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Fox & Friends Poll Designed to Discredit Medicare for All Explodes in Their Face


That's nearly 3/4 of the poll! From a right wing nut program. As I have stated before during my period of promoting Sanders during the primary cycle, there were a lot of republicans stating they changed parties, and asking about how to go about changing parties to vote for him. Especially mid life into the seniors realm of age who have lost faith in a party that no longer serves them. We are waking up! We just need to unite behind the right party. And it isn't either of those 2 parties!

William_Mary 8 Aug 1
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Too bad there is no viable alternative!

I argue it is the green party. It has had the same platform as Sanders since Nader's time. It has roots and growing considerably since 2016. Offers potential growth to our small business owners waiting patiently in the background to help it strive. And more so, also offers those of us a reality to take charge as a politician also. The false narrative of term limits will never come. And the Obama statement of, if you want change run for office yourself, was a slap in our face knowing the system will never allow you to change it. If enough people wake up and support it like we did Sanders, mass voting will be the ability for change.

@William_Mary I wish it could demonstrate any chance of winning! Especially by fielding any worthwhile candidates, the last few have been far short of hopeful!