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Who governs us?. Our elected representatives or multi national corporations ?
I have just heard the most unbelievable story on BBC radio 4.
A farmer in the USA or Canada, I'm not sure which was growing a crop,corn I think, from GM seed supplied by Monsanto. When the crop was harvested and being transported from the field some of the corn blew into a neighbouring farmers field. This farmer did not grow GM crops but the GM seed which landed in his field germinated and grew along with his own crops.
Monsanto then sued the farmer for growing their GM crop with out a licence. It has taken him years and no doubt considerable expense to have a court finally reject Monsanto's claim.
The world has gone mad.

Moravian 8 Sep 11
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If that farmer was growing "organic" he would have been the one suing, for contamination/loss of the "organic" label.
Do you have the right to let your chickens graze your neighbor's lawn, or harvest their crops,or even mow their lawn? You can only trim their invasive trees/bushes/vines to the property line.......

AnneWimsey Level 9 Sep 11, 2020

IT is the first time I have heard the story and it shows the power and influence of Monsanto that the court should even entertain such a ridiculous claim.
The fact that it took the farmer years to have it rejected speaks volumes.

@Moravian all lawsuits, whether personal injury or any other, take an Average of 5 years to get through the courts.


This is old, it happened in the past 10 years or so. I loathe Monsanto. My ex's dad worked for Monsanto as a chemical engineer. My children's inheritance is largely funded by Monsanto, and they aren't fans of Monsanto either.

I recall using the herbicide 2,4,5,T , the infamous "agent orange" from Vietnam when I worked in forestry which I believe was manufactured by Monsanto;
Also in common use back then were 2.4,D and glyphosate. We were told they were harmless and no protective gear was supplied.
I wouldn't go near any of them now.

@Moravian My late former FIL told us some of the crap that Monsanto was doing that he did not think ethical or fair. It's worse now than it was when he was alive. I don't trust Monsanto and never buy their products.


Monsanto is an evil corporation, I wish they could be destroyed! They have pulled this shit on many farmers!🀬


I would've sued for court costs...

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