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This Campaign Finance Loophole Gives Rich Politicians a Big Fundraising Advantage

Several top Republican Senate candidates used their personal wealth to exceed donation limits in 2018


They will always manage to leave themselves loops holes. Even if the system wants to litigate some type of control, as mentioned in the article, they are unable or incompetent to do so.

(The famously gridlocked Federal Election Commission has been unable to punish even simple campaign finance violations over the past decade, let alone address loopholes that allow for dark money or schemes like debt retirement that undermine basic campaign finance regulations like contribution limits.0

William_Mary 8 Mar 9
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They will never close them, because they all use them.


This is a national embarrassment. All federal level elections (House, Senate and President) need to be publically financed and subject to campaign time limits of no campaigning until 60 days prior to the election.

The galactic sums of money coursing through our elections basically denies the voter a viable choice come election day. Instead, we get a race to the bottom with unqualified candidates, such as the current resident of the White House.

The FEC is a joke and both parties are at fault for allowing this to happen. When the Democrats eventually get control of both chambers of Congress, the first thing they need to do is introduce a Constitutional amendment requiring public financing of federal level elections. There's no other way to correct the inequity of the perverted sums of money that it takes to mount a campaign.

I would also argue that this is also a problem in state politics. It was never so much evident as in 2018. And part of the reason why our states continue to move to the right with each election cycle. As the oligarch have bought out the state politicians giving power to the right, they then gerrymander the state to their favor. And then those politicians stack their courts with right leaning judicial appointees, often with the help of ignorant voters.

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