrination. If it hurts to apply critical thought to the content, you're either to deep in the hole to be rescued or lack the intelligence to think for yourselves. So anyone who wants to spew the RT rhetoric, you know who you are, spare us who have the intellect to want to educate ourselves. We'll just ignore you anyways. []

{Reports on the new research have appeared in only a few independent media sites, and on Russia’s RT. The ground-breaking study exposing a massive anti-Russia social media disinformation campaign has been effectively ignored by Western establishment media, showing how stories that don’t fit the desired pro-Western narrative are routinely buried.}

You know it happens within our party election cycles. We have years of evidence being recorded on this realm also. Why is it so hard for so many not to recognize that they're being duped into the same false pretenses? That they continue to refuse to use sources outside of establishment narrative programing. You can't get the change you want if you don't use the information that exposes their deceptions.

{The published data shows that in the first week of the Ukraine-Russia war there was a huge mass of pro-Ukrainian hashtag bot activity. Approximately 3.5 million tweets using the hashtag #IStandWithUkraine were sent by bots in that first week.}

I provided the information in post on how these groups were formed shortly after Feb. I provided documentaries exposing the funding groups and Soros as being the primary contributors in 2014. In one of those documentaries Robert Parry outlined exactly how they worked in the build up to the 2014 illegal overthrow of the then democratically elected government, along with how they've been working in other countries for decades. They have essentially taken over the past manipulations of a society that the CIA use to perform. Which now they are no longer able to be tied to the manipulation of a society and can work in the shadows with the violent groups and militaries that enviably set the course for regime changes.

Our MSMs then turn those false narratives loose on us in coverage to buy our compliance. They no longer do the ground work as the false information is fed to them from these various groups and fake news sources built by these funding manipulators. The Robert Parry's of investigative on ground coverage is a sham today. What few reporters they have "on the ground" sit in a hotel and get emailed the content from these manufactured sources to send back home. If you see them in Ukraine, supposedly on the war front, it's quite easy to find the means to manufacture information and people who will stick to the establishment narrative. And there's been plenty of evidence where people have admitted they were forced to lie, and reporters admitting their coverage was false. Journalist exposing these falsehoods are now on hit list of the Ukrainian secret service and government.

{They found the two main participating sides in the propaganda war have their own particular goals and style. “Russian social media pushes narratives around their motivation, and Ukrainian social media aims to foster and maintain external support from Western countries, as well as promote their military efforts while undermining the perception of the Russian military.”}

In other words. Ukraine's agenda is to invalidate the genocidal campaign that has been raging since 2014 unchecked by western governments and the UN and Russia's security, while conning the societies of the west into a compliance towards funding and supporting this organized crime.

{While the research findings concentrated on automated Twitter bots, there were also findings on the use of hashtags by non-bot tweeters. They found significant information flows from non-bot pro-Russian accounts, but no significant flows from non-bot pro-Ukraine accounts.}

Do I need to spell that one out for you? High fives to all those who are reading this and applied critical intellect to the discussions! Thank you for the help!!! Even if we get one person to wake the hell up it's worth it!!!

{The U.S. has invested $40 million since 2017 in helping Ukraine buttress its information technology sector. According to U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, the investments have helped Ukrainians “keep their internet on and information flowing, even in the midst of a brutal Russian invasion.”}

In other words. More evidence that both the physical and information war were being prepared years ahead of time. I'll argue that that places the brutality on the other side. The brutality the Donbass regions went through for 8 years. The brutality the entire Ukraine society is suffering under fascist. The brutality that Europe and Africa are facing economically. The brutality many in the US are feeling which more will face shortly.

Wars & Lies in Our Pockets

William_Mary 8 Nov 13
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Since American government made it okay to invade a sovereign nation on a lie why is anyone surprised.
Putin does not want any sort of government like a democracy. America is under control of the military industrial complex and most of the elected officials are just fighting for control of their little fiefdoms.
Personally I am against Russian taking over the Crimea and this invasion of Ukraine. I feel about putin the same way I feel about trump - I loath them both.
Now, how do ordinary people fight this system?

Humans are the most dangerous animals on this planet. Wildlife hunts for food, not for resources and geopolitical strategy to ensure dominance. Certain wildlife hunt for meat leaving other wildlife open as prey and little to no ability to defend themselves. They're forced into an existence that works against them.

I'll argue that certain countries have been forced to exist in a system (capitalist) that a certain dominant group of countries use against them, leaving them open as prey. These countries have resources the dominant group need to keep their system beneficial for the top tier of its managers. Their governments and citizens become open as prey. The dominant group is essentially responsible for the vast majority of death and destruction of the human race and their societies in regards to the 20th century and ongoing.

Consider that virtually every country today which wishes not to participate in such a system and stands against this dominant group has killing sanctions placed on them, preventing them from various means to defend their citizens and security, and or are being manipulated to some regards to prevent this natural instinct. Whether it be manipulation, sanctions, or the force of a world currency system, certain countries are forced into participation within a system that works against them.

China, Venezuela, Russia, and Africa are 4 of the most vulnerable prey being targeted by these dominant groups. Along with many Asian and Latin American countries following behind. They've been forced into a system that is constantly working against them while some have been sanctioned out of participation. However, these animals have the means to defend themselves in a sense of survival mode.

I have to condone a country who is forced to use the system being forced on them when applied in defense. They didn't write the rules. They have every right to defend themselves. And when neighboring territories who fear the wrath of the dominant group have a desire to be defended, they also have rights.

That's how ordinary citizens fight this system. They unite behind those who are most vulnerable and under attack from it. For what ever reason you dislike Putin, he's currently the one who has been forced into challenging this system. While a number of the major countries have refused to join the dominant group targeting him, Crimea, and the Donbass regions he's defending. Putin has gone through a couple of Q&A sessions, appeared at a couple of world conferences, and the signing in of the Donbass regions where he gave some very good speeches in regards to the current direction of world politics. Everyone should make it a point to hear them before judging him!

A large part of the citizens in Europe aren't blaming Putin for their current economic struggles. They're blaming their governments and their funding and support of fascism in Ukraine. And they're out protesting in the 10's of thousands in virtually every country, often. Which got no coverage here in the US at election time which should have been the top concerning issue. You can thank our MSMs for keeping that out of the election cycle. What did they feed us though? Another election cycle with a ton of free Trump air time and those who support his type of policies. What they also didn't reveal was the real underlining ways elections are fraudulent. That's manipulation of a society to control what our concerns are. While they already have the blue prints to build.

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