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Faux tuna on pumpernickel thanks to the wonder of the amazing chickpea.

ArdentAtheist 8 Sep 28
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That looks absolutely delicious! I will definitely try this!

Sunflower Level 4 Sep 29, 2018

My go to, Your favorite tuna recipe… Smash the chickpeas but don’t turn them into hummus, LOL ... I pur chopped onions Tumerick, salt and pepper in this batch, also threw in a little bit of leftover rice just stretch it and I used “Just” vegan mayo... Having the leftovers for lunch in just a few minutes with crackers🙂 enjoy


Just had faux tuna on teleras for dinner Wednesday evening. I host an open mic and need to set up between 6:00 and 7:00 so I eat during the open mic, and sandwiches make a handy dinner. And, yes, I had corn chips with mine, too.

mcgeo52 Level 8 Sep 29, 2018

It’s great gig food, played out last week. Ran home from work whipped up the faux tuna and loaded the gear. I know so many people that complain of the same health problems I resolved but refuse to listen even when the solution is as simple as ...if what your doing makes you feel like crap change what your doing... I’m the only vegan I know in S Florida. You would think I lived in Egypt since do many are in denial.


Faux tuna? Have you tried Jack fruit? I haven't. It's big and I'm afraid I will waste it but a friend sent me a recipe for pulled Jack BBQ. I need a veggie man to eat

Yes... But I don’t deal with the entire fruit. I buy it in cans... You must get the one that says green jackfruit for savory recipes like barbecue. I’ve used it like pulled pork sandwiches, was delicious and as testimony to its deliciousness all 3 of my kids love it🙂 ... I buy it at the local Asian market. Also tried faux duck in a can, that was a bit strange but interesting and I would try it again. Also, you can get jackfruit in the tiny vegan section of your regular supermarket already packaged as pulled pork. Publix has it down here, it was also good... When I work with the one in the can it makes me feel more like a chef 🙂 I only buy the pre-prepared one if they have it on bogo because it’s a bit expensive at full price. I hope you try it and post the results.

@ArdentAtheist I can buy a piece of jack fruit at HEB and try it fresh. I'll price it next time I'm there.

@confidentrealm, you need green jackfruit. I don't think you can get it fresh. Do some research on Google.


Looks good!

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