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This was from another group.

Wildgreens 8 June 3
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what scares me. along with this list of horrors is they can start producing seedless everything. then let it spread. thus controlling all the food source in the entire world

squiggy_70 Level 6 June 5, 2018

Aspertame was not tested for effects when exposed to heat as in hot chocolate. Because Rumsfeld was friends with President Reagan, Searle, which was bought by Monsanto, recieved a pass & aspartame went on the market sans testing.

Mooolah Level 8 June 3, 2018


That is true. The FDA originally did not want to approve it til Rumsfeld got involved. I use stevia exclusively as a sweetener. Wouldn't touch aspartame or sucralose

Also Monsanto makes RoundUp. Ortho makes an herbicide virtually the same, but the company supports & provides growing supplies for the cannabis market. Pun intended.


I seldom eat sugar. I like maple syrup, but I found a plant sugar from the orient. It ts readily available in stores. The name is Stevia and has a great taste. You can also substitute in recipes and use to cook.

Stevia is actually originally from South America where it is known as the Sweetleaf (sweet herb) plant. There is a long and crazy history of the FDA blocking it in the USA where the lobbyists cried and greased a lot of palms to keep it out. It was widely accepted and grown in the Orient though. After 2 decades of fighting, we finally got it into the USA as a natural supplement. It literally is classified by the FDA as a "supplement". If you want to be angry at the Government, you should research the history and fight with the FDA over Stevia. It's what set me on the path of becoming a Libertarian. The USA Government is too big and too controlled by special interests --paid lobbyists. The whole system is corrupt.

@SkotlandSkye Thanks for the extra information. I sure will be checking in on it to see what all is going on. When I was researching it, they also had said that coke and pepsi products had switched over to Stevia. That is so amazing. Just how they fight weed legalizing. Less harmful than alcohol and I have heard so many great things about weed. I have a beat up body in lots pain over a couple car wrecks and some falls. It takes the pain away, and my anxiety away. The pain leaves for a good 10 hours. Now the government is getting wiser and they are going to set weed up so they make a bundle. A woman told me her relative was to die in around 2 months. He had an inoperable tumor. He started smoking weed and it shrunk the tumor till they could operate. He was able to live about 3 more years. This other woman told me she had COPD and was on oxygen and inhalers all the time. She said the weed got her off the oxygen and inhalers. The drug pharmaceuticals don't want these cheaper cures. Thanks for the Stevia story. I will save it too! I will also see what I can do to mix it up. It is a real shame for it is a plant and it has a great sweet taste with no calories.

I planted Stevia this spring. Seems my damn bunnies have a sweet tooth.


My late former FIL was a chemical engineer for Monsanto. The stories he told! I used to have liquid splenda (aspartame). And Monsanto had a former Attorney General residing in one of their pockets. I cut all ties with Monsanto and their products after my divorce.

the stuff of nightmares


Wow. It appears to be true. [] If true, the are an evil organization.

They are a huge evil conglomerate. Their is no doubt in my mind that the the article is true.


Yes I knew. It's actually pretty common knowledge in Vegan circles . 🙂 But, thank you for posting this here so people here can see it too. Monsanto is evil.


Doesn't surprise me one bit.

Donald Rumsfeld is linked to aspartame.

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