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I've recently become aware of a "news" source called "BitChute," a decidedly "un-mainstream media" entity which accuses democrats of, among many other things, a thirst for babies' blood, and for being in league with reptilian aliens in a vast, underground human trafficking enterprise. The aliens supposedly torture their victims not for sadistic pleasure, but because it stimulates their brains to produce a delicacy they crave!
And this is not an extreme example. Why lie about climate change or COVID? To justify policies leading to global depopulation, for one thing (not that overpopulation is problem anyway, of course).
Issue after issue, Democrats are portrayed as anti-human Satanists, not just wrong on the issues.
As such, of course, democratic debate is impossible. One confronts "evil" people, with whom rational discussion can't happen. Lives are at stake! Crimes against humanity are beyond opinion!
And the "mainstream media" are of course in on it, say the good folks at BitChute. Can't believe a word they say.
Anybody see a solution to get the subject back on the substance of the issues, because I don't.

Whitecloud 3 Apr 23
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I agree, a major faction of the right has so "othered" the left to the point where rational discourse is impossible. Historically extreme polarization in society doesn't end well.

Druvius Level 8 Apr 23, 2023

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