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What holds you back from being 100% whole food plant based? No meat, no dairy.

Sunsetworshiper 6 Sep 16
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Taste buds and sharp teeth.


Nothing, I’m full on vegan... but it took time, I was held back by a culture of bad habits and pizza. Massive migraines made me change, pain is the ultimate motivation and I can’t say with certainty I would have changed as completely as I did if I wasn’t despretly looking for solutions.


Healthy wild-caught-salmon and chicken breast. Nothing else.

mtnhome Level 7 Sep 30, 2018

I love my steak, nuff said ????

IamNobody Level 8 Sep 21, 2018

Convenience foods, take aways and dining out.


Chocolate i mean real high end belgian chocolate omelletes and general lazieness

wellthen Level 4 Sep 20, 2018

No problem at all being vegetarian, but I like eggs and dairy too much to be 100% vegan.

mcgeo52 Level 8 Sep 17, 2018

It was the last piece of the puzzle for me and I get it... eggs are useful. I was still getting migraines... pain is a great catilyst for change... I’ve lost interest in the mighty egg.. being vegetarian still puts you ahead of the majority. I have a few eggless recipes that you would never guess lacked eggs but I haven’t figured out a substitute for sunny side up🙂 lol

@ArdentAtheist, I'm going to be experimenting with aqua faba as an egg substitute. I doubt it wll work for sunny side up, but I hear it makes a very passable mayo.

@mcgeo52 very true, it works well in all kinds of things.. I take the easy rout on mayo and get Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo, I can’t tell the diff.


I’m 74 with several health issues and get vegetarian Meals on Wheels which is usually pasta with cheese. As long as my Social Security income isn’t enough to buy enough food I’m stuck having to est those meals.

greywolf3 Level 5 Sep 17, 2018

There’s hundreds of ways to use chipeas and they are cheap. Beans in general are cheap... you can do a great beans and rice for pennies. Not that what you are eating is a problem but variety may be somthing you would enjoy?


My pursuit for vegetarian diet is based on my history with gout. If I eat meat it flares up and causes extreme pain. I've noticed over the past year as I've transitioned more and more into the diet, the better I feel. Chocolate is my weakness, although I still eat eggs, I eat fish once or twice a month. Still not perfect, it gets easier the longer i keep at it though.

Sbratt1 Level 3 Sep 17, 2018

Vegetarian for over half my life. Keep trying to be vegan, but fall off the wagon a lot. I blame laziness, my sweet tooth, and depression.

If I lived in a happy vegan household (or alone but with enough finances and happiness), I would easily be vegan.

I'll keep trying, though.

It's hard if you're the only one in the house

It’s worth overcoming those things... meat is expensive so I don’t spend any more... I’m the only vegan here so I have my own spatula and pan, vegan done🙂


While the research consistently shows “evidence” that vegans are healthier than omnivores, no research has been conducted where the animal protein being ingested was 100% pastured animals. Therefore, the research is really inconclusive. Ancient man did eat animal protein. There are certain amino acids in beef that are essential to human development, therefore children shoukd not be vegan

That's a rather incoherent response. And the jury's still out re vegan kids. [independent.co.uk]

@misternatureboy The jury is always still out on everything. Research, including legitimate scientific studies are always revealing new insight.

I disagree. Billions of people have been vegetarian/vegan over the millennia with no harmful effects. I did read one historical report that often during our hunting/gathering phase (especially in winter) that meat was scarce. Also, does mother's milk count as beef? Much more of a tribes diet came from gathered plants than formerly thought.


I do not think I can ever give up my eggs and butter.

Sheannutt Level 9 Sep 16, 2018

Butter substitutes are easy but eggs are tricky to replace. My tofu scramble is good but it’s not eggs... if they didn’t make me sick I would make an omelet.

I didn't either. I was a genuine butter hound.

@ArdentAtheist I cannot eat tofu it is nasty tasting to me.

@Sheannutt You simply haven't tried it when it's been cooked well.

@misternatureboy I've had it put too many ways I can't handle the texture it's weird


For me it was the smell, taste, and texture of cheese. I still miss it. Especially on pizza. So good. So good. And on enchiladas. And nachos.

Puzza almost stopped me from going vegan, but I was on mission... kudos to you for your willpower.


It’s hard to change but easy once you do. I had the advantage of needing a solution to migraines and going full vegan has mostly stopped them. I don’t know if I could have done it without pain as motivation? ...so I’m not militant about with people thet can’t.

One of my sisters pretty much eats anything. She's overweight and has migraines on a regular basis. When I suggest that she shift to a predominantly plant-based diet, her go-to excuse is that she's too tired to bother because her family won't be on board and that entails more meal prep time, etc. She's my youngest sibling and I'm worried that she'll be the first to die.

@misternatureboy migraines are the worst, took me 30 years to get them 95% under control. It was a slow process. First gave up soda, then fast food, then meat and finally dairy and eggs... having to learn to cook all over again and the extra prep is all tricky, except I enjoy defeating pain. Sounds like she feels it’s to big a hill to climb, suggest baby steps?

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