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Eleven Minutes of Media Falsehoods, Just On One Subject, Just On One Station

This special report hoped to make a list of all the editors' notes and retractions that would be needed because of the #TwitterFiles. The problem turned out to be too big to count


{This is part of the new media strategy in the Censorship-Industrial Complex age: in addition to downgrading and deamplifying dissent, fringe political ideas, controversial takes, offensive speech, and, yes, even true errors and foreign propaganda, the CIC softens up audiences to accept certain ideas through sheer, unrelenting repetition. You’re not hearing one or two stories about Russian bots or evil anti-vaxxers or even the treachery of Jill Stein and the Green Party, you’re hearing hundreds just on one channel, and God knows how many more in other outlets and via social media. One’s defenses wear down after a while, and there’s a natural instinct to grow afraid of suggesting the opposite around friends after a while.}

And Fox was worried about Tucker Carlson!?! Granted, he had his flaws. But he served his purpose helping to manipulate their followers. And at the tune of losing 500 million in stock!?! After forking out $787.5 million to Dominion Voting Systems!?! I'd love to see a law suit against MSNBC for all the lies committed by just Rachel Maddow that she has spewed since 2016. Reverberated by all the prime time shows, MSNBC would go under.

The above highlighted part is what makes the comments I get about RT being Russian propaganda so highly ludicrous. It simply explains to those of us who understand the process of information delivery correctly how a comment of such indicates who's blissfully indoctrinated into a delusional reality. Who actually isn't capable of thinking for themselves.

William_Mary 8 Apr 26
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Lots of people cannot think for themselves. Rachel Maddow cites facts that can be viewed independently for anyone who wants to check them. As for RT it is the Russian CNN counterpart and used to be balanced.

DenoPenno Level 9 Apr 26, 2023

"Rachel Maddow cites facts that can be viewed independently for anyone who wants to check them."

They have been checked by many. And her list of mis and disinformation statements are longer than any criminal record known. For me to go any further than to say she's has you totally fooled would entail me to becoming rude. Obviously you didn't watch the video that correlates to the repetitive tactics of so many like her and MSNBC. CNN included. Which also indicates you're probably not observing other important sources that expose these indoctrinating tactics of fallacy. Making you a prime example of being incapable of producing an atmosphere to think for yourself. Rather you're allowing them to form your perception.

I bet you've probably never given RT much observation to be able to manage a genuine means to compare their news coverage to MSNBC or Maddow's. I imagine your statement about them comes purely from what you've only been told about RT. Which would mean you have absolutely no right to even mention RT in a negative way on a personal and factual basis.

@William_Mary OK. Maybe I should watch Fox News and Russia Today. Does that make sense or am I rude?

@DenoPenno in regards to Fox it would actually provide a means towards slipping out of the indoctrination you're stuck in from only observing one controlled narrative. While I also find Fox news to be a controlled narrative for the followers of the opposition of the left media and political structure, serving the right side of the 2 party establishment, they provide a collection of information that challenges the left media and left political arena that those who support the left should question and highly consider putting more thought into.

The problem however between left and right medias, main stream corporate medias, such as Fox and MSNBC, is that they are owned by wealthy ruling class entities in which the information they deliver serves the ruling class agendas. Which also correlates with the right and left politicians, also owned and controlled by them. So the information comes in half truths designed to keep a political divide among citizens. The followers of each are easily manipulated to trust only one side. If you're only observing one, that one will give you plenty of reasoning not to want to observe the other, or vote for the representation they serve. Within this atmosphere the ruling class wins no matter who represents us.

However, if you observe both with an open mind and fill in the pieces of what little factual information each provide, you begin to see the discrepancies leading towards asking more questions. They actually provide a sense of ratting each other out on a light basis while neither actually exposes all the crimes being committed by the other. Neither actually provides full exposure from their half truths and dis/misinformation coverages. And they are both full of mis/disinformation.

This begins to challenge one's compliant nature of trusting only one side. You now begin to want more information. The only place to get that information is from independent medias like I use. They tend to help fill in the gaps as they challenge both sides with more leads to follow and learn from.

It really only takes a matter of common sense, a fair degree of recollection of past history in regards to foreign and domestic politics, to where one should begin to find that what these MSMs are delivering is rather questionable and agenda driven. One should want to know how deep this runs. And it runs deep into all aspects of domestic and foreign issues. It's purely national and foreign strategy the ruling class need to keep control. We're all just puppets and we're not part of the group they're concerned about. We're all expendable.

In regards to RT. If you want to know what's really going on around the globe and interested in international opinions from various foreign view points, including American, RT International news provides a great opportunity to learn from. You'll learn more about the current issues, especially the Ukraine war, than both our MSCMs will provide. And they have some really good talk shows.

