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We all commonly here people saying they believe in a higher power. What couldn't that higher power be the judeo-christian God of Christianity, Judaism and Islam?

JoshuaHale 4 June 5

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Because that particular Gawd makes a lot of promises he Never keeps, ignores the suffering of children and lets diseases ravage the innocent....just for starters!


Why couldn't it be flying spaghetti monster or bigfoot?

Edit: apparently I'd been drinking when I made this comment.


You mean the one that ordered a man stoned to death for picking up a stick on Saturday, said a man could sell his daughters for slaves, that rebellious children should be stoned to death, that every man, woman, child, and animal must be slaughtered if they didn't surrender, and the ground sown with salt so it couldn't grow anything?

That Hebrew god was modeled on the ancient bloodthirsty, revengeful Sumerian leader, "Anu," described in the Sumerian texts.

Source energy, our Higher Selves, etc is the network of intelligent, loving, connected energy that composes the universe. It's NOT religious.


We ourselves are the highest power there is !!

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