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East Palestine, Ohio and the Oligarchy

The U.S. is an oligarchy. Stating this fact explains events that may seem mysterious if this simple truth is not spelled out. The ruling class are fully in control and ensure that their needs are met. They disregard the public good and any claims of democracy are easily exposed as a cruel hoax. Americans have no representation in congress or the white house and the corporate media are also part of the oligarchic class. They expose nothing that their partners in crime want to hide. Governmental action and inaction if the wake of a freight train derailment exemplify all of these dynamics.


I often attempt to make a differential remark about the type of society we live within here in the US. If someone claims we live within a democracy, there's usually someone that bellows out we live within a republic. It's a ludicrous statement. To be a republic you have to be a democracy. As it's defined anyways. It goes hand in hand. []

Now throw in the term sortition. This in itself limits a democracy by minimizing party formation, forcing outlying ideologies from forming their own party. As it's defined anyways. We end up with 2 establishment controlled party's who dictate over all political ideologies eradicating a sincere democracy entrapping the society within a given agenda. And it isn't the agenda of most of the citizenship.

Our politicians are bought by corporations and the ruling elite. Outside international ruling class also manage to pay to play within our political arena. They are funded to a point that they are essentially guaranteed to be elected and re-elected through various deceiving ways. Both party's use means to tamper with election cycles. Neither genuinely expose the others means to the public. The US as a republic and or democracy is a fallacy. It's a collaborate scheme between both party's and the MSCMs that are owned by the ruling class.

We live within a ruling class-corporate-state ran communist society. In which socialism is used against us to vastly benefit a low percentage of people. Where 3 of the most wealthy people own more than 90% of the population. A figure I heard just recently which has changed since covid. The figures differentiate depending on the sources and year of the reports. We probably rarely hear the names of these 3 people. A ridiculous few corporations own everything we purchase. They are intertwined together like roots of a small compacted batch of trees. Our politicians and medias are the fertilizer of this batch of trees. We are the water being used to benefit them while being oppressed. BlackRock is currently seen as the biggest beneficiary of this conglomerate. They've been an occasional mention in my post that few people really take to mind which leads to understanding the essential construct of our society and those outside of ours. []

The opening statement above is highly relevant to the Ukraine war also! It has been highly relevant to the past 20 years.

{When railroad unions rejected a contract that didn’t include paid sick leave provisions the Biden administration forbade them to strike. There was a phony show among “progressives” about having made a good deal but they were lying. Barack Obama excluded the railroads from a requirement that federal contractors provide paid sick leave. Biden could have issued an executive order changing that policy. But he had no intention of doing anything that might upset the oligarchs, and the Democratic Party succeeded in presenting a false narrative.

Pete Buttigieg is Secretary of the Department of Transportation (DOT), and is responsible for overseeing railroad safety. But he has made it clear that he follows his boss’s dictate to change nothing that would upset their oligarchic bosses.

It took Buttigieg three weeks to show up in East Palestine and he only did so after Donald Trump visited. The town residents may have been better off without him. When he arrived he whined about railroad companies, “fighting us every time we try to do a regulation.” It is hard to believe that Buttigieg makes any effort to fight back when corporate chieftains tell him what to do.}

{When he arrived he whined about railroad companies, “fighting us every time we try to do a regulation.”}

What more of an indication does one need to know where the line is drawn in regards to priority?

{The duopoly worked together to cover up their mess. Ohio’s republican governor Mike DeWine and Biden’s EPA Administrator Michael Regan took a page out of Barack Obama’s Flint, Michigan book by dramatically drinking East Palestine water . Fortunately the U.S. still has plenty of lawyers, and one of many lawsuits filed in recent days specifically names the stunt as having made a “mockery of Ohio citizens.”}

In other words. Foresight has been sacrificed by ignoring hindsight. Water that might not be contaminated yet can't possibly become contaminated in the future as nature runs its course? These 2 will move on while residents live a life time as contaminants filter through the natural habitat and systems. Flint still hasn't been properly addressed after all these years either. These situations have been popping up regularly over the years and as with Flint, quickly go silent. Foresight has been sacrificed by ignoring hindsight. Is there a railroad in your community? Hindsight? Get your cameras out?

{Next year in 2024 the people will be subjected to the quadrennial political hoax, i.e., a presidential election. Let’s tell the truth before the theater begins anew. The power doesn’t rest with the presidency. It rests with the people who do the presidential hiring, and they don’t care about railroad workers or any other workers or people who have hazardous chemicals traveling through their communities. Should an accident happen, their hirelings will just drink water for the camera.}

William_Mary 8 Mar 5
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