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Saw this and thought this group would like it too.

JazznBlues 8 Jan 28
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Oh FFS, another Vegan sermon, but do these Vegan Apostles realise that the human digestive system ACTUALLY processes meats both more efficiently and better than it can vegetable matter, plus we get 91% of our body's much needed proteins and 99% of our iron from meat?
Vegetarians/Vegans are, more often than not, required to ingest larger supplementary amounts of iron that we omnivorous humans, thus a vegan/vegetarian can often appear somewhat pale/pallid compared to his/her omnivorous cousins.

Triphid Level 8 Jan 28, 2019

@goldenvalleyguy So, may I assume that you haven't quite reached the stage where can become truly bipedal then...LOL.

Triphid, what are you doing in a Vegan / Vegetarian group with your carnivorous beliefs? I have no problem with dissenting opinions, but this is a group for granola munchers.

@goldenvalleyguy Sir, my original comment/post is BASED upon Tried and TESTED Medical, Anatomical and Scientific Facts plus my years as a nurse with 7, count them 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, Certificates in Nursing ranging from General Nursing through to Psychiatric Nursing.

@JazznBlues Considering that, like most humans, I eat both meat and vegetables, i.e. am omnivorous, and am allowed to express my opinions since I live in a country that still holds to ideology of Freedom of Thought and Speech I'd hazard to say that I fit any criteria you choose to apply then.

@goldenvalleyguy Actually my father was extremely proud of his son, right up to and including the day he died, was yours?

@Triphid no worries, just thought it was odd.

@JazznBlues Fair enough then.

@JazznBlues, @goldenvalleyguy You do realize, I hope, that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit and the final resort of the fool, don't you?

@Triphid you know I really tried keeping the peace. WTF dude, BACK THE FUCK OFF! I've been taking shit from you for what reason? I come here to hang out with like minded people who care about their health and the environment. I realize you came with an axe to grind but go sharpen it somewhere else.

There is an issue with blood leaking out of the intestines in those who consume dairy causing anemia. vegans do not have this issue due to the inflammation caused by dairy. Therefore vegans require less iron than omnivores. The chemistry of a vegan body has not been published as widely as the studies on omnivores and rats (where most of the nutritional RDA values came from and are not applicable to any human, btw). I am a healthcare worker and there are far more iron deficiency anemia patients who are omnivores than vegan.


This is very good. It confirms much of what I already knew, and gave additional details.

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