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Giant Corporations Love High Unemployment & War Criminal Dick Cheney’s Rehabilitation

A memo from a Bank of America executive shows that the bank wants MORE people to lose their jobs in the coming year. Also, Dick Cheney is getting a political makeover by his former critics, all because he also doesn’t like Donald Trump.


{Mike Papantonio: Because we can hold down wages. We can hold down benefits. That’s what this is all about, right?

Farron Cousins: Yeah. It really is. And, you know, you, you hit it on the head there because what Bank of America wants is five people for every job opening, not one job open, or, or five job openings for every one person.}

And if you can't manage to pay your loans they'll just rip your life out from under you. I guess it isn't bad enough that raising inflation rates is a means towards more unemployment and higher interest rates for us, but the banks want less workers next year also. This will reverberate throughout the tech industry which is currently reducing employment nationwide. Thousands of jobs have been eradicated and counting all for profit.

I remember when my company went through this a few years ago before they sold out to our current owner. Not only did they eradicate dozens of corporate positions nationwide doubling up on remaining workers, they also cut a number of our vendor clients which highly cut us drivers out of work. A 3 year period where they canceled our healthcare coverage. 2 years of controlling our hours. Some periods of only allowing a 32 hour work week. These are the tactics of corporate raiders. As PSC (Phillips Scrap Company) the owner was Carl Icahn, one of the best in that category. I keep hoping SA Recycling will make some much needed changes. It has been a year now, and the remnants of the PSC culture seem to be a major impediment towards better times on multiple levels. Despite a rather unusual high pay increase for us drivers, the projected, positive, corporate sense of the business isn't reverberating into the Ohio region I see abroad.

First it was George Bush. Have some candy my dear Mrs. Obama. Well, Dick has some suckers for the democratic party, including progressives. On your knees boys and girls.

{Dick Cheney’s getting a political makeover for his former critics all because he, because they don’t like Donald Trump. This story, okay. Let me, let me put into perspective. This is a man who was, he, he was actually regarded by all the media as Darth Vader, because he was responsible for the big lie that killed a million people in Iraq. He drove that train. He created all the subterfuge that allowed us to go into Iraq. And, you know, he controlled the media even. You think back on Iraq, think about CNN and Fox and they’ve got these big maps on the floor. And Dick Cheney says this and Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney was the guy most responsible for the Iraq disaster. Now he is the hero, he is absolutely the hero of the Democrats. These people who’ve said, my God, he’s awful. Well, apparently not.}

!And nearly 4600 of our men and women---dead! !10s of thousands mentally and physically harmed! !2 trillion and counting of an invisible national treasure! I have too wonder if we've even paid the interest of that off yet! Just growing on top of the over 30 trillion of debt we face today?

War pig is an understatement!

William_Mary 8 May 6
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