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US jobs massacre accelerates, as ruling class confronts growing upsurge of class struggle

In the eyes of the ruling class, however, these savage attacks on jobs are only the opening salvos in a much larger offensive against the working class.

The attacks on workers’ jobs and living standards in the US are part of an international process. In an interview Friday with Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares stated that the jobs of autoworkers throughout Europe were threatened if they did not accept demands for greater “efficiency” and cost cuts.

What the Times and other outlets did not report, however, is that relatively higher wage increases have been more than eaten up by inflation, a deliberate sleight of hand on the Times’ part. In fact, the same Labor Department report Friday showed that private-sector compensation declined 0.2 percent year-over-year in constant (i.e., inflation-adjusted) dollars. Earlier in April, the Labor Department reported that real average hourly earnings in March were down 1.6 percent from a year earlier.

Tavares—who flies from country to country to crack the whip over workers and demand “strictness”—had a pay package of nearly $25 million in 2022, a rise of 22 percent from the year before.


William_Mary 8 Apr 30
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They have way more money, are much better organized, and are able to buy pols. We have only our useless votes. Thus, violent revolution is probably the only way things may change, unless we all started trusting each other enough to ignore the corporate media, and start collectively voting for third party candidates, instead of the duopoly, and also quit voting based on culture war issues and identity politics, over economic issues..


And so it goes🤬.


Simple answer. All money owned by investors & people earning more than the average income in each economic area of each country (cost of living varies within individual areas of each country largely because of the value of land & applied infrastructure including the availability of paid work) be devalued against the currency used by those average citizens.
Alternatively or additionally land values applied to citizens of a country ie. foreigners excluded except when selling, be set at a standard $1000 per ¼ acre, agricultural land per acre.

FrayedBear Level 9 Apr 30, 2023

This will also prevent the nonsensical situation of having stocks & shares being used as a gambling commodity, unproductive pressure on business management to creatively account for reality & hide problems rather than rectify them.
The situation is largely caused through the use of fiat currency & #stupid people.

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