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As an atheist I’m not a fan of proselytizing, as a vegan I don’t want to do what’s distasteful in religion, but is it the same? I consider religion to be fiction & global warming to be real. I went vegan for health but the health of planet also hangs in the balance, thoughts?

ArdentAtheist 8 Feb 25
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I have been living a vegan lifestyle for 31 years. My observation; In the beginning the excitement causes one to share the discovery and the desire to share your amazing find that helps the world in many ways! Now I rarely speak about it, my coworkers do not know I am atheist or vegan. If asked I speak about it to the satisfaction of the person interested. I take materials from work to recycle or reuse at other businesses, but do not "tell" my coworkers to set it aside for me or do it themselves. Climate change needs to be discussed, but I just don't have the hope that enough people give a shit about circumstances outside of their own lives.


Hello group, I'm beginning my vegetarian life after my last well woman check three months ago. At that time my doctor told me I was pre diabetic and needed to either change my eating habits or go on medication. The choice was pretty easy since I detest taking meds if I can do something else. I got some information on Vegan eating from another member which has helped me so much. I decided I needed to step into this new way of eating by way of vegetarian because I really enjoy eggs and a little creamer in my morning cup of coffee. I buy my eggs and creamer from locals who raise their own chickens and cows but don't kill their animals. I am an advocate for all animals and chose this way of eating partly because of the cruelty involved in factory farming. After three months eating this way I have been taken off my blood pressure medication by my doctor as she said I don't need it any longer. My weight has been reduced by 15 pounds now! I am sleeping better, have more energy and generally just feel better. I signed up with the site Forks over Knives for help with recipes. I adjust some of the recipes to suit my taste buds. I'd appreciate any advice for finding more vegetarian recipes as the vegan ones can be, to me anyway, a little bland since they use no oils, dairy or eggs. Many thanks!

Congrats, great going. You can cook with oil, just not animal fat. I use olive oil and coconut depending on what I’m cooking.

@ArdentAtheist yes, I use both olive and coconut oil. Love the flavor of coconut oil.

We are here for you and welcome!


Me too, and the inhumanity in the animal farming industry. It’s a tough call for sure. Most people at my school know Im vegan but they have no idea I’m a non believer. Most of the staff seem to have very strong faiths, and especially the African Americans.A couple of the teacher aides have had their sons attacked, 2 killed by gun violence. I couldn’t imagine discussing atheism with them especially. My diet though, gets positive remarks by about how good I look, and idea requests for recipes, and of course the bloody protein issue, lol. So I guess it depends on the environment. My fb feed has lots of vegan posts, but not atheist posts. Hmmm

Melind Level 6 Feb 25, 2019

I have multiple twitter accounts so I can speak my mind and not cross contaminate my other worlds. I have one that is anti religion and whatever else I want animinity with. Another for veganism, a political one to promote voting, 2 guitar related ones, one alias and lastly me.... all my accounts are anti Trump would be the common thread🙂


I mind my business until the guys from work start mocking my vegan choices. Then I'll throw some shade back at them.

JazznBlues Level 7 Feb 25, 2019

It's funny but sometimes being in a crowd just by ordering a vegetarian meal others get really defensive. Same as with the religious. If they ask what I identify and I say I am an atheist (or even non-believer) they start to get defensive and even proselytize.

JackPedigo Level 9 Feb 25, 2019

@Gooniesnvrdie So this is what makes America Great? Maybe all us commie, hippie, atheist types are destroying the culture and the tRumps need to regain what they are losing. Actually, the one main thing that makes this country different is our sense of entrepreneurship. Remember the motto: "The squeaky wheel gets the grease"? Personally, I would not want to kiss lips that just ate as this woman did.
When my late partner took a U-haul truck from Dallas to Seattle in 2000 we stayed in parts of the country that didn't even know what vegetarian means. Even salads had meat in them. Thanks for the reminder.

@Gooniesnvrdie I still like the girl and the Statue of Liberty so maybe I’m not a total commie bastard.

@Gooniesnvrdie I'm glad, here in the NW we are more open minded. There are tons of vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Seattle and on the big island (Orcas) we often go to a pizzeria that offers GF vegetarian pizza with vegan cheese. []

@Gooniesnvrdie Here in S Florida you can manage once you learn where to go but you don’t stumble upon vegan food accedentky to often.


Personal decisions do make a difference, but it's pollution/drilling/mining, etc. on an industrial level that's doing the most damage to the climate. Food is an intimate, personal area and many people have had so much misinformation thrown at them in their lives that most tend to close their ears when told what to eat or to avoid eating. I think we have to apply as much pressure as possible to institutions to disinvest from fossil fuels, factory farming, etc. I think using our energy, time, and attention for that will benefit the planet more than any one person converting a hundred others to veganism.

Full disclosure, I'm not vegan, I'm a vegetarian who has cut way back on dairy and eggs and eats vegan often. There are several vegans I simply cannot hang out with because they seem to have no other topic of conversation available to them than their own veganism. They make me want to go out and have a cheeseburger. Which I won't do, but I can see how that attitude can backfire big time. It may not be a religion, but it can give off a serious cult vibe.

Unfortunately, it has been shown that food choices matter a lot.The forests of both Indonesia and S. America are being destroyed because of food choices and the meat industry has a big hand in environmental destruction.


Since it was my post I’ll add how I roll, I don’t tell people what to do other than appropriate internet forms meant for such conversations. I hope my example makes a difference that can foster some change but I’m not militant about it as I have no right... after all I ate meat until I was 51 years old, I thought about it but change came in my own way and for my own reasons. I’m like a kind subtle activist, if at all. That said, I appreciate real activists but I believe unless they find ways to say it with kindness they could actually make things worse.

Ya-that seems to be about the best way. My son got way too militant about it, and people didn’t like it. There is a newer teacher at my building who is vegan-and young- who is helping to pave the way for people to at least think more about their diets, animals and environment. Promising.


I have no problem with people being Vegan. I eat a Vegan diet four days a week and may eventually become 100% Vegan. I do not have problems with people talking about Veganism and the reasons it is the “best” choice. I do have problems with people who go off half-cocked, calling carnivores murderers and cannibals...and worse. There are Vegans here who will block you if you admit to eating animal protein of any kind. That is narrow-mindedness in its purest form.


Even if everyone went vegan right this minute the planet is still in peril. Until big business stops cranking out crap we're all going to perish with the planet. Vegan might help, but in the long run it is not enough to turn the balance. If you come out as a militant vegan you will alienate more people than you convert.

@Gooniesnvrdie So much nonsense


I agree. I've always been vegetarian but what really clenched it for me was stock yards and chicken processing plants. Both of which I visited. How can that be good for the earth?


All correct. Don't think many here would disagree with you.

St-Sinner Level 8 Feb 25, 2019
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