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Eight Contradictions of Imperialist ‘Rules-Based Order’

The neoliberal system is deteriorating under the weight of numerous internal contradictions, historical injustices and lack of economic viability, writes Vijay Prashad.

We are now entering a qualitatively new phase of world history. Significant global changes have emerged in the years since the Great Financial Crisis of 2008. This can be seen in a new phase of imperialism and changes in the particularities of eight contradictions.


2 banks collapsed yesterday sending the market into panic mode. [] Another effect of raising interest rates. The rise of interest rates has effected basically every aspect of our US society negatively. And again there's no reason not to think it wasn't another purposeful agenda. Especially when one of those banks deals within the cryptocurrency industry. The other in the tech industry which was already losing ground in regards to layoffs. With a significant amount of accounts outside of providing federal insurance a degree of members have the potential to lose much. {It added that it may pay a dividend to uninsured depositors as it sells the assets of SVB}

Take to mind the initial article was released the same morning as the collapse. Which means it underscores the context of 2008.

The contradiction between moribund imperialism and an emerging successful socialism led by China.

{This contradiction has intensified because of the peaceful rise of socialism with Chinese characteristics. For the first time in 500 years, the Atlantic imperialist powers are confronted by a large, non-white economic power that can compete with them. This became clear in 2013 when China’s GDP in purchasing power parity (PPP) overtook that of the United States. China accomplished this in a much shorter period than the West, with a significantly larger population and without colonies, enslaving others or military conquest. Whilst China stands for peaceful relations, the U.S. has become increasingly bellicose.}

I would also essentially add Russia to that context. Russia has been spending the last 20 years, at least, helping nations under attack by western governments in essentially every aspect of a society being attacked by the imperialistic west. As has China. If only the imperialistic sanctions were removed, those nations could be even more well off. Also in regards to restoring their ability to transfer funds with other nations, and the return of money and gold stolen from them from western banks.

{The growth of the U.S.’s GDP has also been declining for more than five decades and has now fallen to only around 2 percent per year. It has no large new markets in which to expand. The West suffers from an ongoing general crisis of capitalism as well as the consequences of the long-term tendency of the rate of profit to decline.}

I have boasted on here on occasion of Mary's company being one of the best I know of in regards to having a diverse employee structure, first to go to $15 an hour, and great benefits. However, going on 2 years now they have been slowly reducing employment and eradicating their US employees for cheaper workers in India. Seemingly with the ability to highly cut cost with more working from home, they can do it from another country even cheaper also. The only thing that might help Mary to keep her job is the fact that she has always been a worker who has been constantly at the top of the list in regards to productiveness compared to her co-workers. No matter what department she has been a part of. But this is the going nature we're facing in the US today.

Reports this week were of the average age of workers in India compared to China. India 28 to China's 38. Their populations basically mirror each other at approximately 1.4 billion people. The US might manage to get European jobs here for now as they're managing to destroy their economies. But how long before they then move to India also? With that said. The German companies looking to come to the US might just be having second thoughts after yesterdays news. The collapse of SVB Financial Group might have been highly correlated to that.

I'll let you go on to read the rest of the contradictions. Feel free to post any questions in regards and I'll be happy to reiterate some of my past comments that align with previous post. Much of what is mentioned is correlated to those post.

William_Mary 8 Mar 11
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