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Washington Says ‘Journalism Is Not A Crime’

You don’t get to say “journalism is not a crime” while literally working to criminalize journalism


{Every pro-Assange demonstration I’ve ever been to has featured signs with some variation of the phrase “journalism is not a crime,” and any Assange supporter will be intimately familiar with that refrain.}

Well, the system is a champion of taking legitimate words and phrases and turning them into negatives of various degrees, making weapons of them against us in the process, dividing us. We face a fallacy of a 2 party system that brings shame down on democracy and conservatism reaching into the fallacy of being a republic. Neither party practices their description for the citizenship, but for the ruling class that own them. Just as the international laws they develop to piss on themselves as they trespass on other nations and peoples. Making up a genuine republic an absurdity. Add sovereignty to that also.

Along with our MSCMs and a vast amount of MSMs working in collaboration to support this delusional reality. Yea, lets talk about state propaganda! NPR recently receiving its true title. Along with our 6 MSCMs, these 7 media outlets are as state driven as state driven can come. Fox News? Owned by Rupert Murdoch, became an American citizen in 1985, spreading his empire of media, quite frankly should have had to register as a foreign agent. Owns media throughout the world spreading nothing but chaos.

I outline the more relevant nature of these words and phrases on the pinned pages of the group, and its opening, to bring awareness to those attempting to find a balance in the chaos. What the effects of this atmosphere brings us that we face.



And beware when the truth becomes a betrayer. We are currently witnessing another Trump campaign where he uses truth to rally his manipulated supporters while the medias fling tons of free airtime at is feet. The outcome is another expansion of fascism within our society. While the citizens and social structure gets the same recycling of getting nothing but screwed more runs though another 4 years no matter which party is in the white house. Our nation has been under the same agenda since the Reagan presidency. And the hole we're in just keeps getting deeper. Eventually they're going to start pushing the dirt back in over those of us on the side of it ignored so far.

William_Mary 8 Apr 8
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