Is the RT International news geared towards Russian narratives and concerns? Of course it is in a sense. Russia has its right to have a say in world matters just as any nation does or person has the right to an opinion. It's merely another news source to take advantage of and learn from. And it's a hell of a lot less biased than our MSMs in regards to pushing agendas. But it exposes the western governments in regards to what they're doing worldwide to challenge what you think you know. And it isn't at all nice. If you want to really know of and see the transition the world is currently going through today, RT is the news program detailing it. You won't see it in such detail in our medias. Most Americans don't have a clue what's actually going on out there. DO you really want to be one of them while you're stuck on only one news source. Or do you have what it takes to actually be more informed?

I highly suggest you watch this entire discussion below! It informs you of how our news content is developed and why.

@William_Mary OK. I'm not into any of the distractions and I already watch news broadcasts from all over the world. I have no favorite news stations. Lots of people tell me they watch programs that I do but they are lying. Most of them have never even traveled outside of their own state let alone knowing how to receive and watch International news programs. If these International programs still have me pegged as someone who is stuck on one news source then we are all lost in a world of disinformation.

However, your Empire Files video is spot on and very informative. I will be looking for more of those on You Tube.

@DenoPenno if you truly find that discussion as "spot on" and "informative" as it's a high level of dissent against every feeling you have for Rachele Maddow, any aspect of MSNBC or any MSM for that matter, and the hegemony of the capitalist's western structure, both left and right, how do you fail to apply that to your comments and opinions? That being said. If you did, you and I would be essentially on the same page on nearly every aspect I post about in these groups.

You can't possibly find that discussion as such and have previously claimed Maddow speaks with any sense of factual nature when Phillips explains that 80% of the information for her show, and all MSCMs is developed by various public relation firms, think tanks, and NGOs that serve the capitalist agenda. Especially in regards to foreign policies. That trending news information essentially filters down to virtually all other MSMs to be repeated on a repetitive mode for indoctrination purposes. It indicates you're failing to comprehend any of the information from any angle.

Maddow lead one of, probably thee largest, dis/misinformation campaigns on TV news programs of history in regards to the false Russian narrative of interfering in the 2016 election cycle for those groups which Phillips correctly explained work for the ruling class. She blatantly lied for years with this false manufactured information for the ruling class agenda. Including all the false dis/misinformation on Trump that went with it. And despite all that having been debunked, today still casually reiterates it.

As Phillips mentioned Venezuela, her and these programs continuously do the same with other country's. They along with her have all been spreading dis/misinformation about the Ukraine war today. They have been for over a year now. After 8 years of avoiding to properly inform the US citizenship of how it progressed to what it is today. This same scenario played out going into Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya etc. It's also being used today in regards to China and Africa. Before the truth came out of each of these scenarios years later, these programs all engaged in large dis/misinformation campaigns to sell war to the vast amount of compliant US citizenship they managed to fool.

You didn't provide any sense of observing anything else. Your primary, only mention, was Maddow. Which leads to certain indications when you don't mention other sources after leading with what seemed to be a legitimate question on other sources and RT. I replied according to the information you delivered to me. Not knowing your sources, for all I know your international sources, according to your own opinions and comments on these forums, would indicate they also serve the agendas of the capitalist structure. Which would lead me to think they're working in collaboration and controlled by the same narratives from the same public relation firms, think tanks, and NGO's Maddow is controlled by. Your comments on these forums have absolutely no correlation of understanding to what Abby Martin and Phillips discussed. Or to lead me in a direction that you observe any news source that's outside of the capitalist box.

As especially Russia along with China are making large gains in uniting African nations in trade and de-dollarization. Combatting failed plundering western government agreements and the terrorism they've spread throughout Africa. The only thing western governments have provided for African nation's is terrorism, poverty, starvation, and war at high cost to them both monetarily and socially. If you had a genuinely reliable International source like RT who covers African affairs basically every day and night you would know the conditions there and other foreign opinionated commentary from various scholars and political analysis worldwide.

Those who produce from my sources will never find time on those programs because they challenge those programs information. While my sources are essentially always ignored or denied when they offer to have any who report the controlled capitalist structure narrative. Just as Phillips stated that his book would never find any airtime in the media. If it did it would be negative, and full of false accusations to thwart anyone from buying it. And they would do that without having him on so that he couldn't have the opportunity to challenge their false accusations.

Since you seem to be a MSNBC watcher. What has happened to host in the past who go off script of the capitalist structure, or any guest that they may have speaking against? They're eradicated like weeds and tossed aside. Such as Cenk Uygur, Ed Schultz and a long list of other host to questionable reasoning after they've been fired.

Many people travel abroad. In case you didn't know, most of that is also controlled. In many places wondering outside of the controlled zones where one has been assigned during vacation visit can lead to horrible consequences. What you hear about in Mexico goes on in many places not making the news. One doesn't need to travel to be educated about foreign affairs. And anyone who attempts to use such rhetoric that you do, just might have an agenda of their own. Quite frankly, it's the citizens our MSCMs they don't interview that we should be thinking of. Finding those who will tow their narrative isn't hard for them to find. Anyone who is actually fully informed on the Ukraine war knows exactly what I'm talking about.

If you truly like Abby's work, there's much more here below.


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