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I have just been diagnosed with diabetes type 2 and have been advised to cut down on carbohydrates. I love potatoes and rice but will need to reduce them in my diet. Anyone any ideas as to what can replace the humble potato!

Geoffrey51 8 June 21
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I would actually look at the science. Neil Barnard has done replicated clinical studies published in the top peer-reviewed scholarly journals in the world. His low fat, low sugar, whole food plant based diet cures
over 90% of Vegans, getting their blood sugar normal, and off all drugs. By definition, they are cured.

Nothing to do with getting the body into some kind of bizarre state, like a Ketogenic diet. These are simply eating whole plant food with no added oils or sweeteners, from all families of plants and colors of the rainbow.

See []

Bob4Health Level 5 July 8, 2018

Boy is there a lot of misinformation in the dieting field.

A friend of mine, Dr David Harper (note the Dr, so it must be true!), developed the Ketogenic diet, which I loosely follow. The following guidelines seem to pretty well established now:

Sugar is bad all the time. Carbs are unnecessary and should be generally minimised. Protein is good for you. Eat lots of good fats (HDL - fish, avacado, olive oil) and avoid too much saturated fats (LDL).

I have been on this general diet for several years. You basically eat as much as you want (within reason). You avoid meals where carbs are the primary food source (pasta, rice, bread or potato generally) in the meal. Avoid deep fried foods generally.

For example, I eat lots of omelettes filled with veggies, cooked with loads of butter, smothered with cheese, and meat.

I find it easy to eat plenty and to keep fit. And that is while drinking a bit more than I should.

I just had an ultrasound of my heart and an angiogram. No sign at all of any plaque.

Hope this helps. Glad to discuss. Look up Dave Harper videos on YouTube for far more detail.

Jimnastic Level 4 July 2, 2018

Why are you promoting fish oil on a Vegan group?

That's really sad and unfortunately abusive to the people in this group. This is a Vegan group.

Now, if you want to know what has through the gold standard of Replicated, controlled clinical studies published in Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Journals, the only CURE for diabetes is a Vegan low fat who food diet.

Neil Barnard and the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine have proven that over 90% of their type II diabetic patients get off all medications, and their blood sugar back to normal on a low-fat plant-based diet.

In fact, Medicare, Kaiser Permanente, Rail Road Retirement, will PAY for Diabetic Education, which is training in a healthy Vegan diet, low fat.

The information you provided has not passed the gold standard, REPLICATED Clinical studies published in top PEER REVIEWED scholarly journals in the world.


@Bob4Health You are entirely correct. I apologise for being rude. I have run into many holier-than-thou Vegans so I was abrupt. I missed that it was a vegan group and I should have just recognised my error and left.

For your interest, though you are correct about the peer reviewed information, there is a rapid change in the recognition of the value of high fat / no / low carb diets and their value to people who are overweight, which many diabetics are.

Watch this space. High fat will become the norm. And I use a lot of olive oil and avocado as sources.


Dietary fiber is really important as it helps to balance simple carbs. Talk to your dietician/doctor about carbs and fiber.

Bakunin Level 7 June 25, 2018

I was dx w insulin resistance a while back. I found the more white carbs I ate, the more I craved and the hungrier I was. What helped me was intermittent fasting while i weaned myself off white carbs; riced veggies; fiber therapy. Riced veggies are getting really popular now. Its a good replacement for our normal carbs like rice and pasta. Fiber therapy will help stabilize your blood sugar and reduce your appetite.
Good Luck!


Slightly off topic but I’ve read that Apple cider vinegar is good for diabetes. I don’t know too much about it since I don’t have diabetes, so don’t take my word for it. But maybe something worth looking into.

I am sure you can look it up. I am known to take it. Not for diabetes though. It has other medicinal uses. I am sures there is a recipe. It is something like a tablespoon to 1 cup water. It is sort of like that. You can fix it how it works best for you. Cider Vinegar and water not taste great.


Carbohydrates are the CURE for diabetes (along with fruits, vegetables and nuts), not cause.

What Fruit & White Rice Do To Your Body! (Dr Walter Kempner)

Rice Diet CURES Most Diseases - McDougall

That's interesting. I'm familiar with Dr. McDougal and his suggestions to start with a starchy food and add fruits n veggies. I didn't realize the salt, fats and proteins even in plant form are taxing though.


I don't have diabetes but eat like I do. Cabbage is a favorite boiled or fried. Lots of beans - enchiladas or just homemade burritos & lots of vegetables. After a while it seems very normal to eat that way. Good luck!

JazznBlues Level 7 June 21, 2018

Eliminate other carbs first and especiall eliminate sugar. I still eat rice (brown only and forget the instant crap) and potatoes but smaller servincgs. Beans and Greens every day and lots of them. Sweet potatoes, oh my.. Oatmeal for breakfast.

