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Cop City Kills Before It Opens

What could possibly go wrong with a $90 million, 85-acre police training ground that the community doesn't want? Someone could be killed, and that happened before Atlanta's awful Cop City project has even been built.


{ Mayor Andre Dickens channeled the segregationists of old when he said, "It should be noted that these individuals were not Atlanta or Georgia residents. Most of them traveled into our city to wreak havoc." The representatives of the Black Mecca have resurrected the old “outside agitator” trope.}

How fitting is it when this becomes an argument against righteous peaceful protest opposing genuine concerns, but is never a worthy consideration to confront when far right nationalist and fascist commit the same movements across our country leading to social chaos and violence on our streets. Which just happens to happen after a questionable killing by cops or unjust moves by some entity of the establishment support system. It doesn't take rocket science to recognize the direction of biasness within the manor order is based on. If you're ever worried about authoritarian rule, look no further than in your own country. It's on the same path as controlled information, democracy, and rights. If you have a clear sense of mental sight, the path is extraordinary wide enough to recognize it.

{Obviously Cop City should be opposed, but so should corporate control over our lives, and treacherous Black faces in high places. There will surely be more killings if Cop City becomes a reality.}

In other words. What are they potentially gearing up for? A resistance when people finally wake up to the scam the Ukraine war is. As families put that together and finally come to terms of how their loved one's have been sent off to wars for 20 years for the mere benefit of the military industrial complex and corporations. Ok, I get it! The entire 20th century, and century's before, have all been a measure of delusional realities where all have been exploited to benefit a few. Let us let that go. I get it. But the entire 21st century as been nothing but one blatant lie after another geared towards geopolitical dominance at the sacrifice of our families, our societies economically, freedom and democracy which has always been a farce, obviously growing worse now by the month. There's constantly something in even the MSCM about how rights are being challenged. It isn't even subtle anymore. In the US anyways. Europe citizenship on the other hand is abuzz with protest and concern. The US and Canada. Crickets.

Ukraine is on the market now. It's essentially on a platter for sell. Despite their presidents recent statements, their farm lands have been bought out for some time. Quite frankly, it seems Europe is also. Who's next? Hey Canada. Feel free to step forward. You go first. Maybe America will wake up when our neighbor goos down.

I'll repeat this again. The primary reason I put so much time in the Ukraine issue, is because within it, it holds every aspect of what is wrong with western governments and the capitalist system. If you apply critical thought to this all the pieces fall together. The post I made earlier where Ben Norton mentioned BlackRock, it was also a primary mention in the Abby Martin discussion with Peter Phillips. Giants--Who Really Rule the World. A detailed conversation on how capitalism works against the world society. Capitalism always needs to find a means to turn their investments into more money. When the system is depleted of means it reverts to privatization of various social aspects, and broadening foreign interferences and wars as the most essential means.

Capitalism is today facing world backlash and losing its control over the world monetary system. Country's are tired of being bullied. Latin America is slowly reverting back to socialist country's on a Marxist scale and wanting to partner with BRICS. African country's are following suit and are voicing out against NATO country's wanting them out. Their support of inflaming terrorist groups which help provide the constant chaos within their country's and sanctions from receiving help from Russia are devastating. Western governments want to do the same thing to African country's that are being done to Ukraine today and they know this. The same thing they did to ruin Latin American country's. They're currently being suppressed from extracting their resources to benefit fully from and attempts to go green. They seen what western governments did to Ukraine as it is now selling itself off to the ruling class knowing it would be a death sentence to its populations in the billions. It would be madness with all the wealth these country's hold to turn it over to the vulture system of capitalism.

The Ukrainian Solidarity Network: The Highest Stage of White Western Social Imperialism

One of the most positive things to emerge from the Collective West's war in Ukraine is that it helped to expose elements of the U.S. left that have always had a soft, sentimental spot for the West. The arrogance of these Westerners who signed on to this call for more war (see below) is reflected in the fact that they don't even feel compelled to explain how their morally superior commitment to Ukrainian self-determination against "Putin's" war is reconciled with the various statements from former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former French President Francois Hollande and before them, former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko revealing that the Minsk agreement was just a delaying tactic to prepare for war.


{We ask the Network as we have been asking Zelensky and Biden, the co-coordinators of the White Lives Matter More Movement, how this phase of the conflict that started in 2014 became Putin’s war? Do we just dismiss as Kremlin propaganda that the Russian Federation felt threatened by what appeared to be the de-facto incorporation of Ukraine into NATO as the Ukrainian army was built into the most formidable fighting force in Europe outside of Russia?

Did the Russians not have any legitimate security concerns with NATO missiles facing them from Romania and Poland, a mere six minutes away from Moscow, and that Ukraine was also making a pitch for “defensive” missiles in Ukraine? And how does the Network characterize the conflict in Eastern Ukraine that started in 2014 and produced over 14,000 deaths when the Ukrainian coup government attacked its own citizens, if the current conflict started in February 2022? What happened to the fascist issue in Ukraine that was written about for years but with even more urgency after the coup in 2014? Did the Kremlin plant those stories in the Western press?

We understand that these are questions that the organizers of the Ukrainian Network will never answer because they do not have to. As Westerners they can just postulate an assertion and it is accepted. The Network and the Western bourgeoisie declare that the war in Ukraine is Putin’s war and it becomes objective truth - because that is what the West can do and can get away with. It’s called power – white power perhaps?}

You started in Feb of 2022? You missed 8 years of coverage that was being suppressed by western medias. For 8 years fascist dug in, in multiple primary positions while western governments goaded Russia into an inevitable decision. 8 years the citizens of the Donbass regions were left alone and forced to succumb to Kiev fascist forces while they militarized their homes, villages, towns, and cities. Forced into the basements of their homes or of various large structures, living through cold winters with little food or water. Shot at by snipers if they dared to go out to find food and water. Homes and outer laying areas booby-trapped, infrastructure destroyed. Their shops and homes plundered. Their only hope laid in militia largely made up of their citizenship, any remaining service members of local national guard and police, and those of the Kiev government who came home to try and defend them. I doubt there are many reading this that could possibly understand what 8 years of this could be like. All while a genocide campaign is being waged around you also. Because of their ethnicity, language, and or religion. Man, woman, child, it didn't matter. They aren't even considered to be human.

Are you the enemy?

{The position of support for more war guided by the white-boy fantasy of military victory in Ukraine is madness. For Africans/Black folks, we ask, what self-respecting African would consciously place themselves on the same side with NATO, Europe, and the U.S. settler-state in any conflict? The fact that some continue to end up on the same side with our enemies only affirms that they have made a choice, and that choice is to collaborate with our enemies – which sadly, also makes them the enemy.}

William_Mary 8 Jan 26
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