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Tofu steaks with mushroom and onions and last nights stirfry as a side... you can’t see the tofu on the dish as it is smothered in mushrooms... it was good but I am still tweeking the recipe. The tofu will be better if a marinate and grill it... next time☯️

By ArdentAtheist8
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I have to be careful with Tofu. Too much soy and I start having hot flashes, and usually about 2:00 am. Other that that, it all looks yummy! I love your creativity!

HippieChick58 Level 9 Sep 10, 2018

Thanks... maybe you can do a version with polenta?

@ArdentAtheist I had not considered that. hmmmm,

@HippieChick58 I think with the polenta I would spice it more Mediterranean then Asian and some tomatoes. It was just a thought but I think I’ll try it myself.