Uglicoyote Level 3 June 21, 2018

Cut the bread, cereal & donuts, & cookies. Keep the [potato & rice in smaller quantities. Get the sugar out of which carbs ARE. Reverse your D2 in 6 weeks by getting the corporate crap & breads out of your diet. Eat colors. Brown & white excluded.

Mooolah Level 8 June 21, 2018

You nailed that. Spot on!

Yes, eat fresh food, preferably organic, from all colors of the rainbow. That's all you need to do. Nother that is packaged, even if it is sold with the label Healthy or Vegan. 99% of even Vegan processed food has added oils and sugars.


You need to cut calories, which is easiest done by removing sugars, simple carbs, and fats, and by increasing vegetables that are green, blue, orange, red, and yellow.

I eat mostly vegan, but occasionally eat meat, fish or foul. Thus, I eat mostly complex carbs rather than protein and fat. Among the complex carbs, I include a rainbow of vegetables each day. My diabetes is well controlled as long as I keep my calories down.

The nutritionists teach the FDA diet, which will work if you hear the message about eating half your plate filled with vegetables that are green, blue, orange, red and yellow (a rainbow of colors). Their "cut down on carbs" message refers mainly to the simple carbs sugar and white flour, which includes prepared foods such as bread, crackers, prepared cereals, gravy, etc. These are carbs that turn into sugar fastest.

A slice of bread is about 100 calories; a medium potato is fewer calories unless you garnish it with fatty things like bacon bits, butter and sour cream. A potato is more filling than a slice of bread, so you feel hungry sooner eating the bread rather than the potato. So, which is better? That is the kind of decision you need to make each time you eat if you wish to control your diabetes. You will have to educate yourself by reading labels of everything and googling things that don't have labels.

Doctors often see people with glucose >400. I am alarmed if my glucose >150. My feet are numb because of diabetes, which I've had for many years. Many people loose their feet to diabetes. My grandfather died from complications of diabetes. He was a bedridden invalid who went blind before he died. I intend to survive into my 80s, and glucose control is essential. I wish you luck. Watch "Forks over Knives" and heed its advice for best health; it's on youtube, Netflix, and other places on the net.

Diabetes forces you to change your life, one way or another. I'm sorry you have it. It's a bitch.

EdEarl Level 8 June 21, 2018

Thanks for that Ed. That is very helpful


Sweet potato, cauliflower. You can cook cauliflower, blend it, add butter/salt/pepper and other flavors as deisred and it is delicious and much like mashed potatoes. To replace rice try any whole grain. I like quinoa. Also, most important of all for DM2, cut out as much sugar as you can. Educate yourself to all the many names of sugar and get them out of your house. Ketchup has a teaspoon of sugar per tablespoon. That is nearly 40% sugar! Best thing for you is read and educate yourself. Nuts are a great snack. And good luck!


A friend of mine had type two diabetes. He reversed his. He doesn't need to take any medication now. He didn't follow the Newcastle Protocol directly. Instead he uses intermittent fasting. He just got into the habit of skipping breakfast and lunch. This seems to have done the trick.

I would research things on the Internet. The Newcastle Protocol doesn't work for everyone though.



What type?

If it's type two, there is a diet - the Newcastle Protocol - based on a restrictive diet formulated by Newcastle University. In many cases it reverses type two diabetes.

It doesn't work for type one diabetes though.

Thanks Ella I'll have a look at that one. Its Type 2


Cauliflower is good mashed w butter.

Pook Level 5 June 21, 2018

Agreed. Sweet potatoes too.

Oh yum, mashed cauliflower sounds like a plan!

It's very good. You can also cook it and put it through a ricer. Then use the cauliflower kind of like cooked rice.

With Butter ? NO, with butter it is Very Very Bad. With Olive oil is better and without any oil is BEST. Oil is extreme concentrated fat calories. Please Google butter calories. 10LBs of Milk produces 1LB of cheese and 6LBs of milk produces 1LB of butter.

DAIRY IS SCARY! The industry explained in 5 minutes

@rayfunrelax omg, that did it for me. No more butter!

Thank you ! From google:
Calories Butter (100gram) 717
Calories Potato (100gram) 77
and people think it's the potato that makes you fat. No it's the butter and the olive oil, not the potato or raw unprocessed olives.


You have to balance your meals between carbs, proteins and fats. Talk to a registered dietician and do an internet search for diabetic recipes. Something you might try is One cup brown rice and 1/2 cup lentils in a microwavable bowl. Add 2 1/2 cups water, some spices-whatever sounds good,( play a bit and see what works for you) and microwave on high 5 minutes, then reduce to 50% power for about 25 minutes. The lentils should help the carb/protein balance. Add a little olive oil for the fat. But run this past a dietician to get the right amounts to balance the dish. It's going to be a little rough for a while, but you'll be ok. Good luck.

EricJones Level 8 June 21, 2018

Thanks Eric, I'll give it a go

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