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Teamsters union defies “no” vote, declares UPS contract ratified


(From the beginning, the Teamsters has done everything it could to force through a sellout agreement over mass opposition. In July, workers voted overwhelmingly for strike authorization, by 93 percent, a vote that the union has simply ignored.)

I'll go out on the limb here. If you ignore a 93% vote to strike, you might expect a drop in voters. So maybe this was a calculated process to deter 56% of voters from coming to the next vote? In which you could then use that as a means to rail your members? So they are using the constitution and the history of our national voting statistics knowing we have nearly the same amount of voters who don't participate in the voting process because they feel they are not being represented. Fucking brilliant.

(Many workers have raised concerns about the integrity of the voting process. Several workers told the WSWS UPS Workers Newsletter yesterday, the final day of voting, that they had still not received their form in the mail providing an electronic online voting code. This is the first year that the Teamsters has used electronic voting on its contract.)

And also use online voting scams to purge voters? wowl I said it if not a hundred times during the 2016 election cycle, a thousand times, democracy down! What's next? Their lawyers claiming they aren't held responsible to hold a fair and unbiased election?

Well I guess this might answer that question. Strongly seems to be moving that direction. (Now, to justify its efforts to repudiate the clear will of UPS workers, the Teamsters is claiming that it is merely upholding its constitution. However, in the vote on the last contract, the Teamsters ignored overwhelming defeats of local supplementary agreements to push through the national master contract, violating its own statutes. In that case, the Teamsters amended the constitution to override the votes at locals.)

(Throughout this whole process, the Teamsters has demonstrated that it is not a workers organization, but an outfit of scabs and strike-breakers. It exists as a permanent conspiracy against the workers it claims to represent.)

So what's happened here is that the Union in collaboration with the company has allowed non Union employees to be hired, which has allowed the creation of 2 other tiered type working classes, to now use against them in contract negotiations.

William_Mary 8 Oct 8
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Clearly money talks.


The Teamsters have been corrupt for decades.

Yes, but just like in our political realm, they are now publicly willing to show it and take it to extremes with no fear of retribution. We are basically being told by both entities that we will submit at all cost or pay the consequences of suppression.