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The Second Industrial Revolution is Upon Us: [patreon.com]

Druvius 7 Apr 19
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If we are to meet this our whole education system needs to change, & I wonder if that will happen as we're not doing to well at the level we are now!

phxbillcee Level 9 Apr 20, 2018

@WizardBill I agree with the caveat that a broad spectrum is presented to kids from an early age. Field trips to different museums & artistic venues. A section or the English class devoted to all poetry as at least an intro. Otherwise we end up with even more insularity & "elitist" labels & 'them vs us'. The wealth & diversity of human achievement should at least be introduced to all students!

I actually don't see a lot of this happening all TO soon. Our entire social structure is developed on the first industrial age. And when you go to the east coast, it's even well before that time. Automatize trucking doesn't have a chance in a lot of east coast cities. Or a lot of metropolitan areas period. I think we might actually being going backwards in a lot of areas. And this middle east thing is causing that. We really need to get out of that to move forward. The powers to be are going to ride it out like it is as long as they can just like using petroleum products. It's what keeps us in check for them. And they aren't anywhere close to wanting only 2 classes of citizens yet. Take a look at what's in mind compared to what we live today.