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Cooking with the my daughters, Emily loves potato’s! Used a pealer with a crank that makes them curly, loaded all kinds of veggies on a pan with olive oil, salt, pepper and Tumerick, gave them 45 mins at 425° ... its all gone, I’m thinking they liked it🙂 they never even thought about it being vegan, but it was🙂

ArdentAtheist 8 Dec 10
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That's a spiralizer and it's becoming more popular. The look of the potatoes it looks like an old fashioned apple-corer-peeler-slicer. I have one of those but wonder how it would work on a out of round, bumper potato.
The mixture looks great.

JackPedigo Level 9 Dec 10, 2018

It gets most of the skin, good enough because I washed them first. It is meant for apples, pie is in our future🙂 It was on clearance at Aldi for $2.99 so I pretty much had to buy it.

@ArdentAtheist It's a funny thing but I like to grow potatoes and Yukon Gold are my favorite. I have noticed that if I scrub them shortly after harvesting most of the skin comes right off. While in the army the old image of soldiers sitting peeling potatoes was a myth of the past. Potatoes were dumped in what looked like a cement mixer in which the insides were coated with a rough surface. The potatoes tumbled in the mixer and most of the peel was rubbed off (and also the potatoes came out much smaller).
One question: I noticed the spiralizer cores the potato. What do you do with this?

@JackPedigo I cut each core to make 4 regular French fries... you can see them in the bottom right-hand corner of the picture 🙂 thanks for the military KP education.... cheers

@ArdentAtheist I read an interesting bit of history the other day. Thomas Jefferson was the first person to cut his potatoes lengthwise and fry them in oil. That makes him the father of French Fries (I wonder what he called them).

@JackPedigo The original ‘freedom fries”.


Very cool! People get so hung up on what vegan or vegetarian is. It's food! And it's good. Just no meat or animal products and that still leaves a whole bunch of really good foods to eat.