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Vegetarian/Vegan have become terms to avoid


I have heard this before and another example of language being used to steer people in certain directions. A close friend’s daughter is a researcher for “Impossible Foods’. The family is ‘Vegan’ (there I said it). The mother, Connie, can make anything, like cheesecake, and you wouldn’t know it was totally “plant based.”

JackPedigo 9 Aug 30
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So true. Protein is overrated and misunderstood( as far as how much a body needs). I kind of like the term animal-free and in my area it is becoming tsunami-like. I have to say that after watching the docs highlighting the sadistic treatment of animals in the carnivore industry, it is a no brainer for most people to stop paying to have animals drugged, hormoned, abused, tortured and then murdered for their eating pleasure. Not to mention the extreme cost to the environment. The term vegan is fine, but it’s really about the reasons.

Melind Level 6 Sep 6, 2018

I totally agree. At first it was about personal health for me. But after reading and attending lectures that all changed.


For me I'd prefer the word Vegan, I have allergies to dairy and egg and plant based doesn't necessarily preclude the use non vegan products.
Yes he's right about the finger wagging, I remember serving a vegan man at a wedding once and when I asked if he would be having cake he responded by asking if it had, 'aborted fetuses' in it. I was stunned by his rudeness and ignorance (eggs are unfertilised). I got someone else to serve him for the rest of the meal.


I saw the term flexitarian a few years ago. That pretty much describes me. I keep mostly vegetarian, but I am not going to be obsessive about it.

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