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More revelations of corruption on US Supreme Court

Far-right billionaires fund assault on democratic rights

The exposure of rampant corruption on the US Supreme Court expanded over the past week. While the scandal has centered on Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, the most brazen bribe-takers, it has increasingly implicated the entire court, including the chief justice and the Democratic minority.

Last month, the investigative journalism website ProPublica published a series of exposés documenting the fact that Clarence Thomas, a vicious opponent of the democratic and social rights of the working class, has accepted millions of dollars worth of unreported “gifts” from Harlan Crow, a billionaire Republican Party donor who sports a collection of Hitler and Nazi artifacts at his Texas mansion and calls Marxism his greatest fear.


That fear is based on any potential of the reverse Marxism he benefits from having come to an end. The war on socialism isn't actually a war on socialism. It's a war to prevent the socialism already within our structure from being expanded to more benefit society, and not away from it's primary benefactors of the ruling class and their corporations. The citizenship is used as a virtual banking aberration within a blissful cognitive.

{For more than two decades, Thomas and his wife have enjoyed all-expenses-paid lavish vacations on Crow’s superyacht and at his various private resorts, none of which have been reported by Thomas on his financial disclosure filings. He has been joined by fascistic think tank executives, corporate barons and leaders of the right-wing Federalist Society, a conveyor belt for placing reactionaries on the federal courts.

Since his accession to the high court in 1991, Thomas has played a central role in a series of anti-democratic and pro-corporate rulings that have rolled back previously established rights, including the right to vote.}

{But the prevalence of corrupt and often unreported gifts, free trips, lucrative speaking fees and financial dealings with rich and well-connected people and institutions is by no means limited to Thomas, or to Republicans on the court. Revelations that have emerged over the past several weeks include:}

A list of Thomas unethical practices are followed by a list of others on the court in the article.

{The New York Times recently bemoaned the fact that public confidence in the institution upheld as the epitome of “the rule of law” has hit a record low of 25 percent, according to polls. It is competing with the presidency and Congress in the speed with which it is discredited in the eyes of the population.

But the Biden administration and the Democratic Party have no appetite for demanding the resignation or impeachment of Thomas. They fear weakening Republican support for the US-led proxy war in Ukraine against Russia, the central concern of the Biden administration, as well as the risk of lifting the lid on the corrupt practices of “liberal” as well as right-wing justices.}

This is highly correlated to the FCC mentioned in Caitlin Johnstone's article Dems And GOP Work Together Like A Boxer’s 1–2 Punch To Knock You Out. And basically every issue we're suppose to be represented for. It's a false representation of a checks and balanced system in regards to essentially anything the ruling class need to have controlled. Our society began going slowly backwards (to the right) beginning it the 50's within a war on socialism. An up ticking since the Reagan era, highly since Trump's presidency. [] It's a facade in which today the right side of the judicial systems are being allowed to knock us out/off.

{When the first ProPublica articles on Thomas were published in early April, the Democratic Socialists of America’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced that she would put forward a resolution for Thomas’ impeachment. But having been otherwise instructed in no uncertain terms by her superiors, she has quietly shelved that demand, instead merely tweeting that Thomas should resign.

Dick Durbin, the Senate majority whip and chair of the Judiciary Committee, politely requested that Chief Justice Roberts attend a hearing held May 2 to discuss a new ethics code. He and other Democrats have made clear their overriding concern is not rooting out corruption or ending the role of lavishly funded think tanks and lobby groups in stacking the courts with reactionaries, but somehow refurbishing the image of the court.}

As always, the fake socialist AOC fails in following through with her representation. This is just another symptom of the many walls of silence in the political arena. Each sides acts of voter suppression, gifts and money, crimes and unethical practices, etc. Just imagine Biden actually forcing the DOJ to do their job on this. When they're all owned by the same ruling class structure. Biden has decades of crimes behind him in which his most recent crimes since 2014 would only be needed to go back to. It's all a wall of organized crime that needs to come down.

William_Mary 8 May 7
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