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Leaked recordings expose shocking state corruption in ‘US governed’ Moldova

The Grayzone has obtained video recordings of well-connected figures within Moldova’s political and business community openly testifying to rank corruption within the country’s government and economy, while outlining schemes to enrich Western investors for an appropriate fee.

The invasion of Ukraine placed the tiny country of Moldova on the immediate periphery of a conflict with global significance. Bordering Ukraine, counting hundreds of thousands of ethnic Russians as citizens, and home to the breakaway region of Transnistria, Moldova’s doggedly pro-Western government has been buffeted by crisis after crisis since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th 2022.


A while back I posted on Moldova in regards to citizens leaving the growing issues of the country, packing up and going to Russia. The country's president in bed with a Soros NGO group hasn't been sitting well with citizens as austerity measures and growing inflation rates go off the charts. An election cycle where the opposition candidate had false accusations made against him and threatened with prison time.

This is another example of how western influence works. You buy off the politicians, force IMF and world bank loans onto the country, while the government applies austerity measures, diminishes rights and social programs, and takes away democracy. You falsely blame the current government using false narratives to achieve an illegal overthrow, or in this case, as in Ukraine, using both, you blame Russia using the very tactics western governments use behind NGOs and think tanks of billionaires. What you won't see in our MSMs though, as below, citizens giving their own accounts. Also absent during the 9 years of hell being dropped in the Donbass regions. The citizens of Moldova have had enough.

Thousands of protesters take to the streets in Moldova demanding the nation's leader resign, as authorities clamp down on the wave of demonstrators converging on the capital. Beijing appoints its new Defense Minister - who's under US sanctions - as the country's president Xi Jinping makes history being elected for a third consecutive term. Long-time regional rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia agree to resume diplomatic relations and reopen their embassies - a move with significant implications as the Multipolar World continues to blossom. Mass protests gripped Georgia this week, as the political opposition calls for the parliament's resignation. RT breaks down what sparked the tensions and the role foreign actors played.

What do the citizens want to talk about? It highly resembles Ukraine. Divide the citizenship on religious and linguistic aspects.


William_Mary 8 May 19
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