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The Burden Of Proof Is On The Russiagaters


William_Mary 8 July 22
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There's a point at which skepticism is justified, and then one at which it's skepticism for the sake of skepticism. Multiple indictments have been issued in this case. Guilty pleas have been taken. It's safe to say the burden of proof is being met.

And it's also completely fair to ask, what's your alternate scenario? If not Russia, who? At some point, if you just go on rejecting evidence, you have to come up with a theory of your own that fits the facts.

Paul4747 Level 8 July 23, 2018

What evidence? There's been none provided. Only accusations. The only convictions have had nothing to do with Russian collaboration with the Trump campaign. And they were issues the DOJ should have been on top of without having to call for a special council investigation. Mueller's attempt to connect the first round of indictments to the Trump campaign backfired in his face in a hearing. When he went before the council over the click bait shop out of St. Petersburg, he left the hearing scrambling to find a way to keep the evidence he claims he has out of court. He can't do anything with indictments. No one is coming from Russia to face them and he can't just go get them. SO when their lawyers showed up instead, he got his ass handed to him to kiss when they asked for the evidence. Which ties into your comment "you have to come up with a theory of your own that fits the facts". Again, what facts? If this wasn't brought up I don't have a need for a theory on a case that doesn't exist, nor should this one. Which would take me to my reasoning of why's there is this case. But attempting to me drag me, and allowing you to, into a scenario or theory of my reasoning leaves me open to the same argument I'm making, in which I make the same mistake as others. All I'll say is, where did this development come from? That's not being mentioned or discussed by almost everyone that should be talking about it.

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