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China's 12-Point Peace Plan Is As Much About Ending Aggression Toward China As It Is About Ending The War In Ukraine

China laid out 12 principles which could be a means of ending the conflict in Ukraine. The principles are based in international law and the belief in peaceful co-existence among nations, which means they are a non-starter for the U.S.


{This legislative history matters because despite what current US and western media outlets claim today, the fascist element in Ukraine was a widely known and troubling aspect of the geopolitical reality of the country at the time Conyers introduced his amendment.

Although the US Congress finally publicly denounced the Azov Battalion in March 2018, making a show of banning the U.S. government from providing any “arms, training or other assistance” to its fighters, there have been and are no mechanisms in place to enforce that policy now that the fascists have been incorporated into the Ukrainian National Guard, the Kyiv army that is receiving billions of dollars of US funds and military aid.

And despite the current confused discourse among some factions of the US left, there did seem to be a time that even those who now claim we must align with right-wing elements to end the war in Ukraine acknowledged the prevalence and the danger of these Ukrainian fascists. **These are the same fascists that US white supremacist murderers like Dylan Roof were communicating with on Facebook, who some of the organizers for Charlottesville’s deadly Unite the Right Rally said they were inspired by, and who many US white supremacists traveled to Ukraine to join in the brutal ethnic cleansing campaign against ethnic Russians that began in 2014.

Ukraine has long been documented as one of the training grounds for global white supremacist and fascist forces.** In light of this, the expulsion of these fascists from a Ukraine that must also be militarily neutral must be an aspect of negotiations for peace.

While some people would not want to give any credence to Russia’s pronouncements of “de-Nazifying Ukraine,” the fact is that neo-Nazis have become the problem that US officials feared they would be, and they have become so because those same US officials ignored them and then armed them for their own cynical geopolitical wargame to weaken Russia. But certainly, for the people in the Donbas, Luhansk, and Crimean regions of Ukraine, the removal from the country of the fascist forces that carried out an eight year campaign of Russophobic terrorism against them would finally give credence to their security concerns and their right to self-determination. Something that those on the US left who are calling for solidarity with and reparations for the regime in Ukraine that has been propelled into this war against Russia by these fascist forces are completely ignoring is the struggle for the ethnic Russian Ukrainians in the east of the country and their right to self-determination and sovereignty since 2014.

We will no longer abide ignoring this aspect of this war because, as the late Rep. John Conyers said, “These groups will not lay down their arms once the conflict is over.” They certainly will not. They and the global fascist forces they have trained will turn their arms on us and are already trying. We recently learned of connections that a group of US white supremacists that were planning violence in Baltimore, Maryland had with the Azov Battalion. Although the US media ignored this connection in their reporting, we cannot afford to and will not be silent on the present and growing danger that coddling right-wing forces pose to our lives.}

The strike through is a link within the article to an RT article in regards to the Maryland arrest. In that article is another link to the US Department of Justice release in regards to --- (Maryland Woman and Florida Man Charged Federally for Conspiring to Destroy Energy Facilities)

In the past recent weeks I have attempted to draw attention to these people operating within our country. The support they're getting from our government. The history of them being here since WWll at the hands of the CIA. Breaking into our government and judicial structures at the hands of Reagan. The intensity of their growth since Trump was allowed to be empowered. 2 rallies in DC recently that were highly tied to fascist groups and foundations. 1 of which was organized by our own Nuland replacement who currently serves as our Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Karen Donfried. It shouldn't need to be said that the trajectory of our government to openly manifest a sense of comfortability for these peoples ideologies and actions as acceptable and worthy of glorification. It can only be done so by the continued suppression of the reality behind them.

This is another perfect example of why RT is so highly suppressed and targeted as "propaganda". In which in their article you'll find a vast amount of knowledge behind these 2 people and other information relevant to the Ukraine issue our government and media will not expose. They want you ignorant and as easy prey. We are in a sense merely prey to them.

William_Mary 8 Mar 12
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